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From: Kareni (
Subject:         Math (fun and serious): Theoni Pappas, The Man Who Counted; Flying Circus of Physics; English (writing, lit, Easy Grammar Plus, SAT vocab)
Date: December 6, 2013 at 9:09 pm PST

I can take a money order or personal check with hold but do not take paypal. (If paypal is your only option, we can discuss paypal paid gift cards.)

Please see my History ad for a list of free books!
*** ***

ScienceSaurus: A Student Handbook

“…addresses key science topics including: scientific investigation; working in the lab; life science; earth science; physical science; natural resources and the environment; science, technology, and society. An ideal resource in science class, during lab time, and at home. ScienceSaurus also includes a handy almanac with tables, charts and graphs, test-taking and researching skills, science timelines and glossaries, and more.” For grades 6-8 from Great Source (publishers of Write Source), c. 2002. Thick paperback, ex-school lib, in very good condition. New this cost $29.65; asking for $11.00ppd.
Mathematical Puzzles and Problems (Green Collection)

“ (Grades 6-12) is accessible to many middle school students while still challenging enough for high school students. It introduces classic problems like the four-color map, the division of irregular areas into equal parts, and magic squares and number mazes.” Each of the 50 problems is laid out with one problem per page. Full solutions are provided. New this sold for $14.95; paperback in very good condition.

plus Thought Provokers by Doug Rohrer

“provides 47 warm-up activities for the secondary classroom. Well-paced hints intrigue students while they develop their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Presented as one humorously illustrated problem per page.” These are both paperbacks from Key Curriculum Press in very good condition. Asking for $14.00ppd for the set.
Aha! Gotcha: Paradoxes to Puzzle and Delight by Martin Gardner

From an Amazon review: "Martin Gardner takes a look at paradoxes and makes them very easy to understand, entertaining, and highly absorbing. He takes the reader from the easiest to understand (the liar's paradox) to the more difficult, including mathematical ones. He describes paradoxes that entertained the ancient Greeks; paradoxes in the Bible; and paradoxes created by modern writers and comedians. Most of the paradoxes are covered in one or two pages, and each comes with cartoon illustrations to make them easy to understand. The book is both serious and delightfully funny." Paperback, small stain on inside front cover, overall in good condition. New this sold for $15.95, now out of print. Asking for $7.00ppd.
Set of two books by Theoni Pappas: The Joy of Mathematics plus More Joy of Mathematics

“This fresh and lively approach to mathematics--appealing even to those who are intimidated by the world of numbers--unlocks the pleasures, mysteries, and practical applications of hundreds of mathematical concepts.“ For grades nine and up. These are paperbacks, ex-library, in good (Joy) and very good (More Joy) condition. The list price for each is $10.95; asking for $10.00ppd for the set of two books.
Math Stuff by Theoni Pappas

“Whether one is adjusting the settings of a camera, doing financial planning, or just talking about the weather, everyone is involved in mathematics every day. Theoni Pappas explores some of the many areas in which one least expects to find math stuff. Readers learn how computers get stressed out, how epaper works, and how codes and numbers affect the body. Pappas demystifies mathematics.” List price is $12.95; paperback, ex-library in very good condition.

plus The Man Who Counted: A Collection of Mathematical Adventures by Malba Tahan

From Library Journal: First published in Brazil in 1949 by the mathematician Julio de Melo e Sousa (Tahan is the imaginary Arab author he claimed to have translated), it is a series of delightful "Arabian nights"-style tales, with each story built around a classic mathematical puzzle. The puzzles fit into the stories so naturally that they are a necessary part of the fantasy. The hero is a Persian mathematician and mystic named Beremiz who uses his powers of calculation like a magic wand to amaze and entertain people, settle disputes, find justice and, finally, win the heart of a beautiful princess. Reading the stories is as much fun as trying to solve the puzzles. For adults and children. - Amy Brunvand, Fort Lewis Coll. Lib., Durango, Col.

Paperback, ex-library, slight coffee (?) stain on many pages; okay condition. This sells new for $16.95. Asking for $11.00ppd for the two books.
Family Math: The Middle School Years by Virginia Thompson

“… contains provocative investigations to captivate older students. Together, families unlock the mystery of algebra with entertaining, nonthreatening activities. …Using this book will increase student readiness for high school mathematics course work. Parents will learn the answers to: Are there ways to help my children without being a math expert? and What are the implications of taking or not taking eighth grade algebra? Grades 5-8.” Large paperback, ex-school library, cover wear but inside pages are in good condition with no writing. New this lists for $20.95; asking for $10.00ppd.
Kiss My Math by Danica McKellar

“In her second book, Kiss My Math, McKellar empowers a new crop of girls to tackle the next level of mathematics: pre-algebra.

