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Foods that Defeat Diabetes
A special VegTV report from Marie Oser

Dietary Fat and Cancer Link?
Professor whose report prompted studies of dietary fat reveals how studies were distorted.

USDA: US citizens ate 777 mad cows

USDA's surveillance system reveals some troubling facts for those still eating burgers

Is This Book Flawed?
Prof. T. Colin Campbell responds to pro-meat industry critics.

Study: RX for diabetes? Go vegan
Landmark study confirms vegan diet can reverse diabetes

How to keep your kid healthy?
Don't feed her tuna!

More Evidence of Fatty Food Addiction
Lawyer who slayed tobacco industry makes case for fast food industry's "failure to warn" about their unhealthy -- and addictive -- products.

Is Soy Safe?
Brenda Davis RD sets the record straight

Lessons for vegetarians and vegans
from the EPIC-Oxford study, compiled by senior statistician Paul Appleby

Lessons in Confusion
Nutritional Confusionitis -- a foggy state of mind that renders the victim unable to place food and health information in a logical and clear context.

Dr. McDougall cures diabetes
VegSource happily gets some credit and is honored to have been part of this individual's success story

It's the Calories, Stupid
Fat intake has declined over recent years? Ha!

"People on our program found that their prostate tumors shrank. The more people changed and stuck to the vegan diet, the better they got. To reverse heart disease and prostate cancer, you need to go all the way -- to a very low fat, vegan diet. Our research is showing that it looks like that's what it takes to reverse prostate cancer."
-- Dean Ornish MD
Read more Quotes from the VegSource Conference!

Fasting -- Back to the future
The rediscovery of water-only fasting.

Dangers of soy?
John Robbins responds to Mothering Magazine soy bash

McDonald's Should Remove Cancer-Causing Agents

SARS: Another Deadly Virus From the Meat Industry
Animal agriculture is not just a public health hazard for those that consume meat.

Meat, Dairy: Devastating Environmental Costs
Scientiests call for tax on meat/ dairy due to environmental costs.

Understanding the New Atkins Research
Soon We'll All be on Blood Pressure Pills
Marketing Milk and Disease
Meat in the Human Diet
New Trans-Fat Labels for 2006 – too little, too late
Plants, not Pills, for Vitamins and Minerals
Lower cholesterol in order to improve cancer survival

Fish is Not Health Food
Dr. McDougall shatters some popular myths.

Beating Lupus with a Vegan Diet
Vanessa Jones conquers a dread disease.

B12 for Babies?
Noted dietitician discusses calcium and medicinal onions

High Blood Pressure: Learn to Live Without It
More research shows medically-supervised water only fasting can cure high blood pressure.

Making Sense of Fats and Oils
Best fats and oils for vegetarians and vegans?

New Cardio Approach: Eating for Life
Caldwell Esselstyn MD can make you heart attack proof!

Diet:Biggest Breast Cancer Risk Factor
Lose meat & dairy to avoid it.

Very Vegetarian
Read the Intro by vegan Olympian Carl Lewis

Breast Cancer and Dairy
A chat transcript from ABC News with scientist Jane Plant, author of Your Life in Your Hands. Jane discusses her research and experiences which demonstrate why milk promotes cancer growth.

Raw vs. Cooked
Are "cooked foods poison?" Dr. Harris examines some raw foodist claims.

T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.
New York Times: Reality Check Needed
Cows' milk protein may be the single most significant chemical carcinogen to which humans are exposed -- but the NY Times hawks it like crazy.

Colon Cancer and Diet: Devil in the Details
New research points toward the vegetarian diet for protection.

Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. MD
Plant-Based Eating: An End to Coronary Heart Disease

A slogan has arisen from the USDA and elsewhere stating there are no strictly good or bad foods. This is sheer nonsense.

Food, Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer:
A Global Perspecitve

A Major New International Report on Cancer Prevention (AKA: Go Veg to Beat Cancer)

Go Vegan to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
Every 12 minutes someone dies from breast cancer. Yet women who eat as few as two servings of vegetables per day reduce their breast cancer risk by 30%.

Super Eight Food Groups

How Many Killed By Meat in 99?
Nearly 1.3 million in the U.S. alone.

US gov't won't say what foods contain them, Greenpeace does. See which brands use GMO's. (and avoid 'em!)

The Demise of Human Sperm
They Can Sow, But They Can't Reap
How low can sperm counts drop before men become infertile?

Burger Blindness
Is Macular Degeration a dietary deficiency disease?

Breast, prostate & colon cancer on a bun
Cooking meat at high temperatures imbues it with a chemical that acts like a dangerous hormone.

Questions about carrageenan in soymilk?
Click here

Go veg to combat global warming
The United Nations says it's official: meat-eating causes more pollution than cars.

How The China Study Saved My Life
A missionary in Central America is on a mission -- to teach low-fat plant-based eating.

Medical journals are Big Pharma marketers
So says longtime editor of the prestigious British Medical Journal

"Low-fat" diet Study
What the experts say:
Dr. McDougall
Dr. Ornish
Dr. Fuhrman
Dr. Pinckney
Dr. Keating
NY Times letters

Are You Vegan? Great! Now Get Even Healthier
Jeff Nelson decided to get serious, shed 20 pounds -- and along the way lost 50 points off his cholesterol

Junk Food Nation
Hamburgers, pizza, potato chips, soda, cake, candy and alcohol now make up one-third of the American diet.
- Source: Journal of Food Chemistry and Analysis, 2004

Hemp is good for you!
VegSource's Gail Davis provides a brief guide to deliciously nutritious hempfoods.

