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Natural Foods Expo
Extra! Extra! Fun new products!

April 25, 2001 -- The Natural Foods Expo was held at the Anaheim Convention Center between March 9 to 11, 2001, and your VegSource WebWizard and WebWitch, Jeff and Sabrina Nelson (unable to resist a free meal), noshed our way through the show.

Sabrina samples Soyco's vegan macaroni and cheese
(it was great! -- see below)

A record-setting 2,400 exhibits showcased the latest innovations in the $28 billion a year natural products industry. The show was attended by more than 30,000 retailers and manufacturers from over 25 countries.

This is the third Anaheim show we've attended and it's heartening to note that vegetarian/organic foods seem to be more popular and visible than ever before.


Products and People

Patrice Barber, R.D.
Patrice is a registered dietitician from the University of Southern California. She was at the show researching vegetarian options for USC students. She revealed that one dining hall at the campus is totally vegetarian. In the Hospitality Department where Patrice works, she said they receive requests every day from students who are "more health and environmentally conscious."

Patrice also disclosed that she regularly visits VegSource.com for ideas and inspiration.

Vicki Slotnick, Jeremy Paige of Organica

Vicki's family ran a four-star bakery for many years in Beverly Hills. Although she's been a film producer for most of her career, Vicki always dreamed of being a baker herself.

In fact, she says she couldn't stop baking.

After testing out her vegan cookies and candy at The Coffee Bean, a local java hangout, and seeing that people couldn't get enough of them, she and her partner, Jeremy, decided to ramp up and market them in stores. Hence, Organica was born.

Take a look at her yummy chocolate chip cookes.

We can attest that they taste even better than they look!


Heaven Scent founder, Tom Mosk, a 25 year vegetarian, listened to his vegan customers and decided to make his marshmallow treats completely free of animal products.

Did we actually just say VEGAN marshmallow treats?

Yes! These are wonderful! You can learn more on Tom's website, CookieHeaven.com


Soyco's Tony Oust, Registered Dietician and chef extraordinaire, was bothered by the fact that most vegan cheeses (let's face it -- virtually all?) are nasty tasting.

Tony's a very inventive person, and took it upon himself to unravel the mystery of the disgusting vegan cheese. "The problem was melting the stuff," he says. "It never had the right consistency. So one day the solution hit me -- skip the melting step!"

So Tony formulated a "cheese" sauce that you can pour over a pasta that has the texture of a melted cheese -- without actually having to melt it. It was very impressive! Not only did it have a very good flavor, it was lowfat and low-sodium.

His product is due out sometime during the summer of 2001.

Speaking of vegan cheeses, Angel McNall of Angel's EarthKind Kitchen, has created a vegan cheese that is most certainly an exception to the "vegan-cheeses-are-nasty" rule. Tasty, meltable, and made from the type of ingredients you want in your body, Angel's cheeses are simply heavenly.

We use them ourselves to make macaroni and "cheese," which our kids are absolutely crazy about.

At the expo she introduced her newest invention, a caraway jack cheese. Bring on the nachos!

Visit her site at: http://www.imearthkind.com/


Natural foods pioneer Seth Tibbot, inventor of the world famous Tofurky, was showcasing some new vegan deli slices as well as his impressive jerky.

Make every day a Happy Tofurky Day!



Actress, covergirl and vegan supermom, Spice Williams Crosby is also the founder of Spice of Life, which produces a line of vegan meat substitutes.


The favorite around our house is the Meatless Jerky, which is perfect for tossing in a backpack for a long day at Disneyland.

Check out Spice's website at Spice-of-Life.com






Rella Good Cheese Company founder Richard Rose sports a ponytail -- but you'd never know it from this shot!

He really is a hippy -- really!

Richard was out displaying his exciting new Hempnut products.

Check out his website to learn more: TheHempNut.com

Wildwood Natural Foods
President Billy Bramblett
makes truly the most tasty vanilla soymilk we've experienced. And we've tried probably every brand currently on the market!

We also recommend his veggie burgers, tofu and condiments.

You can visit Billy's website at http://wildwoodnaturalfoods.com



These Smart Menu products from LightLife are amazing, extraordinary, unbelievably good fajitas. We generally pace ourselves when we go to these shows, but the LightLife booth was one we kept going back to again and again, because we just could not believe how incredible this product was! They won't be out until the summer time, but definitely keep on the lookout for these.

Have they lost their minds? Clif Bars with caffeine?!

Clif introduced their new "Ice Series" bars: Chocolate Java Avalanche, Cool Mint Chocolate, and Orange Chocolate Chill.

They taste fabulous! But you're afraid to eat too many because they've put caffeine in them, and you don't want to feel like you've had a cup of espresso instead of an energy bar.

Clif still reigns supreme at the Nelson house. Our son, Willie, would starve without them. But let's kick this java habit! You can now buy Clif Bars online at http://www.clorders.com/clif.htm




VegAngel warns meat-eater about what she's going to be seeing in her future -- him!






All that taste testing wears you out!

Jeff rests up in a massage chair before the next round of free samples.




These products were revolting, but the conveyor-belt presentation was hot!






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