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From: Maurine in IN (
Subject:         Christian Colleges, Classical & Christian Music, Apologetics, Endtimes, Prayer, Travel Books, Cook Books, & more
Date: May 10, 2014 at 10:26 pm PST

Everything I'm selling is clean, smoke free, and in great condition.

My prices do not include shipping costs. Once I know how much you are interested in buying, I will weigh everything to give you an accurate cost for shipping. I will accept a check, money order, or Paypal.

If you see anything you are interested in, please e-mail me directly at

***I can send pictures.***


FOCUS ON THE FAMILY - audio cassette by Dr. Bill Pierce & Richard Van Deelan - like new. *****NOW $0.25*****


2. Foundation for Family and Nation: Back to Genesis - Vital Series for the Whole Family - set of 12 cassettes
by Institute for Creation Research. The titles are: Mount St. Helens - Explosive Evidence for Creation; The Scientific Case for Creation; Evolution, Creation, and the Grand Canyon; the Search for Noah's Ark; Genesis and the Decay of the Nation; Special Children's Sessions - The Ark of Noah & The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved; Why is Creation Important in Modern-Day Evangelism?; Genesis: An Overview; How Can We Build a Biblical Family?; The Origin of Man, Creation and the Modern Christian; Creation, Evolution, and the Fossil Record; and Is There Evidence for Noah's Flood?. *****NOW $3.00*****

3. The Premillennial Myth and Revelation - set of 12 cassettes
by North Central Indiana Evangelizing Association
This is a Bible study series. *****NOW $3.00*****

4. UNDERSTANDING THE NEW AGE - 2-cassette set by Russell Chandler - 2 hours. Russell Chandler reads from his bestseller Understanding the New Age. "Nobody unmasks the New Age phenomenon more competently than Russell Chandler, one of this generation's most gifted religion reporters. This vivid spiritual fantasy, spreading like wildfire in a confused secular society, needs to be perceived for what it is, and Chandler does it well." - Dr. Carl F.H. Henry, theologian and author. ******NOW $0.50*****


5. CHARLTON HESTON PRESENTS THE WORD: THE LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF JESUS - audio cassette The cassette and case are clean and have no odors. The 1st side & 2nd side are the same reading from the Bible, approximately 30 minutes. The sound quality is excellent. Charlton Heston does a wonderful job reading from the New Testament. *****$3.00*****

by Jill Briscoe - Telling the Truth, Inc. This is a 7-cassette set in a plastic case. The titles are: How to Witness, How to grow as a Christian, How to Obey the Bible, How to Be Holy, How to Discover My Gifts, How to Worship, and How to Be an Example to Others. The cassettes and case are in great condition.
****NOW $1.75*****

by Charles M. Sheldon - Whitaker House - Copyright 1979 - 250 pages. This paperback book has never been read. The covers lie flat. The book is clean, has no markings, and is odor free. The pages have slightly yellowed due to age, but they are not brittle, and the binding is firm. "This timeless classic has blessed millions of people around the world who have asked the vital question, "What does it really mean to be a Christian?" *****NOW $2.00*****


8. MORMONS AT YOUR DOOR - set of 2 audio cassettes
by Dr. Walter Martin & Ed Decker - Gospel Light Publications - 1985. These two audio cassettes are like new. The cardboard case that houses the two of them has a little wear. "Dr. Walter Martin and Ed Decker roleplay a dialogue between a Christian and a Mormon missionary who has come to the Christian's door. Ed Decker, well-versed in the teachings of Mormonism, presents his case and tries to convince Dr. martin of the validity of Mormon doctrine. Dr. Martin skillfully examines Mormon doctrine in the light of Scripture while comparing Mormon statements and writings to show their inconsistencies. He presents authoritatively the true message of the gospel and God's plan of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Dr. Walter Martin, founder and director of the Christian Research Institute, is widely acknowledged as the outstanding evangelical authority in pseudo-Christian cults and the occult. He is the author of a large number of books and tapes. Ed Decker, who spent 20 years in Mormonism before becoming a Christian, is the founder of Ex-Mormons for Jesus." This set of 2 cassettes is excellent! *****NOW $1.00*****

