Why meat eaters are so aggressive
Q&A with Bill Harris, M.D.

I would like to know if you are aware of any scientific papers that deal with why meat eaters are so aggressive.

I don't know of any peer reviewed studies that even confirm that they are more aggressive. Indeed, I have seen meat apologists claim that vegetarians are more aggressive, citing Adolph Hitler and Charles Manson as examples. Hitler, by the way, was not a vegetarian since his favorite meals were liver dumplings and Bavarian sausage, according to the wife of Rudolph Hess. I'm not sure about Manson.

In chapter 13 of my book, the Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism, I correlate animal fat consumption with alcohol consumption, and the frequency of rape, prostitution, divorce, and war. The associations have been ridiculed by critics and I must admit that the evidence is not strong. My tentative explanation for the associations is the elevating effect of animal fat on testosterone levels. Humans are randy enough au naturale but when they eat meat their hormones go into overdrive.


-William Harris, M.D.