Vegan Health Study
Participants needed! Help Dr. Klaper in this landmark research.

Before and After
Getting fit not just for the Holidays - but for life, with founder, John Allen Mollenhauer.

Putting the Atkins diet to rest
Michael Greger MD responds to blustery Atkins Corp' threats to sue him for exposing dangers of Atkins diet

“Great Results in 10-Minute Workouts!” Fact or Fiction?
John Allen shares workout tips showing that less truly can be more when it comes to fitness.

Atkins Facts
New site documents the many shocking risks of unsafe Atkins diet

LCA: Reversing Type 2 Diabetes
Go veg, exercise -- LCA can help. Ask the expert on our NEW Diabetes Board.

Worrying About Milk
Like most, T. Colin Campbell Ph.D. once assumed dairy products were an essential part of the daily diet.

Go Vegan to Beat Prostate Cancer
Cancer cells are trying to grow, and here's what they're saying: Got Milk?!

A Diet Rich in Partial Truths
NY Times publishes Dean Ornish's response to high-protein praise. (requires free reg)

Latest Veg Science
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looks at vegetarian matters

• Neal Barnard MD letter to NY Times

Vegetable Fat as Medicine?
Dr. McDougall discusses the pros and cons of vegetable oils.

Prevent Breast Cancer with Aspirin and Motrin – Not!
“Risk of Breast Cancer Cut Sharply by Regular Ibuprofen” -- ha!

My Fasting Experience
Mark Epstein describes his medically supervised water-only fast.

SARS: You'll need more than a face mask

A little "mad cow" will cure your beef habit

Cleaning Out Your Arteries

Roopa Chari, MD
Colon Cleansing: Key to Longevity

Dr. Chari discusses the importance of diet and lifestyle in protecting yourself from degenerative diseases

Milk: Nectar or Poison?
London Times investigation: Is there a time bomb in your diet? Exploding the myths about milk

Sandy Laurie
Tea Time

One cup of tea can lower your heart attack risk by 44%!

Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D.
Protein Powders, Pills and Poppycock!

Veg athletes need more protein! Or do they?

Marty Root, Ph.D.
Dietary Pattern Research
Dietary research tends to be reductionist with scientists examining health cause-effect of single foods or nutrients. It's not so simple.

Dr. Neal Pinckney: Reversing Heart Disease Through Lifestyle
I frequently saw my father, who died of a heart attack at 59, doubled over with pain. He called it indigestion.

Go Organic to Help Avoid Parkinson's Disease
New research adds to previous evidence implicating pesticides as Parkinson's disease cause.

Cancer Organizations:
Go Veg to Beat Cancer

Marty Root, Ph.D.
Folate in the Foliage
Reduce the risk of bearing a child with neural tube defects by consuming a diet high in folate.

Plant-based diet prevents cancer
Plant-Based Fat Inhibits Breast Cancer Cells

Blood Type Diet Debunked
by Michael Klaper, M.D.

Soy: Hero or Villain?

Alan Goldhamer, DC
Looking for health in all the wrong places
Psychological research shows that people have many problem-solving “blind spots.” People appear to have a natural bias against seeing dietary excess as a problem.

Milk and Prostate Cancer: The Evidence Mount

Karen Collins, M.S., R.D.,C.D.N.
Colon Cancer: Is Fat or Fiber the Key?

Cancer at the Millenium: What's Next
by Karen Collins, M.S., R.D.,C.D.N.

Great Pumpkin Soup Recipe
VegTV's Marie Oser serves up a delicious Halloween treat!

VEGTV: Watch Elivra's Halloween Message: Eating Dead Animals is Scary!

Photo & Video Shows

Watch Olympian Carl Lewis Talk About Being Vegan
9-Gold Medal winner Carl Lewis says, "My best athletic performances were after I went vegan."

Meet the Expo 2004 sponsors - 11 minutes.

VegTV goes to India
VegTV's Marie Oser has lots of new episodes from her recent India trek

Los Veganos En Mexico
Watch the Nelson's New Years cruise to the Mexican Riviera

Vegan vacation in Yosemite
Check out the photo show...with our friends from Israel.

the video!

VegSource TV

Broadband Windows media Streaming

Natural Foods Expo 2003

Natural Foods Expo!
No more excuses not to go vegan!

Jim and Natalia get married!
VegSource's own Jim & Natalia do a vegan Vegas wedding Elvis- style!
VIDEO (13 min)
PHOTOS Click here

Native Foods Vegan Restaurant
Watch 32-year vegetarian John "Gomez Addams"

VegSourcers Strut Their Stuff in San Diego Race
Click to view John (Hawaii) and son Steve after America's Finest City half-marathon, in full VegSource colors.

Vegan Birthday!
Happy Sixth to Willie Nelson!

When Vegans Attack!
Beware of Bam Bam!

Get your beef
outta my driveway!

Jeff has an encounter with the beefmobile.

Welcome Whole Foods!
Click here for photo show!

Vegans Invade Hearst Castle!
Thanksgiving Weekend Photos

View the VegSource eVent Weekend Photos - 10/01
We're already planning for next year's get together, and it'll be even bigger & better!