Stepping up not only the math but the sass and style, McKellar helps math-phobic teenagers moving up into high school chill out and finally "get" negative numbers, variables, absolute values, exponents, and more. As she did so effectively in Math Doesn't Suck, McKellar uses personality quizzes, reader polls, real-life testimonials, and stories from her own life-in addition to clear instruction, helpful tips, and practice problems-revealing why pre-algebra is easier, more relevant, and more glamorous than girls think. McKellar is clearly reaching her audience: parents, teachers, and especially girls are asking for more.”

Hardback with dust jacket, no marks, overall in very good condition. New the hardback was $24.95 and the paperback now sells for $16.00; asking for $11.00ppd. NOW $10.00ppd.
Set of two books by I. M. Gelfand et al.: Functions and Graphs plus The Method of Coordinates

“The need for improved mathematics education at the high school and college levels has never been more apparent than in the 1990's. As early as the 1960's, I.M. Gelfand and his colleagues in
the USSR thought hard about this same question and developed a style for presenting basic mathematics in a clear and simple form that engaged the curiosity and intellectual interest of thousands of high school and college students. These same ideas, this same content, unchanged by over thirty years of experience and mathematical development, are available in the following books to any student who is willing to read, to be stimulated, and to learn.

"Functions and Graphs" provides instruction in transferring formulas and data into geometrical form. Thus, drawing graphs is shown to be one way to "see" formulas and functions and to observe the ways in which they change.

"The Method of Coordinates" is a way of transferring geometric images into formulas, a method for describing pictures by numbers and letters denoting constants and variables.

This skill is fundamental to the study of calculus and other mathematical topics. Teachers of mathematics will find here a fresh understanding of the subject and a valuable path to the training of students in mathematical concepts and skills.”

These are both paperbacks in very good condition with no writing. New they sell for $32.95 and $34.95. Asking for $15.00ppd for the set. NOW $13.00ppd.
Algebra to Go: A Mathematics Handbook

This is from Great Source publishers who state, "Algebra to Go covers key and often complex math topics in a way that’s easily understandable, providing ”go-to“ algebra support for students in the classroom and at home. Its detailed explanations, easy-to-follow charts and graphs, and clear, numerous examples help students understand and retain algebraic concepts.

Paperback, name on and small tear in cover; otherwise, in good condition. New this sells for $28.75.

plus Modern Algebra, Structure and Method, Book 1, Rev. Ed., by Dolciani and Wooton

Hardback in excellent condition, includes answers to odd-numbered exercises. ISBN: 0-395-14507-4, copyright 1973. Asking for $18.00ppd for the two books.
Algebra: Structure and Method, Book 1, Teacher’s Edition by Dolciani, Brown, et al.

Hardback, copyright 2000 (The Classic). Well used with wear on cover and some interior pages, but still has lots of life left. ISBN: 0-395-97723-1. When new this sold for over $120.00; asking for $35.00ppd. NOW $32.00ppd.
Dolciani’s Algebra and Trigonometry: Structure and Method, Book 2, Teacher’s Edition

Hardback, copyright 1977, very good condition, ISBN: 0-395-24579-6. Asking for $35.00ppd. NOW $32.00ppd.
Algebra and Trigonometry: Functions and Applications, 2nd ed., by Paul Foerster

Hardback, name written on sides and inside, about 20 pages have pencil and pen marks, includes Answers to Select Problems. Book is still usable, overall in good condition. Sold new for over $70.00; asking for $20.00ppd. NOW $18.00ppd.
A-Plus Notes for SAT Math by Rong Yang

Large paperback, ex-lib, top edges of some pages have a slight wrinkle due to water exposure but overall book is in good condition with no writing. This sells new for $24.50; asking for $12.00ppd. NOW $11.00ppd.
Jearl Walker's The Flying Circus of Physics

"This new version now contains answers to all of the over 600 stimulating questions. Walker covers the entirety of naked-eye physics by exploring problems of the everyday world. He focuses on the flight of Frisbees, sounds of thunder, rainbows, sand dunes, soap bubbles, etc., and uses such familiar objects as rubber bands, eggs, tea pots, and Coke bottles. Many references to outside sources guide the way through the problems. Now the inclusion of answers provides immediate feedback, making this an extraordinary approach in applying all of physics to problems of the real world." Paperback, not the latest edition, in good/very good condition. Asking $7.00ppd.

