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Beware of Robert Cohen
aka the NotMilk Man
The following is a warning to people who might read one of Cohen's essays, hear him speak, or meet him in person.

June 20, 2002 -- No matter what reason brings a person to vegetarianism, ethics play a role. We do it because it's the right thing to do for our health, our environment, or the animals used for food.

The same ethics that move you to a plant based diet require you to show honesty and integrity in the way you act when promoting vegetarianism. You can't take the easy way out, embracing anyone who supports your agenda simply because they say they're "on the same team."

Honesty and integrity -- a respect for truth -- has motivated numerous top vegetarian and vegan experts, scientists, MDs, authors and activists to arrive at the same conclusion: Robert Cohen is a fraud.

Cohen, who sometimes calls himself the "notmilk man," is abusive and dishonest. He also has a propensity for fabricating scientific data which has time and again been shown to be not only worthless, but potentially dangerous.

His character and background make him highly unsuited to be an advocate for a dairy-free or vegetarian lifestyle -- or anything else, for that matter.

VegSource has run numerous articles over time documenting Cohen's unscrupulous excesses.

Several leading vegetarian advocates have publicly and privately repudiated Cohen and his tactics.

After responding to Cohen's dishonest diatribes from time to time, we have decided to create this page so we may direct people to the selected articles below.

There comes a point of diminishing returns in responding to such a person -- especially one with a very bad "say anything" habit. For that reason, VegSource will likely not be responding to Cohen's future nonsense. He's wasted enough of our time.

Selected Articles about Robert Cohen:

Doesn't it hurt "the cause" to expose Cohen's antics to prospective vegetarians and non-vegetarians?

We believe it's good for people who are new to the idea to see that vegetarians respect truth and don't shelter charlatans just because they yell "for the animals" a few times. And we believe it's good for them to see that VegSource doesn't promote bad information just because someone seems on the surface to promote a same/similar agenda.

What some people who are vegetarian may forget is how people unfamiliar with vegetarianism sometimes see it. We have people who come onto our discussion boards from time to time and state confidently that vegetarianism is a religion (we correct them).

Unfortunately, more people than we may like to believe see vegetarianism -- especially veganism -- as a cult-like phenomenon. We believe that's an image that needs to be dispelled -- as it can turn people off in a big way. Not all vegetarians are lockstepping arm and arm, but there are many good people -- as well as some bad ones -- who are veg, just like anywhere. Showing that ethical people reject unethical behavior no matter where it comes from, we believe that sends a positive message about the integrity of many people who are vegetarian.

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