9. NOT MY OWN: ABORTION & THE MARKS OF THE CHURCH by Terry Schlossberg & Elizabeth Achtemeier - William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company - Copyright 1995 - 137 pages. This paperback book is an ex-library book that is in new condition. I don't believe it was ever read. There is a library stamp inside the front and back cover, and along the outer top edge of the pages. "A timely, tough-minded look at the moral crisis of our age. It is an excellent Christian presentation of the church's role in the abortion issue. The authors skillfully place the tragedy of abortion in an area transcending the political. The arguments set forth follow a clear method. They are balanced, properly researched, and well written. The conclusion correctly looks to grace, compassion, and truth. An excellent resource work." The original price was $11.00. *****NOW $2.00*****

10. Ten Major Bible Themes by Dave Hunt from Berean Call - set of 9 cassettes
The titles are: Who is God, Concepts About God, Sin, Salvation, Faith, The Bible, God's Truth, Holiness, God's Grace and Mercy, and God's Love. *****NOW $2.25*****

11. The Urban Alternative: Rebuilding Our Cities From The Inside Out - set of 8 cassettes
- by Dr. Anthony T. Evans. The titles are: The Enablement of the Spirit: John 14: 1-18, The Power of the Spirit: Acts 1:6-15, The Judgement of the Spirit: Acts 5:1-11, The Baptism of the Spirit: 1 Corinthians 12:7-14, The Freedom of the Spirit: Galatians 3:1-5, The Conviction of the Spirit: John 16:7-12, The Filling of the Spirit: Ephesians 5:15-21, The Law of the Spirit: Romans 8:1-13, The Fruit of the Spirit: Galatians 5:16-26, The Gift of the Spirit: 1 Corinthians 12:1-11, The Intercession of the Spirit: Romans 8:26-30, The Security of the Spirit: Ephesians 1:13-17, The Language of the Spirit: 1 Corinthians 14:1-19, The Illumination of the Spirit: 1 Corinthians 2:10-16, The Surprises of the Spirit: Matthew 1:18-25, and The Fellowship of the Spirit: Ephesians 4:25-32. *****NOW $2.00*****

-by John Ankerburg & John Weldon - Wolgemuth & Hyatt Publishers - Copyright 1989 - 239 pages. This softcover book has never been read, but the edges of the pages have yellowed over the years. It is clean, and free from any markings and smoke. The pages are crisp and the binding is firm. "If you want a no-nonsense book on abortion that answers the key questions surrounding the issue in a straight-forward manner, Ankerberg and Weldon's When Does Life Begin? is the book for you. It is highly readable and well documented. The authors explore many of the medical questions surrounding abortion and answer many of the objections that the "pro-choice" movement offers. The questions of personhood, humanness, in vitro fertilization, rape and incest, fetal deformity, opinion polls, overpopulation, post-abortion syndrome, and other issues are discussed. The authors' arguments are well documented in easy-to-reference chapters. Most chapters include quotes from other sources, and every chapter concludes with questions for discussion. This is the book that will provide you with accurate information." The original cost was $8.99. *****NOW $2.00*****


by H. Norman Wright - Regal Books - Copyright 1991 - 248 pages. This book is in great condition. It's clean, has no markings, and is smoke free. "We can make our children feel worthless, or we can learn to communicate constructively & help them think highly of themselves. This book will help you recognize dysfunctional patterns & to learn healthy methods of communication. This information can help you reduce the frustrations of parenting." *****NOW $2.00*****


14. NATIONAL PARKS OF THE WEST: THE NATION'S FINEST SCENERY....FROM THE CONTINENTAL DIVIDE TO ALASKA AND HAWAII by the Editors of Sunset Books - Lane Publishing Co. - Copyright 1987 - 256 pages. This large paperback book is in nearly new condition, with only a wrinkle on the bottom right corner of the front cover. "Within these pages you will have a chance to explore the West's 32 magnificent national parks through more than 200 spectacular full-color photos by some of the West's greatest photographers. Sunset editors journeyed to every one of the West's national parks as well as proposed park sites to compile this superb edition. This book explains the history, geology, and unique features of every Western national park. Additionally, a special section describes the West's national monuments, recreational areas, seashore, historic parks and sites, and memorials, all of which are administered by the National Park Service. This book gives you a glimpse of our remaining unspoiled wilderness. We hope it also encourages you to visit these majestic sites." *****NOW $2.00*****

