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Cayenne: A Remarkable Healing Herb
By Roopa Chari, M.D.

Roopa Chari, MD

Cayenne is a gift to humanity because it has more health benefits than any other food or herb on earth. There are over 3000 scientific studies listed in the National Library of Medicine to support the use of cayenne in preventing and reversing many common health ailments. It is miraculous that a simple fruit like cayenne has healing benefits for a wide assortment of ailments. It has been used as a food, a spice and an herbal medicine for over 9000 years.

All hot peppers are botanically called capsicum. They are put into different groups depending on the various species. such as capsicum annum and capsicum frutescens. Cayenne refers to one variety of capsicum but over the years it has become synonymous with capsicum and refers to most hot varieties of chilies.

The potency of cayenne is determined by the intensity of its heat. This is determined by the quantity of the chemicals in cayenne and its resins. The more of these chemicals that are in cayenne and the hotter it is the stronger it is indicates it is more effective in healing. The heat is measured in heat units which are called Scoville Units or heat units. Capsicum is rated between 0 to 300,000 heat units.


Most cayenne peppers are between 30,000 to 80,000 heat units. Paprika has no heat and is rated 0 heat units. Jalapeno peppers are between 50,000 to 80,000 heat units, Serrano peppers are approximately 100,000 heat units, African Bird Peppers are 200,000 heat units and Mexican habaneros are between 250,000-300,000 heat units.

A fresh cayenne chili pepper is nutrient rich and contains: Water, Carbohydrate, Starch, Protein, Fiber, Vitamin C, Capsaicinoids, Beta Carotene, Iron, Phosphorus, and Calcium. Chili Peppers are also low in fat and contain the right kind of fat: 66% of the fat as linoleic and 5% as linolenic acid which are two essential fats in the diet of humans.

The variety of colors found in chili peppers contain thousands of bioflavinoids and carotenoids which may be responsible for the healing properties of cayenne and they heal heart cells and protect your heart. There are vitamins in cayenne that will destroy bacteria and enhance your immune system. There is also no other herb that will increase your blood flow faster than cayenne.

According to Dr. Richard Schulze, an internationally recognized herbalist, "there is no other herb stronger or more effective than cayenne to make immediate physiological and metabolic changes in the body."

Capsaicin, has been proven to protect your DNA and cells from attack by toxic molecules such as from tobacco, and other toxins. They can also prevent cancer by inhibiting the transformation of cells which eventually form cancer.

The following are just some of the conditions which cayenne may be used to treat: stops bleeding (internally or externally), allergies, arthritis, asthma, blood circulation problems, congestive heart failure, cancer prevention, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, obesity, osteoarthritis, colds and flus, constipation, hemorrhoids, and diabetes.

However, it is not just a matter of using Cayenne. The quality of the cayenne is extremely important. One of the best sources for purchasing cayenne tincture and cayenne powder is from The American Botanical Pharmacy at 1-800-437-2362.

You should keep a bottle of this cayenne tincture or bag the cayenne powder in your kitchen, the glove compartment of your cars, etc. as it can be life saving!!

Specific Remedies:
a.) For Health Maintenance: Put 5 drops in water or juice and drink it 1-3 times a day. You can slowly increase the dosage.

b.) For a bleeding wound: Liberally flush the wound with cayenne tincture or pack with cayenne powder and apply pressure to the wound.

-    Depending on the severity of the bleeding, also take 1-10 dropperfuls of the tincture in a few ounces of water in your mouth. Or just put directly into your mouth.

In my next article I will discuss how to prepare the cayenne powder and tinctures in your home and give more specific remedies! Check back soon!

I highly recommend the book, "A Layman's Guide: Curing with Cayenne and its herbal partners" by Sam Biser. You can order this book from 1-800-926-4561.

Dr. Roopa Chari is a Board Certified Physician in Internal Medicine. She along with her family have opened an Alternative Medical Health Center in San Diego called, "The Chari Center of Health, Inc. She treats patients using herbal remedies, detoxification programs, healthy food programs, and a variety of proven, remarkable mind-body techniques to treat a wide range of medical and psychological conditions. Dr. Chari can be reached at (619) 275-8073 for appointments or please visit their website at http://www.charicenter.com.


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