How I spent my vegan vacation
Beach, barbecues and boogie boards. 07/01

A Tail From Harris Ranch
Wanted in Fresno County: Jeff & Sabrina Nelson

Natural Food Expo
Read all about it! 03/01

Convenience Foods We Love! You can never go wrong with these great quick & easy products!

A Day in the Life

Memories of WorldFest LA 2000!
Unedited photos from WorldFest 07/00

WorldFest San Diego Photos
Selected shots from the big party. 10/00

Photos from Ark Trust Event!
Gloria Steinem and Gretchen Wyler inspire guests! 10/01

Oldie but goodie!
Oprah Tenderizes the Cattle Boys!
A rerun of our post-Oprah/Lyman trial victory case ya missed it years ago! ('Course, you had to be there to git most of it...)

Ryan Pumps Tofu

He flipped after tasting Maggie's Chocolate Tofu Holiday Pie -- and you will, too!

Protein & Nutrients

Veg Nutrition 101

Learn about healthy eating & earn college credit!

The Healing Power of Juices
Getting good nutrients to your cells.

Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D.
Protein Powders, Pills and Poppycock!

Veg athletes need more protein! Or do they?

Vegetarianism: A Few Facts FAQ on Vegetarianism

Natural Flavors
Just What's in Those Natural Flavors Anyway...?

• Are You Getting Enough Protein?
Study: Link Between Animal Protein Consumption and Osteoporosis



New Water-Only Fasting Center Opens!
Alan Goldhamer's TrueNorth fasting center -- we've tried it, it's amazing -- just opened in opulent surroundings. Go there now, and get healthy!

Another Inconvenient Truth
Meat-eating is one of the top global-warming human actvities

McDonald's Lawsuit Update
Read the lastest developments in the McDonald's beef-in-the-French fries litigation.
Special: Statement from Prof. T. Colin Campbell PhD concerning McDonald's suit

Big Brother & the Chicken Police
USDA has a new plan to help factory farms put the little guy out of business.

Activists of the Month
Farm Sanctuary honors Jeff & Sabrina (and it's an honor to be honored!)

Beef industry pays for sadistic anti-vegan "study"
National Cattlemen's Beef Association funds depraved experiment on starving African children.

The end of cheap oil - Is the sky really falling?
Guest editorial by Gregory Rankin who argues solutions to avoid catastrophe are at hand.

8,500 gallons of water for 1 pound of beef
New study presented at UN supports shifting toward plant-based diet to save water

Bush declares war on Iraqi farmers
Bush makes it illegal for Iraqis to continue tradition of saving seeds.
Related article: Monsanto's royalty grab in Argentina

Prominent Vegetarians Appeal McDonald's Settlement
Must-read Editorial

Vegan Beauty Line in Retail
Lamas Beauty now available in major chain!

My Vegan Evolution
Joy Katz' Letter to the Editor on the meaning she finds in being vegan.

Part Three
Frog Pond Diary
Stories from the Frog Pond Farm by VegSource's own Sandy Laurie.
Part One
Part Two

It doesn't do a body good
College student went veg after after being assigned a research project on nutrition.

Vegan Diet Damages Baby's Brain - Sensationalism!
People love to hear good news about their bad habits.

PepsiCo Kids: Caffeine and the First Amendment
Teacher John Borowski doesn't want to see children's health traded for dollars.

Is Veganism a Religion?
Dr. Sapon comments on a recent court ruling.

Interview with John Robbins
Slow food, GMO's, and the corporatization of world food supply.

Veganism In a Nutshell
Read or listen to one of the most powerful and articulate arguments for veganism, from Bruce Friedrich.

The Power of Following Your Bliss
What did you dream of being when you were little?

R. Schwartz PhD
Vegetarianism - A Jewish Imperative
The mass production and consumption of meat contradicts many Jewish teachings.

Dennis for President
John Borders shares his vision for vegan Congressman Kucinich.

Mormons Need Some Help
Did church founders envision fee-based sport hunting?

S. Kaufman MD
The Case for Christian Veg Activism
Did God make animals for people?

About EarthSave, Vegetarianism, and Me
EarthSaver Don Robertson talks about his personal journey.

Vegetarianism in the USA: a Rocky Road
Karen and Michael Iacobbo are authorites on veg history.

Introducing the Vegitan Diet!
You've heard of "veg," you've heard of "vegan," now comes "vegitan" -- an apolitical alternative to veg or vegan.

Stephen Byrnes: A myth-making "debunker"
Stephen Walsh debunks the "debunker."

Dr. McDougall Sets the AHA Right
American Heart Association still promoting ancient food combining myths?!

Industry Targets Public Schools
Big industry's quest to conquer society's last, un-commercialized bastion: our public school system.

World Bank Stops Funding Factory Farms!
Thanks to T. Colin Campbell, John Robbins, and others, future bank loans will consider health, environment, sustainability.

Was Hitler Veg?
Rynn Berry says "Nein!"

Diet, Bone Health
Beyond dairy and calcium.

White Wave
Does Silk bilk?

Spirit and Stardust
US Rep Dennis Kucinich: "What affects anyone, anywhere affects everyone, everywhere.

Letter to the Editor
Vegan Congressman Dennis Kucinich objects to the Enronization of America

A Prayer for America
Vegan congressman shares his opinions.

Vegan Society Rebuts Cohen
Setting the record straight

Open Letter to Rob Cohen
From Dr. Stephen Walsh

We Love Our Hatemail . . . !

