Q&A with Gail Davis

Q. I live in a very veg-friendly town (Santa Cruz, CA) but can't seem to find vegan tortillas (they all seem to have whey) or potsticker/wanton wraps (eggs are the culprit here). Any idea what brands to look for? I've been taking field trips to various health food stores and reading labels, but to no avail.

Also, do you know of any good vegan bacon strips? When I was veg but not vegan, I loved Stripples and Morningstar Farms (although the later I avoided b/c they had preservatives), but they both contain egg whites. I'm not so fond of the tempeh "fakin' bacon"...

Thanks in advance! It's wonderful to have such a resource.

A. You've asked the right person about tortillas! Bet you didn't know I lived in New Mexico? While I've never seen tortillas with whey in them...hydrogenated oils are the usually culprit here (though not an animal product, hydrogenated fats are extremely unhealthful!) I highly recommend Leona's tortillas which come in a variety of amazing flavors spinach, sundried tomato, etc.) and BuenaVida Fat-Free tortillas. I've seen both at Wild Oats.

For bacon, I like Lightlife Fakin' Bacon Smokey Tempeh Strips. They don't really taste like bacon, but they are a fun, tasty, and satisfying substitute.

As for wonton wrappers, I haven't come across any that do not contain eggs. While they may exist, I've looked at several vegan recipes and they basically just seem to be made from flour and water. I've included one for you below.

Deliciously yours,



2/3 c All-purpose flour
2 tbs -Hot water, plus:
2 tsp -Hot water


To prepare wrappers, combine flour and hot water. Knead a couple of minutes into a smooth dough; cover and let rest at least 1 hour. Place on a lightly floured board, and knead for 2 minutes or so. With palms of your hands, roll it into a long, cylindrical shape, 7-1/2 inches inches long, 1 inch in diameter. Cut crosswise into 1/2-inch pieces; you will have 15. If your climate is dry, keep the dough covered. Shape these, cut- side up, into a round shape. Flatten them with the palm or heel of your hand on a flour-dusted board. With a pastry roller, small rolling pin, piece of dowel, or even an empty jar -- all of these should be wielded under the palm of your hand -- roll each into a round wrapper, 3-1/2 inches in diameter, thicker in the center, thinner towardthe edge. This is easily done by rolling the pastry roller from the edge of he piece of dough to the center, and back again, turning the dough counterclockwise a little with your left hand after each roll. Continue all the way around several times,also turning the dough over once or twice, until you have a thin, 3-1/2 inch wrapper. * Source: The Fragrant Vegetable, by Martin Stidham *