By Robert Cohen Executive Director

Robert Cohen's Response to Vegsource
In November of 2001, Steve Walsh sent me a letter
issuing a challenge to respond to his comments. I
responded by telling him that I would not review his
letter or comments because of his previous actions
directed at myself and my three daughters and wife,
committed during the Spring of 2001 in which he stalked
us on our trip throughout England, attempting to
sabotage numerous talks by screaming in the middle of
my presentations, "Cohen is a liar."

Two months ago, in a PRIVATE EMAIL using the nicest
language I could muster, I told Mr. Walsh to have
carnal relations with himself for his previous actions.
Just to clarify a point that I have previously made to
Jeff Nelson and others within the movement, I will
never respond to or participate in a debate with Steve
Walsh again. I have had my experience with him.

Every great movement in history has been inflitrated by
people wishing to see a particular agenda fail. Those
infiltrators are often spies or saboteurs.

I have been told that Steve Walsh is an infiltrator. I
have been told that Mr. Walsh works for one of Europe's
largest chemical companies. During that recent family
trip to England, Walsh traveled the country attempting
to sabotage my talks. He was booed off the stage in
London by the people who know him best (Regents
College), and I admonished the crowd, defending his
right to speak. There were three hundred witnesses to
his tirade on that evening, and that would be easy
enough to confirm by contacting any member of EarthSave
London. He went berserk, yelling, "Robert Cohen is a
liar," to an extremely technical point in my first
book, "Milk-The Deadly Poison" about which he clearly
was in error. (Spleen increases of between 39 and 46
percent by injection to laboratory animals, and 8% by
oral ingestion of Monsanto's genetically engineered
bovine growth hormone).

The next night, 150 miles away, he did the same thing
when I lectured before an animal rights group. Both
times, this raving man insulted me in the vilest manner
in front of my three daughters and wife. He played to
the audience with the same exact "routine," after I had
set him straight the night before.

His agenda remains clear. He seeks neither truth nor
fair debate. He is a destroyer, who has conned his way
into Jeff Nelson's graces, and I will never again
comment on any of Mr. Walsh's points.

I have invested the most productive eight years of a
man's life (age 42-50) to give all of myself to
strangers, rather than my own family. I now have multi-
pronged goals. The first is to level the informational
playing field for all consumers so that they may be
empowered to make informed decisions that bear on the
health and welfare of themselves and their children.
The sooner the public has all of the facts about the
adverse effects of milk and dairy products, the better
it will be for all of consumers. My second goal is to
give people a healthy alternative to milk and dairy
products. The next eight years of my life will be
dedicated to changing the way people eat by offering
healthy options to the standard and traditional milk-
based diet.

The NOTMILK site stands on its own. The 1000+ columns
that I have written contain real science, and my
analyses of scientific fraud have continuously
withstood the rigorous scrutiny of peer review.

Those who know me recognize that I have stood toe to
toe with the most powerful and influential industry in
America, the dairy industry, and fear no man or group
of men. I have testified before Congress, USDA, FDA,
and have pulled no punches in delivering passionate and
directed messages. I have received death threats, and
had dead animals thrown on my lawn. I recieve hate mail
and threatening phone calls in the middle of the night.
There are ten million people employed by the dairy
industry who know and hate my name. I know when to
fight, and can defend myself both physically and with
the pen, which I've learned to wield mightier than any
soldier wields a sword.

Jeff Nelson is a dedicated man, and he is trying to
change the world for the better. Unfortunately, like
Othello, Mr. Walsh is playing Iago to Nelson's usually
fine judgement, and in doing so, attempts to place a
stake into the heart of our movement.

I will not allow that to happen, and that is why I will
not be baited into putting on the boxing gloves.

I will forever remain mute to anything that Mr. Walsh
says or does. I will also not criticize or comment on
the logo or challenge posted on the VegSource website
or in Jeff Nelson's editorial. To do so would
contradict everything that our movement stands for.
Ahimsa. Harmlessness. If the events of the last five
months have taught me anything at all, I have learned
without any doubt that now is the time for each one of
us to practice peace and love, not wage war and hate.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK - The Deadly Poison
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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