Food Combining
Q&A with Bill Harris, M.D.

Q. Dear Dr. Harris,

I am very interested in the link between an alkaline diet and healing. My friend is in chemo treatment for breastcancer that came back and is also on

her bones now. Help!! I'm learning about food combining...any advice about nutrition for her And me too! would be great!

Thank you

Leanne Berger

A. Dear Leanne,

I think the acid/alkaline idea may be a red herring. However, in general plant foods are alkaline and animal foods acid. A vegan diet is probably cancer protective but not necessarily by virtue of its alkalinity Rather I think it's due to the dozen or so cancer protective substances present in plant foods but not in animal foods, and the absence of some carcinogens present in animal food but not in plant food. (See:

I have tried food combining and noticed no effect other than a further social complication of my vegan eating pattern. It may be helpful for some people but I think that all worthwhile foods contain fat, protein, and carbohydrate so the attempt to consume the three at separate meals is hard to justify scientifically.

There are some obviously bad combos like orange juice and beans, and Herbert Shelton, D.C. was probably wise in saying of melons: "Eat them alone or leave them alone."

In summary I think the vegan diet is a health promoter but don't think acid/alkaline or food combining theories explain why it is.


-William Harris, M.D.