Dr. Stephen Walsh to BBC
Milk 'Best Calcium Source' for Girls?

Schools Boot Pop
A Wyoming dentist takes a stand for parental choice.

Sept 11th
Terror, love, and the state of the world

Dean Foods Buys White Wave
Good news or bad?

Free Speech: Not an Exhibit at Teachers' Conf?
John Borowski sounds off

Letter to the Editor
Autocrats Exploit Tragedy
We are American citizens who must stand up, speak out and be counted.

White House Kills Enviro Education
John Borowski sounds off in Letter to Editor.

Twinlab B12 Vitamins: Deceit in a Bottle
Thousands of vegetarians unwittingly served up animal parts by unethical company.

Junk Pushers Use Junk Science
Food and chemical industries use "science" to try to con an unsuspecting public.

"Animal Experimentation Is Good!"
How industry front organizations try to twist public perceptions.

Does Vegetarianism Mask 'Eating Disorder' in Many Adolescents?
Depends on what you mean by "vegetarian."

Robert Hatherill, Ph.D.
Take the Gag Off Food Safety
Today's Teens More Toxic?

Dr. Koop Sells Out
The man willing to take on Big Tobacco "cow"tows to Big Meat & Dairy

Video: The Future of Food
The corporate take over of our food supply -- how much do you know about how your food is created?

Ocean Robbins: Continuing the Legacy
He's won major awards, watch his new film on the inaguration!

Fight Fire, Fight Fat, Fight Cholesterol
Austin fire dept calls self "House of Health" after firefighters go vegan.

Stuff Sabrina Loves
Clothes, boots, skin care and food -- some of the best fall vegan products.

Monsanto assault on US farmers shown in new report
Monsanto schemes successfully to solidfy hold in world food supply.
Also read India Seed & Patent Act: Sowing seeds of dictatorship

Excerpt from the VegSource Conference
Buddhist Rev. Heng Sure (15 minutes)
Fast Connection
Slow Connection

Veal? Fughedaboutit!
Watch the new Flash show from Farm Sanctuary.

Raw Food
Stephen Walsh discusses healthy choices on raw vegan diets.

Christian Roots of Vegetarianism
19th Century Christians laid the foundation.

A Healthy Utopia
College junior Bethany Godwin reports on diet and exercise.

Mad Cow -- American Beef Supply at Risk
Dr. Greger looks at Canada -- and sees a reflection of the US.
Test Cows Now

Mad Cow Expert John Stauber

Mad Cow dog food recalled

Mad Cow disease "likely" in USA

Matters of Scale
WorldWatch points up some sobering costs of the American dietstyle -- with help from John Robbins.

Will the Postville Horrors Shock Jews Into Returning to Jewish Values?
Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D., examines recent revelations about a kosher slaughterhouse.

Bogus 'Consumer' Group Stripped of Domain Names
Industry-funded "consumer group" slapped down for dirty tricks.

Test Cows Now!
Click to help safeguard the U.S. food supply.

Beware of Robert Cohen, aka the Notmilk Man
No man is an island -- except this one!

Other Articles exposing Robert Cohen:

Are We Treehuggers?
Is Sabrina Nelson is dirty, stinkin' tree-huggin' hippy?

US Meat Industry's Dishonesty and Disregard for Consumer Most Evident
Now they embrace Howard Lyman's 1996 food-safety recommendations -- the same ones they're still suing him for suggesting.

Dishonest Mouth Disease?
Does anyone believe government scientists anymore?

Tufts "Navigator": Misleading Advice

United Way of LA Charities Targets Vegetarians
United Way of LA spends thousands attacking vegetarians. Why?

Chemicals 101
Better Living through Brainwashing!

The Pesticide Industry Invades the US Classroom
Multinational corporations have used a two pronged approach to convince the public that environmental organizations are "Chicken Littles."

Do We Really Love Our Children?
The fast food industry is destroying the family structure.

Mad Cow Disease: It May Look Different in the U.S.
Gabe Kirchheimer is certain a U.S.-variant of mad cow is already here

Stossel and 20/20 Tamper with Enviro Facts
Environmental education is bad for big business.

Stanley Sapon, Ph.D.
Part Three in a Three-Part Series

Vegetarianism & Ways of Knowing: Non-Science and Nonsense
The theme of nastiness in the vegetarian world recalls hurtful, mean-spirited and belligerent verbal behavior.

Stan Sapon PhD
The Doctor Made Me Do It
Your doctor said you MUST eat meat?

Children for an HONEST Education Campaign
Environmental education is under full-scale assault in our schools.

• Researchers: Key to Health!

Time for New U.S. Dietary Guidelines
by Colin Campbell, Ph.D.

T. Colin Campbell
The Truth Is Out There

Dr. Edell on Veganism
Setting facts straight

Breaking The Cycle of Violence
Letter to Editor: A "war" on animals?

The Internet: Last Battleground
Sabrina Nelson on BBC Radio
(real audio file -- requires Real Audio)

ADA On the Take! (Like this is news?)
Meat the Money: ADA says "Thank You For Your Generous Donation, Mr. Checkoff!"

"Health" Websites Trade Integrity for Meat and Dairy Industry Money
Wash Post: "Eating Right"

Organics: The Blurred Vision of ABC's 20/20
"Brownlashers" caught red-handed; How Monsanto muddies the water.