15. SCENIC WONDERS OF AMERICA: An Illustrated Guide to our Natural Splendors
by Reader's Digest - Copyright 1973 - 575 pages. This large hardback book is in great shape. The binding is dark green with gold letters, which will look nice on a bookcase. There is some extremely minor wear on the corners of the cover. The pages are like new. "The editors of Reader's Digest have chosen the 50 most outstanding natural scenic places in America, from the rugged granite headlands of Acadia national Park on the coast of Maine to the wolf-haunted woods of Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota and the vivid barrens of Arizona's painted Desert. Each of these 50 wonders is described in lively, readable style, in essays packed with useful, authoritative information. you will become acquainted with the creatures of the Everglades, the Rocky mountains and many other wilderness areas. Geology will come alive for you, in paintings, and drawings that show you how Niagara was formed or how Mammoth Cave is still growing." This book is an awe-inspiring view of the natural wonders of our land. No one can read it without reflecting on the way God has blessed our nation with such an amazing and varied scenic heritage." - Billy Graham *****NOW $2.00*****

16. SECRET CORNERS OF THE WORLD by National Geographic - Copyright 1982 - 200 pages. This hardback book is in great shape. The dust jacket has some small tears and some wear. "More than 170 color photographs illustrate the life and land of our world's secret corners, places as far from the world as one could ever be." ******NOW $2.00*****


by Ken Ham & Greg Hall - Master Books - Copyright 2011 - 238 pages. This hardback book is new and has never been opened. There is some extremely minor wear on the edges of the dust jacket. "A stunning revelation about the nation's Christian colleges! Apologetics powerhouse Ken Ham teams with Dr. Greg Hall for an eye-opening assessment of 200 Christian colleges and universities from across America. During the unprecedented 2010 study by Britt Beemer's America's Research Group (ARG), these colleges were polled on core faith questions...and the results are revealing and shocking! Examine the beginnings of the Ivy League schools and their now forgotten purpose at their formation. Observe the views, responses, and answers to basic questions from these Christian colleges that will surprise and alarm you. University presidents, academic deans/vice presidents, as well as the heads of the science and theology/religion departments. Discover how these institutions address the cultural battlefield of science, Christianity, and the accuracy of the Bible, including views of inspiration, inerrancy, and infallibility. Get tips for choosing colleges and questions you must ask to ensure your children will be instructed to stand boldly on God's Word. Will your college of choice pass the critical test by building your child's faith instead of destroying it?" *****NOW $3.00*****

by David Barton - Wallbuilder Press - Copyright 2008 - 311 pages. This paperback book is new and in gift-giving condition. "This illustrated biographical work highlights the life of Dr. Benjamin Rush, a great American hero and role model. At the time of his death in 1813, he was heralded as one of America's three most notable men, along with George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. He was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, served under three Presidents, helped found five universities and colleges, is titled "The Father of American Medicine," led both the abolition and prison reform movements, and founded American Sunday Schools and the nation's first Bible Society. Rush integrated his Christian beliefs into every facet of his life. In addition to outlining his many remarkable accomplishments, this book includes numerous excerpts from his personal writings." The original price was $15.95. *****NOW $6.00*****

by General Mills - Random House Publishers - Copyright 1981 - 288 pages. This hardback book was never used. It's clean, has no markings, and is smoke free. The pages are like new, and the cover has some extremely minor wear. This book has 350 recipes and 180 full-color, mouthwatering recipes. The contents are Introduction to Microwaving, Meats and Main Dishes, Vegetables, Breads and Grains, Desserts, Appetizers and Snacks, Creative Use of Your Microwave, Menus with Timetables, and Plan-Ahead Recipes. *****NOW $2.00*****

20. CIRCLE AND DOTS: COMMUNICATING WITH PATTERN by RotoVision - Copyright 2006 - 256 pages. This softcover book is new and has never been opened. It is very clean, has no markings, and is smoke free. "This book presents designers from every discipline with a complete vocabulary of circles in design, decoding their meanings and presenting a unique history of this classic pattern. This book is an unrivalled source of creative inspiration, explaining the language of circles and dots, and exploring their influence in visual communication. This fact-packed, beautifully illustrated handbook is also a sourcebook of hundreds of ideas for the imaginative use of circles in every type of design, featuring examples of circles, dots, and spheres in graphics, art, fashion, product design, furniture, interiors, architecture, retail, and information design. Circles are inclusive and embracing, while dots often signify rebellion and bold, counter-cultural statements. Why is this? And how did circle-based designs such as the classic 'smiley' evolve? These are just some of the questions answered in this inspiring book that will open your eyes to the creative design possibilities inherent in circles and dots, from polka dots, via Pointilism, to the dot in 'dot com.'" The original price of this book was $25.00. *****NOW $5.00*****

by Alvin C. Meier - The Upper Room - Copyright 1973 - 72 pages. This little paperback book is in excellent condition. It doesn't appear that it was ever opened or read. There are some very minor creases on the back cover. "Discusses how people say "yes" to everything in their lives, but they don't say "yes" to God." The original price was $1.00. *****Now $2.00*****

