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Fake Obesity Experts (VIDEO)

January 23, 13 at 10:18 PM

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Fake Obesity Experts (VIDEO)

A lot of top obesity "experts" say they know what makes people fat, and how to fix it. The only problem is: they just can't seem to do it where their own...

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Defeating Diabetes: Lessons from the Marshall Islands

Brenda Davis, RD | November 17, 09 at 06:55 PM

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Defeating Diabetes: Lessons from the Marshall Islands

Imagine children indulging in popsicles and soda for breakfast, or ramen noodles with dry Kool-Aid powder sprinkled on top. Picture families dining on white rice, meat and sweet beverages for lunch and...

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Is Soy Safe?

Brenda Davis, R.D. | November 6, 04 at 06:01 PM

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Q&A with Brenda Davis, R.D. Q: Is Soy Dangerous? Q: I've been reading quite a bit about the dangers of consuming too much soy, but to date I have not figured out...

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Being Vegetarian

Brenda Davis, R.D. | January 6, 04 at 01:51 AM

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B12 for Vegan Babies Q: We have an 8-month old baby who is being raised vegan and, of course, we want to make sure he is getting the proper nutrients for healthy...

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Making Sense of Fats and Oils

Brenda Davis, R.D. | July 26, 02 at 12:42 AM

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For healthy vegetarians, cutting down too much on wholesome, high-fat plant foods poses several problems. QUESTION: What are the best fats and oils for vegetarians and vegans, and is it always better...

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