Sack Stossel
Demand honesty in reporting! ABC forced to admit Stossel's 20/20 anti-organics report was a fake. Stossel ordered by ABC to apologize for false reporting.

Transformational Vegetarianism
For Sandra Hannen, vegetarianism is a path to deeper spirituality.

Appeals Court Says "Go Veggie!"
After case involving meat wholesaler, judges order more vegetarian meals to be served at court.


Recipes, Cooking & Herbs

Q&A w/Bill Harris MD

Weight Trainer


What is the relationship between milk and breast cancer?


Hair Loss?


Which fruits and vegetables are relatively safer to eat?


Vitamin D3?


Dietary Cholesterol?


Tooth Enamel Erosion?


Is the source of D3 from swine?


What would you consider a "healthy" cholesterol range?


Are you getting your figures from Nutritionist IV?


Natural Flavors?


No Weight Loss?


Irritable Bowel Syndrome?


Problems with Soy Products?


Walking with Beasts?


Male Pattern Baldness?


Liver Function and Eggs?

Bill's Fruit Smootie
Bill's Raw Veggie Smoothie

Recipe: Chilled Asparagus
VeggieChef Marie Oser puts her secret creamy dill dressing to good use!

Recipe: Chilled Asparagus
VeggieChef Marie Oser puts her secret creamy dill dressing to good use

Pressure Cookers
The kitchen appliance we can't live without!

Expo 05 Cooking Demo Recipes
Yum! These are the dishes the chefs made onstage.

Make your grilling more thrilling with veggies!
Tal Ronnen shares backyard vegan barbecue tips.

Homemade Soymilk, Fresh, Tasty, and Quick!
Fresh homemade soymilk is tasty, extremely cost effective!

Marie and Jane of VegTV hit the big time!
VegTV -- Coming soon to a channel near you!

Denmam Island Chocolate
A 25-year search for the perfect chocolate has ended.

SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker Reviewed
We give it VegSource's highest product rating!

Vegan Marshmallows
Time for vegan s'mores.

Just a Pretty Face?
Yowch! Vegan cheesecake?!

What About Sugar?
White? Brown? Fruit sugar? None?!

It's Easy Being Green!
So many wonderful greens to choose from!

Bryanna's Heart-healthy Vegan Pound Cake!
Just in time for the holidays!
Simple Vegan Candy Recipes!

Portabello Burger Sandwich

Maui Taro burgers make it to the mainland
Will the mainstream be next?

• "Meat"balls & more!
• Peanut Butter Cups
• Seitan "Corned Beef"
• "Bratwurst" Sausage
• Veggie Chorizo!
• Favorite Breads
• Antipasto Torta!

• Making Rolled Pasta
• Veggie Chorizo!
• Favorite Breads
• Tempeh Sloppy Joes
• Creamy Cheezecake
• Veg McMuffin
• "Beef" Stew

Vegan tortillas, wanton/potsticker wrappers

Bryanna's Fall Favorites!
Vegan Pumpkin Pie! Lowfat Wholewheat Pastry! Non-dairy hot cocoa! Yum!

Vegan New Years Menu!
Ring in the New Year Greek Style!
• Bryanna's Soy Bourguignone

Healthy Indian Cooking Recipe
Split Moong Soup
Eating beans and other legumes several times a week reduces the risk of heart disease
Potato Rice
Mani Chari shares her scrumptous and satisfying Potato Rice recipe.

Bryanna Grogan
A Salty Story
It's okay to add some salt -- when cooking!

Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cooking
Wait 'til you try vegetarian chili Indian-style!

Shubhra Krishan
Ayurvedic Bean Cuisine
Legumes are not only highly nutritious, the're very versatile!

Roopa Chari, M.D.
Cayenne: Healing Herb - Part 2
Are you in pain? Cayenne can help.

Shubhra Krishan
Green Cuisine
Herbs are perfect little things.So green and tender. So intensely alive with the shining sun. And they have impressive healing powers.

Cayenne: Remarkable Healing Herb
Cayenne is a gift to humanity because it has more health benefits than any other food or herb on earth

Joanne Stepaniak
Vegan Pie Crust?

Wash your veggies!
by Sandy (Frog Pond Farm)

A quick look at how some countries advertise food to children:

Ireland: All television commercials for fast food and candy are banned.

Sweden, Norway, Austria, Luxembourg: All television advertising to children is banned.

Belgium, France, Portugal, Vietnam: All marketing is banned in schools.

United States: Spending more per child than any other nation in the world, the U.S. plugs $15 billion per year into marketing food to kids, which is more than what it would cost to provide health insurance for all uninsured children.

U.S. advertisers get what they pay for.
Source: New York Times 1/12/2005


Yummy New Non-Dairy Ice Cream.!
Years ago there wasn't much choice: but the universe is expanding

Gail Davis shares her favorite vegan marshmallows

Organic Vegan Food Company
Takes Off

And the pies fly!

Vegan Vacation in London
Dr. Pinckney shares gems he found in this vegan paradise.

New Monthly Column by Marie!
January issue of Vegetarian Times marked the debut of the first vegan column in the magazine's history.

The Great Honey Bee Caper
More tales from VegSourcer Jean d'Isle's misspent youth...

Beauty Duty
VegSource's own Jean d'Isle reminisces about driving Miss New Mexico.

Women's Greatest Misconceptions About Men
VegSource columnist Jean d'Isle weighs in

Veg Travel in Colorado!

