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Diet For a New America Still Delivers
by Jeff Nelson

Hardly a day goes by without my seeing someone on the VegSource discussion boards post something to the effect, "This book changed my life, I became vegetarian because of it, and I'm so grateful."

The book, of course, is John Robbins' brilliant and prescient bestseller, "Diet For A New America" (DFNA).

First published in 1987, DFNA dramatically transformed how many Americans feel about the food they put into their mouths. Robbins was the first to tie together the damage done by the excessive consumption of animal products to human health, our world and our spirits.

Citing over 1400 studies, reports and articles, Robbins leads the reader to draw an obvious conclusion: don't eat animals!

Still top of the heap

Amazon.com ranks DFNA in it's top 2,000 books currently sold, making it still the leading book on the subject . . .13 years after its initial publication. Over 800,000 copies have been sold and millions of lives changed.

VegSource would not exist but for DFNA, and the same is true of many other vegetarian organizations and activists. Indeed, many other struggling vegetarian organizations experienced a surge in interest and membership as a direct result of Robbins' powerful work, and numerous vegetarian companies credit Robbins for inspiring the launch of, or breathing new life into their business.


DFNA survives scurrilous attacks

The meat industry spent $50,000 producing a "report" which purportedly challeneged DFNA, and they have spent millions of dollars attempting to distract people from Robbins' unavoidable message: eating animals is killing us.

Despite the cattlemen's checkoff accounts and overflowing corporate coffers aimed at "debunking" Robbins, their efforts have failed; beef consumption has declined dramatically since DFNA hit the scene.

Robbins has even had to withstand attacks from a handful of self-styled vegetarian "experts" who are fond of advising others that DFNA is "not a recommended resource" because, they claim, some of the material Robbins cites may be "unreliable." However, these individuals have never been able to deliver the goods and, when pressed to cite specific problems, have only exposed their own shortcomings.

Not surprisingly, these same few individuals front competing vegetarian organizations and/or promote their own vegetarian materials, which they trumpet as being far superior. This -- along with their irrational tirades at the appreciation Robbins' work has generated -- suggests their foggy, lame assaults are based more on jealousy than fact. As an aside I have seen the written criticisms of these few individuals in which they attempted to document weaknesses in DFNA; these revealed more about the lack of intellectual integrity and the outright bias of the critics, than anything about DFNA.

Expand your horizons

See for yourself! If you haven't done so already, head for Amazon.com, a bookstore, or your local library and pick up a copy of DFNA. After you read it, you'll understand why this is one of the most important books published in the 20th Century, and why it is continuing to have a dramatic impact on people in the 21st.

"Diet for a New America should be read by everyone interested in healthy living."
                                 -- Andrew Weil, M.D.

Jeff Nelson is President of VegSource Interactive, Inc., and Chairman-elect of the Board of EarthSave International. He is a direct descendent of H.O. Armour, founder of the Armour Meat Company (see http://www.vegsource.org/armour.htm). Jeff is a writer whose latest book is "Sue the Bastards: Everything You Need to Know to Go to -- or Stay Out of -- Court."


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