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Jeff and the Beefmobile

While we were working in our front yard Sunday,
this guy pulled up to our driveway.

He called to us: "Hey! You like to barbecue? Do you like ribeyes?"

We smiled and told him thanks we don't, and that actually he was
fortunate enough to show up at one of the two vegan houses on the block.

He was smoking a cigarette and when we said we were vegans
he started laughing. "Just my luck!"

He saw our license plate:
"Oops! 'vegcar' -- I shoulda known..."

Sabrina asked if she could take a photo.

"Sure," he said with a chuckle.
"Why do I think I'm being made fun of...?"

We told him not to worry about us, we're nice vegans. :-)

"Hey, could you help me out? My reverse doesn't work. I need a push," he said.

So here's a shot of the Chair-elect of the Board of EarthSave International and the owner of the most popular vegetarian website on the net -- lending a hand (and a strong back) to U.S. Beef.

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