The Murder of Grabwell Grommet

Italy Success Story
A Vegetarian Success Story from Sunny Italy

Sharing Veg*nism with Others
with John Robbins

What's In A Name: Vegetarianism's Past, Present and Future
A linguistic and behavioral appraisal Presented
by Stanley M. Sapon, Ph.D.

To Tell the Truth , the Whole Truth or Perhaps a Little Bit Less.....
Challenges to psychological and emotional well-being related to lifestyle and diet choices.
by Stanley M. Sapon, Ph.D.

Naturopathic Remedies for the Summertime Blues
by John McMahon, N.D. & Deidre Williams, N.D

John McMahon, N.D.
Kitchen Medicine

Why Meditate?
Because it's good medicine
By William Collinge, Ph.D.

Q&A with John Robbins
John Robbins on Being a "Pure" Vegan

Sharing Vegetarianism with Meat Eaters
Sharing Vegetarianism with Meat Eaters

Veg Vagabond
YA-CHE SHIKSA (Introducing Korean Vegetarian Food ) by Larry Litt

Veg Vagabond
Three Soups-A-Day In Old Taipei by Larry Litt


Diary of an "Obsessed" Teen
15-year-old Chantel describes her decision -- at age 10 -- to go veg.

Heidi Howe: Vegan Country Music Star
Get a copy of "Food Without a Face" and benefit EarthSave!

Most Popular Vegan Radio Talkshow Host
Don Imus tells Tim Russert why he doesn't eat animal products.

'Witness' to Slaughter
Speaking eloquently against animals being butchered for food or their coats, it tells a deeply soulful story of redemption that is quite remarkable.

VeggieChef Marie Oser Enlightens the World!
The first all-vegan syndicated column is about to hit news stands!

Help Get The Enlightened Vegan Kitchen in Your Paper!
Contact your local papers, tell them you want to see this terrific column!

Gail and Mark Get Married!
VegSource expert Gail Davis gets hitched in Taos, New Mexico -- vegan style!

Join Newt, Dan and all your political heroes
And go low-fat veg! (Even VP Cheney is said to be a closet vegetarian!)

George and Stacey:
A VegSource Love Story

VegSingles Board -- hotbed of romance! Read the details here!

Ask John Robbins
Was River Phoenix a Role Model?
He was unwilling to sit back while there is so much needless suffering in the world.

A Vegan Wedding All Will Remember!
I couldn't imagine loved ones chomping on steak on my special day.

Make Mine a Veggie Dog!
Actress-producer- activist Johanna McCloy is out make sure your next trip to the ballpark comes with all the trimmings – including a veggie version of the time-honored hotdog.

A Tale of Two Hearts
Two men with heart disease: one got well, the other is Vice-President -- and just had another heart attack. Read our Plea.
Click here for reader letter

E. Coli & Animal Disease

U.S. Violates WHO Guidelines for Mad Cow Disease
A comparison of North American and European safeguards

USDA Mad Cow Strategy: Don't Look, Don't Find
Best way to insure mad cow isn't found here? Don't test for it.

Mad Cow Responses
• Cattlemen Respond: Not more testing
• Swiss test maker: U.S. behind the curve
• Report: "Mad cow" in US since 60's
• US Beef: No Safety Reassurances
• GOVERNMENT & POLICY Overview of inadequate US mad cow policy

Farm Animals and E. Coli -- Even Vegetarians Aren't Safe
You shouldn't have to worry about dying from drinking apple cider, going camping, or going to a petting zoo. But you do.

USDA Sets up "Deadly Foods" Recall Website
What's contaminated with E. coli O157:H7 and salmonella today?

Mad Cattlemen Disease!
'Mad cattlemen's disease' poses public risk Editorial from the Wallowa County Chieftain

Weight Loss

Healthy Weightloss
Links to articles on healthy (and unhealthy) weightloss programs.

Blood Type Diet Debunked
by Michael Klaper, M.D.

The Blood Type Diet:
Latest Diet Scam

by Deirdre B. Williams, N.D. John J. McMahon, N.D.

Atkins? Zone, Anyone?
Why High Protein Diets Fail

High Fat, Low Carbs
What's the Harm?

Q&A w/Bill Harris MD

Hormone-free beef okay?
Dr. Harris discusses the evidence that "free-range" beef is "good."

Going Veg Puts Dark Circles Under Eyes?
It may not be what you're eating -- but what you aren't eating.

Q&A w/Bill Harris MD
Food Combining: Benefit or Bunk?
I am very interested in the link between an alkaline diet and healing.

Gastritis & Veggie Junk Food?
I am vegetarian and suffering from gastritis and acid reflux.

Diabetes, renal failure and veganism
My friend has been a Type 1 diabetic for 26 years and wants to go vegan, but her doctors say she should not because of beans.

Are meat eaters more aggressive?
Hair Loss on a Vegan Diet?
Auto-immune Hypothyroidism

Intestinal Problems

• Colloidal Mineral Supplements?
• Weight Loss and Vegan Diet
• Omega-3 & Vegan Diet
Pesticides a Risk?
• Kidney Stones
Vegan with High Cholesterol?
Diet & Dialysis
Vegan Weight Loss

Dairy Products

Problems with Low-Fat Commercial Milk
Think skim milk is a healthy alternative? Think again. Dr. McDougall lays out the facts.