22. THE DIRECTOR'S CUT by Alton Gansky - Zondervan - Copyright 2005 - 333 pages. This paperback book is in excellent condition. It was never read, and the book doesn't appear to have ever been opened. There is some extremely minor wear on the cover from handling. "Mayor Madison Glenn has worked hard to get where she is. Standing on the brink of a brilliant congressional career, the last thing the colorful mayor of Santa Rita, California, needs is trouble. Enter Maddy's cousin, Catherine Anderson, a beautiful young actress newly returned to her hometown, Santa Rita, to take possession of her lavish new home and star in a local dinner theater production. and enter the body of her chauffeur, found floating in the swimming pool. As Maddy is determined to protect Catherine from danger, a revised script arrives at Catherine's door with a disturbing new dialog that suggests someone is watching Catherine's every move and waiting to make her part in the script turned deadly." *****NOW $2.00*****

by Sears - A Benjamin Company Book - Copyright 1981 - 192 pages. This hardback book is spiral bound and in excellent condition. It's clean, has no markings, and is smoke free. The pages are like new. The cover has very minimal wear. "Whether you are an experienced microwave cook or just beginning, you'll find Kenmore Microwave Cooking especially useful. From Applesauce to Zucchini Lasagna, you're sure to find many old favorites and many intriguing new dishes to try. Over 130 illustrations help teach microwave basics and advanced cooking techniques, many presented for the first time in this book. To top it off, 33 charts have easy-to-follow instructions for nearly 300 items." *****NOW $2.00*****

by General Electric - 96 pages. This softcover book is in very good condition. The book is clean, has no markings, and is smoke free. The covers lie flat. Inside the front cover, there is a 5" thin line where the cover and the blank first page were separated. This resulted in a small, insignificant scrape. The covers have extremely minimal wear on the corners. The book is filled with great recipes and colorful pictures. The book is selling new on Amazon for $9.00. *****NOW $2.00*****

by General Electric - Copyright 1979 - 287 pages. This hardback book is in great shape. It's clean, has no markings, and is smoke free. The pages are like new and the cover has minimal wear. This is a very comprehensive book that is filled with colorful pictures. *****NOW $2.00*****

Copyright 2006 - 256 pages. This softcover book is new and has never been opened. It is very clean, has no markings, and is smoke free. "This beautifully illustrated handbook is a source book of hundreds of ideas for the imaginative use of stripes in every type of design, plus their use in history and the emotions they create. The original price of this book was $30.00. *****NOW $5.00*****


27. HALLMARK PRESENTS: THE TRADITION OF CHRISTMAS - A COLLECTION OF TIMELESS CHRISTMAS - audio cassette by Harry Belafone, Jennifer Warnes, The American Boychoir, & The London Symphony Orchestra, 1991. This cassette is in new condition with excellent sound quality. There are very minor scratches on case. Songs include: Mary's Little Boy Child, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Joy the World, The First Noel, We'll Sing You a Christmastime, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, Deck the Halls, What child Is This?, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, The Baby Boy, I'll Be Home for Christmas, & The Twelve Days of Christmas. ******NOW $0.25*****

28. HONEYTREE: PIONEER (20th Anniersary Recording) - audio cassette by HoneyTree - OakTable Publishing - 1993. This audio cassette plays like new. The original case has a minor 1/2 inch crack. Here are the words from the Christian singer/songwriter, HoneyTree, that are written on the paper insert: "I'm so thankful to the Lord for allowing me to be a part of the beginning of Contemporary Christian Music and for giving me 11 new songs to help celebrate my 20th year of recording. It's more wonderful than ever to sing for Jesus! May these songs inspire people to fling wide their doors and windows to the light of God's love, and may they encourage the pioneer in every one of us." These songs are beautiful and the recording quality is super. Songs include: Doors and Windows, Mama Sang Amazing Grace, Sheltering Arms, The Road, I See the Lord, Pioneer, Worth Waiting For, Fruit of the Spirit, Up to Something Good, Lost and Found, & In Quietness. HoneyTree is a woman with a pure simple vocal quality, somewhat like Judy Colins. Her music will keep playing over and over in your head. You'll find yourself singing praises to the Lord throughout the day. ******NOW $0.25*****

