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Special note: Response to "Lisa" Cohen

June 20, 2002 -- It's difficult to write this without laughing. Rob Cohen has today put out a release signed by his wife claiming that in the response I wrote (below) to Cohen's nonsense yesterday, I instructed people to write to Cohen's wife rather than to him. (Here is a link to "Lisa's" letter.)

This is hilarious.

Robert Cohen each day sends out emails from the email address notmilk@earthlink.net. For example, here is how he sent out an email yesterday in which he was critical of Dr. John McDougall and me:

Like the email newsletter above which Cohen sent yesterday, Cohen's daily drivel comes from the email address notmilk@earthlink.net

In Cohen's same email yesterday, entitled "Double Standard," Cohen exhorted his readers to write to me, and listed my own email address:

Today Cohen has composed a letter, signed by his wife, Lisa, and claiming that I told people (in my article below) to write to his wife, Lisa, rather than to him. Of course this is ridiculous since the email address I list below is the same one Cohen uses to publish his daily drivel -- the notmilk@earthink.net address.

Cohen claims I supposedly knew this is his wife's address, but that's nonsense, even if in fact I did exchange an email with her a year ago (it's possible, but I sure don't recall). In any event, the emails Cohen sends out on his yahoogroups list under this email address are signed by him, not his wife. Cohen insults his readers' intelligence by trying to hide behind the idea that someone is out of line writing back to him at the same address he uses when he writes something to me, and continues to use.

Will Cohen issue an apology for his error? Not likely. That's what decent people do. If Cohen had the capacity to admit mistakes and try to improve himself, he wouldn't be the pariah that he's become.

In truth, Cohen has many email addresses, and regularly uses AOL addresses to harass people, including EarthSave employees. It's become a game. People block Cohen's email address when he harasses them, he just gets a new one and continues the harassment.

The bottom line? Cohen has raised a nonsense issue in order to try to dodge the issues I raised below. He's tried to change the subject with some ridiculous smokescreen that it's okay for him to send emails to people using "his wife's" email address, but it's not okay to write him back at it.

The guy needs help. He *is* a funny person in a sick sort of way, but he needs help. He's shockingly disturbed.

Following is the column I wrote yesterday which Cohen complains about through his wife, but of course doesn't respond to.

What did you get your degree in, Rob? Where is it from and what year? It appears someone lied about your degree to Amazon.com. Before telling someone else they have a particular degree, they should first check with a college to see if it actually offers the degree they claim to have gotten there...

Response to Cohen's 6/19/02 Drivel
by Jeff Nelson

June 19, 2002 -- It is predictible that Robert Cohen has once again been reduced to deception and dissembling in a desperate attempt to shore up his rightfully sagging reputation.

As an example, today Cohen put out a release on his mail list deceitfully altering the point I made about Cohen's promotion of the work of vivisectionist Joanne Tobacman. In fact, as one can see from reading the article in question (linked here), the point I made was about Cohen's hypocrisy.

I was motivated to expose Cohen's hypocrisy because of his prior spurious attacks on John Robbins in which Cohen asserted Robbins is a "supporter of vivisection" because Robbins alluded to an animal study in one of his books (just as Cohen himself, and McDougall, Lyman, Marcus, Campbell and many other vegans have done in their own books, though Cohen didn't feel inclined to attack those individuals -- yet).

So Cohen had attacked John Robbins for mentioning an animal study, then a couple weeks later was himself pointing to animal studies in his daily twaddle in order to try to sell his soymilk maker.

Hence, Cohen is a hypocrite.

Cohen asserted to his audience today that unless I decry anyone who mentions animal studies, I have a "double standard." But this is just Cohen's latest deception: I would only be guilty of having a double standard if I failed to point out others in the vegetarian arena who are ridiculous buffoons and hypocrites -- like Cohen.


Regarding people like Dr. McDougall, Dr. Campbell, and other beloved and respectable veg experts, I know how they feel about Cohen -- the same way I do.

Deception and Dissembling

Cohen's nonsense can be entertaining, but it's become painfully clear that he has at best a comic book grasp of most of the science he talks about. This is likely why he refuses to respond and gets very defensive when people question his often dubious "scientific analysis." Those who ask Cohen to explain his bombast suddenly have "agendas," are "infiltrators," or simply can't understand his work, Cohen retorts. End of conversation.

In an unprecedented move, Amazon.com recently researched a claim published in the "about the author" section on one of Cohen's books on Amazon.com which stated Cohen had a degree in psychoendocrinology from a college in Long Island. At the end of their investigation, Amazon removed the claimed degree from the description of Cohen on their site.

Cohen today has exorted his readers to write to me and ask why I don't attack Dr. McDougall (I guess Cohen means in the same way he attacked John Robbins). Well I would ask readers to contact Cohen and ask what his degree is really in, what year he got it, and from what school. I doubt anyone will get a straight answer from the guy, though. Cohen's address is: notmilk@earthlink.net

The Usual Deceptions?

In his column today, probably to try to bolster his authority, Cohen asserts he himself has performed surgery on "thousands of rats." I personally think it's mathematically improbable that Cohen autopsied "thousands" of rats. Think about how many rats a day you would have to autopy to get to the number 2,000. You would have to autopsy about 5.5 rats a day, 365 days to get to that number.

Cohen has a proven propensity to inflate numbers. In one of his columns, he claimed to have sold a large number of Soyajoy soymilk makers in one month -- but the distributor, James Wang, who sold the machines wholesale to Cohen, reported that Cohen lied to the people on his list, that Cohen hadn't even sold that many soymilk makers in a year. Similarly, Cohen claimed on his list earlier this year he could have earned $50,000 if he accepted advertising on his notmilk website, but that he had chosen not to do so. However, as his site was on my server and I could see his traffic statistics for years, I know for a fact that Cohen couldn't have earned $500 a year off advertising based on his page-views let alone $50,000; he doesn't have enough traffic to even get a contract with any of the major online advertising agencies.

It seems that if you look too closely behind Cohen's curtain, you'll find a pile of insecure, paranoid, dishonest garbage, not substance.

The guy makes stuff up out of thin air, or in this case -- hot air. He's a shameless huckster. He reminds me of one of those many corporate-funded organizations that form conclusions first, then set out to come up with nonsense to back them up, pushing their nonsense out on the public and then ignoring when it's exposed for what it is -- crap. Cohen is the John Stossel of the vegetarian movement -- but without the brains or success of Stossel.

Cohen has been exposed as a fraud and a fake -- not just by me, but both publicly and privately by many esteemed veg and vegan experts. He has become an island, and appears to be having a meltdown. His column today is pure silliness. His delusions seem to be getting more frequent.

Got medication, anybody?

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Jeff Nelson is president of VegSource Interactive, Inc.

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