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The Food Revolution by John Robbins
Reviewed by Howard Lyman

Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines revolution as a fundamental change in the way of thinking about something.  The title for John Robbins new book is very aptly named.  This book will change not only the way you think about food -- it will change the way you eat. 

Twenty chapters, with over nine-hundred footnotes, track the studies and statements of top researchers from around the world as they respond to the public relation claims of the meat and dairy industry.  When we see the industry claims refuted, time and again by the best minds in the diet and environmental community, we start to see why there is a revolution going on. 

I cannot count the number of times I have been asked to provide the study that supports the facts I use. The Food Revolution provides a convenient method of proving issues that the majority of Americans have never realized to be true.  It is not what we know that is the problem; it is what we know that isn’t so, that is the problem. 

The Food Revolution will shine light on those "facts" that industry hopes you won’t believe.  Interesting facts such as: half of all the fish caught in the world are fed to livestock or that 2.5 acres of crop land can produce enough vegetables for twenty people, enough grain for fifteen people, enough chicken for two people or enough beef for one.  These revelations really make you stop and think about how we are using our resources. 


Dr. Patricia Griffin, a government official, from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states, "Is it reasonable that if a consumer undercooks a hamburger that their three-year-old dies?" 

Placing the total responsibility on the shoulders of the consumers for food safety explains why USDA would accept test results indicating that 89% of hamburger tested containing E.coli 0157:H7 to be accepted as normal.  This bacterium is known to kill young children. 

If your main interest is the environment, The Food Revolution has something for you.  For instance cattlemen claim that global warming evidence is inconclusive while at the same time forty -nine Nobel Prize winners, in a letter to the President, stated that it is the most serious environmental threat of the 21st century.  We must educate ourselves and as the Prizewinners state, " Only by taking action now can we insure that future generations will not be put at risk." 

John’s first book, Diet for A New America, changed the way many folks were eating.   The Food Revolution will give those who are still eating the standard American diet documented facts about their junk food addiction while there is time for a change. 

John Robbins has written a book that can save more people from an early death than were saved by the use of penicillin.  Do yourself a favor and read, The Food Revolution and pass it on to someone you love before it’s too late.

 - Howard Lyman


How many of you became vegetarians
after reading "Diet for a New America?"

That's the book that turned Sabrina and me into vegetarians, and has at the least been some sort of influence with most vegetarians we know.

So, we're happy to announce that John Robbins has written what we predict will be the DFNA for the new millenium -- "The Food Revolution."

"The Food Revolution" hits US and Canadian store shelves this week, and presents a mountain of facts, figures and compelling anecdotes about animal vs. plant-based foods.

In the book Robbins also presents the meat industry side at every turn and in their own words -- they damn themselves very effectively.

There are also sections on GM foods, food borne disease and a host of other riveting, related topics. Be sure to check out his epilogue to the pig farmer story featured in DFNA.

The book is available in stores and on John Robbins' brand new website.

We give John Robbins' new book our highest recommendation.
   - Jeff & Sabrina Nelson

Visit John Robbins' new site!
Read Chapter Onee of The Food Revolution
Praise for The Food Revolution
BUY THE BOOK NOW! (secure server)








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