29. HOW MAJESTIC IS YOUR NAME - audio cassette
by Steve Wilson. This audio cassette is like new. Steve has a very nice voice and plays the piano. The music includes: How Majestic is Your Name, Because of Who You Are, Beautiful Savior, Heaven, Abide With Me. How Great Thou Art, We Might Live Forever Together, It is Good To Give Thanks To The Lord, Nothing Improves My Day (Better Than Praising Him), Hands Off The Merchandise. ******NOW $0.25*****

30. JESUS MY FRIEND UNFAILING: Highlights from a Billy Graham Crusade - audio cassette
by Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. This cassette is like new. Singers such as Steve Green, Sandi Patti, George Beverly Shea, Myrtle Hall, Dave Roever, & Larnelle Harris perform, and several people give awesome, moving, personal testimonies.

31. SPOTLIGHT ON GUITAR - audio cassette
by Vox Cameo Classics. This cassette is like new. The songs included are: Isaac Albeniz - Sevilla, Manuel de Falla - Danza del Molinero, Joaquin Turina - Homenaje a Tarrega, Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto in D for Guitar & Strings, Johann Anton Logy - Partita in A minor, Enrique Granados - Villanesca, Anton Diabelli - Andante conespressione in G major, Niccolo Paganini - Romanze in A minor, Issaac Albeniz - Dadiz, Antonio Lauro - Danza Venezolana, Fernando Carulli - Five Romances for Two Guitars, Hector Villa-Lobos - Choros No. 1. ******NOW $0.25*****

by Hallmark Music - The London Symphony and London Philharmonic. This cassette is like new. Songs included are: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring - Bach; Dream Children - Elgar, Rondo from Serenade No. 9 in D "Posthorn" - Mozart; Wiegenlied - Brahms; Minuet in G - Beethoven; Gymnopedie No. 1 - Satie; Evening Prayer - Humperdinck; Allegretto from Serenade for Strings - Elgar; Tralumerei from Scenes of Childhood - Schumann; Serenade "Standchen" - Schubert; Waltz in A-flat - Brahms; Reverie - Debussy. ******NOW $0.25*****

33. TCHAIKOVSKY: "PATHETIQUE" SYMPHONY No. 6 IN B MINOR, Op 74 - audio cassette
by Radio Luxembourg Symphony Orchestra - Sine Qua Non Cassettes. This audio cassette is like new. ******NOW $0.25*****

34. THANK YOU - audio cassette
by Ray Boltz. This cassette plays like new. There are 2 small cracks in the case. Songs included are: When He Calls, Thank You, Church Hop, Heavenly Father, Shepherd Boy, Here Comes A Miracle, Lion of Judah, Stand Up, Someone Stood Up for Stephen, & We Are His Heart.

35. THE UNKNOWN JOHANN STRAUSS - audio cassette
Eduard Strauss conducts Philharmonia Hungarica - 57 minutes. This audio cassette is new and still factory sealed in plastic. This cassette is a collection of waltzes and polkas. ******NOW $0.25*****

Vox Cameo Classics - 63:53 minutes. This cassette is new and still factory sealed in plastic. Side 1: Smetana - The Moldau; Dvorak - Romance; Ravel - Pavane. Side 2: Rimsky - Scheherazade; Bizet - Carmen Suite; Debussy - Clair de lune; Schumann - Piano Concerta; Brahms - Violin Concerto. ******NOW $0.25

by RCA - 1984. This cassette plays absolutely like new. The plastic case has a few minor scratches & the paper insert has some minor wrinkles. Songs performed by original artists and include: At the Hop, Let's Dance , Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Queen of the Hop, Sleep Walk, When I Fall In Love, Soldier Boy, Summertime Summertime, The Theme from a Summer Place, Save the Last Dance For Me, When We Get Married, See You in September, Moments to Remember, Greenfields, & Graduation Day. ******NOW $0.25*****

by Musical Heritage Society - Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra. This cassette is in new condition. Selections included: Do*n Giovanni; Cosi fan tutte; Le nozze di Figaro; Die Zauberflote; Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail; Der Schauspieldirektor; Idomeneo, re di Creta; La clemenzo di Tito. ******NOW $0.25*****

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