• Study: Dairy Products Greatly Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer

The Face of Milk
Growing up in Southern California, I experienced cows as black and white blurs alongside the freeway.

Study: Dairy products may offer some protection against diabetes risk factors -- if you're fat
But they raise the risk of cancer -- and have no place in a healthy diet.

Milk and Prostate Cancer
Neal Barnard MD weighs in

The fat of the land: Is it killing us?
Milk...helping you to an early grave...

Milk and Breast Cancer
Avoid dairy to avoid breast and prosate cancers.

Sorting through the Calcium Myths
The milk industry promotes the notion that high calcium intake equals strong bones. Science says otherwise.

Worrying About Milk
Like most, T. Colin Campbell Ph.D. once assumed dairy products were an essential part of the daily diet.

"Calcium Summit" Shown to be Phony PR Gambit
Dairy industry worries about nutritionists who expose false dairy claims.

Breast Cancer and Dairy
A chat transcript from ABC News with scientist Jane Plant, author of Your Life in Your Hands. Jane discusses her research and experiences which demonstrate why milk promotes cancer growth.

T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.
New York Times: Reality Check Needed
Cows' milk protein may be the single most significant chemical carcinogen to which humans are exposed -- but the NY Times hawks it like crazy.

Go Vegan to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
Every 12 minutes someone dies from breast cancer. Yet women who eat as few as two servings of vegetables per day reduce their breast cancer risk by 30%.

Vesanto & Brenda Curdle the Big Bad Dairy Boys
Noted Canadian nutritionists respond conclusively to dairy industry milky black lies.

Milk and Prostate Cancer: The Evidence Mount

Linda McCartney & The Media
By Carl Weisbrod, Ph.D.

Strong Bones
FREE book on Building Better Bones.


Healthy School Lunch
A healthy lunch is just as easy to prepare as an unhealthy one.

Protect School Kids' Health
Say NO to milk vending machines in schools.

When Soybeans Talked and Teenagers Listened
Imagine a class full of high school students eating and enjoying tofu and soymilk.

Italy Success Story
A Vegetarian Success Story from Sunny Italy

Subway Vs. the Vegan Cafe
David goes after Goliath

Public Protest Works!
Subway Backs Down!

Drops lawsuit involving vegan cafe -- thanks to you!

Make Mine a Veggie Dog!
Actress-producer- activist Johanna McCloy is out make sure your next trip to the ballpark comes with all the trimmings – including a veggie version of the time-honored hotdog.

Become a Soy Happy Baseball Manager!
Help get soydogs into your local ballpark!

US gov't won't say what foods contain them, Greenpeace does. See which brands use GMO's. (and avoid 'em!)

Junk the Junk!
Learn more

Vegetarian teen discusses reprisals for criticizing McDonalds Requires Real Audio


The Word of Wisdom: the forgotten verses
Vegetarianism and the Mormon Church
by James H. Catano

Mormon "Word of Wisdom" -- Review as to dietary practices
Sadly, the past Mormon "don't eat meat except in dire necessity" concept is given very little emphasis in the LDS Church today.

A Cruel Mission
The Mormon Church Goes Hunting for Profit
As long as the LDS Church profits from killing for fun, it is operating in disharmony with its own spiritual tradition. Please help communicate this message to the Mormon Church.

Judaism and Vegetarianism
What's a simcha without gefilte fish, chopped liver, cholent, roast beef, chicken and chicken soup?

Passover & Vegetarianism
by Richard H. Schwartz


Hans Siegenthaler 1921-2003
Beloved vegetarian, husband, father and friend, passes away in Los Angeles.

Meyer Friedman MD
A fond remembrance.

In Memoriam: Jay Dinshah
The vegan community has lost one of its most revered and colorful pioneers.
Philadelphia Inquirer Obituary
Thanks from Freya Dinshah

VegSource Most Trafficked Veg/Vegan/Animal Concerns Website!
Media Metrix Inc., which sets the standard for Internet and Digital Media ratings worldwide, shows as having the most traffic of any major vegetarian, vegan or animal concerns site.


Gail gives a big WOOF for vegan dog treats!

Buckeye: The Shelter Movement's Finest Hour
Rescue efforts saved many; your contributions can help ensure future of sanctuary's work.


Books, DVDs, Reviews

Riding on a Cloud of Coconut Nirvana
I adore coconut. I adore chocolate. I adore dairy-free ice cream. Put them all together?

Review: The Courage to Survive
Rep. Dennis Kucinich -- from a childhood of poverty and violence, to vegan presidential candidate.

My Father Killed Dave Henderson
My father killed a college classmate 10 years ago, and has now written about it.

Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts, Minds on Animals
Long awaited book from Gene Baur -- worth wait!

Vegan Diet Cures Colitis & Crohn's
Remove the causes of this disease through diet, and watch the condition disappear.

A Sacred Duty
Jewish veggie group produces documentary to promote vegetarianism.

Book Review:
Our Highest Recommendation! Also read the Introduction
Also read the Foreword by John Robbins

Bryanna's New DVD!
Everyday Dish -- veg meals for everyone

Business with Compassion
Noted vegan philanthropist and entrepreneur, Tom Gegax, has a new book -- we recommend it!

The Nut Gourmet
Read this book excerpt, see beautiful photos of some healthy nut recipes!

Soyatoo Whipped Topping!
Heaven in a can!

More Great Good Dairy-Free Desserts
Life is short. Eat dessert first

Disease-Proof Your Child!
Joel Fuhrman MD shows how childhood diet determines adult health -- are you unknowingly giving your kids cancer?

La Dolce Vegan
Vegan Livin' Made Easy!

DVD Review: Vegan Gal!
Change your food, change your life!

Vegan with a Vengeance
Over 150 Delicious, Cheap, Animal-Free Recipes That Rock

Review: The Real Food Daily Cookbook
Really good, really vegetarian.

Review: Veg America
Authors dig into meaty history of vegetarianism - no bones about it

DVD Review: Not the Cooking Show
If you're curious about raw foods, this might be just for you

Surviving and Thriving -- Despite Food Sensitivities
Current thinking is that the lentil is one of nature's most perfect foods. I recall when milk was one of nature’s most perfect foods, but that was a long time ago.

Buddha’s Table: Thai Feasting Vegetarian Style
Book review by Gail Davis

Vegan World Fusion Cuisine
Award Winning Cookbook and Wisdom Work from the Blossoming Lotus Restaurant in Kaua'i

Book Review: Uncheese
Smile and Say Cheez! VegSource recommends!

Plant Roots
Dan Balogh reviews hot hot book: 101 Reasons Why the Human Diet is Rooted Exclusively in Plants by Rex Bowlby

The Pleasure Trap
Mastering the hidden force that undermines health & happiness -- and how a whole food, vegan diet is key.

The Food Revolution
A National Bestseller!

It's here -- CARBOPHOBIA!
How safe are low-carb, high protein diets? Don't let it kill you to find out -- read this book!

Misdiagnosed Alzheimer’s -- may well be US mad cow
Fascinating new book by Dr. Kelleher

Food Allergy Survival Guide
Reviewer Dan Balogh tells you why you don't need his review of this book!

Hitler: Goose Stepper & Goose Eater
Dan Balogh reviews "Hitler: Neither Vegetarian Nor Animal Lover"

The Pig Who Sang to the Moon
The Emotional World of Farm Animals, reviewed by Dan Balogh

Eat to Live
New Book! Joel Fuhrman MD's revolutionary formula for fast and sustained weight loss.

Discussion Board

What Do Vegans Eat?
Two new cookbooks -- Incredibly Delicious and Vegan Planet -- provide 1,000 answers!

Fiber for Life Cook Book
Bryanna Grogan shows you how to get the fiber you need in a variety of delicious dishes!

Breaking the Food Seduction
The Hidden Reasons Behind Food Craving - And 7 Steps to End Them Naturally -- Dan Balogh reviews Dr. Barnard's new book

The BrainGate
Your diet has a much more profound impact on your brain health than previously known.

Plant Based Nutrition and Health
Review of Stephen Walsh's new book.

Raising Veg Kids
The book vegetarian parents have been waiting for.

Breaking the Food Seduction
Is cheddar cheese addictive? How about steak? Neal Barnard's new smash bestseller provides some shocking answers.

Mock Meats Shine in Marie Oser's The Enlightened Kitchen
A fabulous new book; the perfect holiday present!

The Garden of Vegan
A book you can judge by its cover!

Dominion: Power of Man, Suffering of Animals, Call to Mercy
Matthew Scully is a true compassionate conservative

Raising Vegetarian Children
THE book for anyone wanting practical and down-to-Earth help in performing the most important job in the world.

Hope's Edge
Excerpts from Frances Moore Lappe's great new book.

Exposé from a Food Policy Insider
Marion Nestle knows where the food policy bodies are buried.

Sunlight Cafe
Book review of Mollie Katzen's latest.

Healthy Eating for Life Book Series
For kids, women, everyone; prevent and treat disease!

Strong Bones
FREE book on Building Better Bones.

The Vegetarian Soul Food Cookbook
It ain't just for Jethro or Aunt Bea!

Howard Lyman
Mad Cowboy Excerpt

Compassionate Living for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony
From now on, Joanne Stepaniak will have to be viewed as a serious philosopher.

Still Going Strong
Despite disinformation attacks from the meat industry, the classic bestseller "Diet for a New America" still rocks.

Saving Emily
A kids' book with a clear veg message, delivered with subtlety, not a sledgehammer.

Eat to Beat Cancer
book review

Review of Vegan Sourcebook
by Stanley Sapon, Ph.D.

Judaism and Vegetarianism
What's a simcha without gefilte fish, chopped liver, cholent, roast beef, chicken and chicken soup?

Delicious Food for a Healthy Heart

Gail Davis
Vegetarian Food for Thought: Quotations & Inspirations


Lisle, Ph.D., and Goldhamer, D.C.
Fasting...the Lost Adaptation
Feed a fever, starve a cold? Guess again.

Simple solution to high blood pressure: water fasting
Study: Medically-supervised water fasting followed by low-fat vegan diet cures high blood pressure in 90% of cases. [requires free Acrobat reader]
• Dr. Goldhamer's Clinic

The truth about high blood pressure
There exist powerful diet and lifestyle treatment options that safely and effectively reduce high blood pressure. But don’t assume that your doctor will tell you about them.

Alan Goldhamer, D.C.
You, too, can be fat for life!

Restaurant Reviews

Business Travel: The Veg*ns Survival Guide
Sometimes it's a hard road for veg*ns to travel!

Native Foods in Los Angeles

Millennium Restaurant -- 21st century dining
Possibly the best reason to fly to San Francisco ASAP!