The Write Stuff Adventure: Exploring the Art of Writing by Dean Rea

This is an oversized paperback, ex-lib, with lots of great writing projects and idea; it is intended for grades 5 and up. New it sells for $19.99, it is in good condition; asking for $9.00ppd. NOW $8.00ppd.
Hot Fudge Monday: Tasty Ways to Teach Parts of Speech to Students Who Have a Hard Time Swallowing Anything to Do With Grammar, 2nd ed., by Randy Larson

Spiral bound, ex-lib, cover is creased but interior pages are in good condition with no writing. Original price was $21.95; asking for $10.00ppd. NOW $9.00ppd.
Easy Grammar Plus by Wanda C. Phillips

For grades 7 and up, large red paperback, over 600 pages, c. 1995. One page has a few marks, overall in very good condition. Contains Review Tests, Cumulative Reviews and Cumulative Tests. Includes all answers. Asking for $13.00ppd.
Set of two: Wordsmith plus A Teacher’s Guide to Wordsmith by Janie B. Cheaney

For grades 7 and up, early edition, pbk, ex-lib. Student book shows a lot of wear but is intact and has no writing while Teacher’s Guide is in very good condition. Asking for $8.00ppd for the set). NOW $7.00ppd.
Set of two: Reader's Handbook: A Student Guide for Reading and Learning

This is from Great Source for grades 6 through 8. It "empowers students with the tools and strategies they need to become better learners in every subject area-from English, history, and geography, to science and mathematics. The Reader's Handbook helps students:

* develop an in-depth understanding of Before, During, and After reading

* build essential reading skills and strategies for comprehending different
types of reading materials and genres;

* learn and apply key reading strategies and comprehension tools including
note-taking, outlining, cause-effect diagrams, and double-entry journals."

Red paperback, c. 2002, with over 700 pages in good/very good condition. The publisher sells this for $29.10.

plus Reader's Handbook - Student Applications Book, Grade 8

Large paperback covered in contact paper, ex-school, in good/very good condition. The publisher sells this for $11.35; asking for $18.00ppd for the set of two books.
Writers Inc.: A Student Handbook for Writing and Learning

From an Amazon review: “This is the writing resource that I wish I had been introduced to back in high school when writing essays and term papers. It is accessible for high school students but can also provide guidance for those out of school.”

Hardback, c. 1996, slight cover wear but overall in good or better condition with no writing inside. Original price was $35.35; asking for $12.00ppd.
Set of three SAT Vocabulary books:

Vocabulary Cartoons 2 by Burchers
Paperback with creased cover, no writing inside. Original price was $12.95.

plus Tooth and Nail: A Novel Approach to the SAT by Elster and Elliot
Paperback, no writing inside, cost new was $13.00.

plus Hot Words for the SAT, 3rd ed., by Linda Carnevale
Paperback, first eight lessons of 37 completed, new cost was $9.99.
Asking for $15.00ppd for the set of three books.
Set of two books: Daily Warm-Ups Spelling and Grammar, Level 1 by Catherine DePino (from Walch)

Paperback in very good condition with no writing. This sells new for $20.00.

plus Painless Grammar by Rebecca Elliott

Paperback, shelf wear on cover but inside pages are in very good condition with no writing. Sold new for $8.95. Asking for $12.00ppd for the two books.
They Say/I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing by Graff and Birkenstein

""They Say / I Say" shows that writing well means mastering some key rhetorical moves, the most important of which involves summarizing what others have said ("they say") to set up one’s own argument ("I say"). In addition to explaining the basic moves, this book provides writing templates that show students explicitly how to make these moves in their own writing."

Paperback, c. 2006, in good/very good condition with no marks. New this sold for $23.45. Asking for $8.00ppd.
Write for College: A Student Handbook by Patrick Sebranek

This is a great writing handbook for high school and college aged students from Great Source (who also publish Writers Inc). It is a hardback (copyright 1997) that is filled with great resources. Ex-school, some cover wear, but overall in good/very good condition with no marks. Amazon sells this for $27.39; I’m asking for $13.00ppd. NOW $12.00ppd.
Set of two: Write for College: A Student Handbook by Patrick Sebranek

This is a great writing handbook for high school and college aged students from Great Source (who also publish Writers Inc). It is a paperback (copyright date 1997) that is filled with great resources. Slight cover wear but overall in good/very good condition with no marks. New the publisher is selling this for $37.60.

plus The Elements of Style, 3rd ed., by Strunk and White

Small paperback, yellowed pages, some cover wear, but overall in good condition. I’m asking for $16.00ppd for the two books. NOW $14.00ppd.
The Pocket Muse by Monica Woods

“The Pocket Muse is your key to finding writing inspiration when and where you want it. It includes hundreds of thought provoking prompts, exercises and illustrations that immediately help you: Get started writing, Overcome writer's block, Develop a writing habit, Think more creatively, Master style, revision and other elements of the craft. The rich variety of exercises will help you to create entire stories or focus on a single aspect of your writing. It will also encourage you to think about how you write in new and surprising ways. The Pocket Muse is truly a unique book, both fun and effective. It will teach, cheer and inspire you as never before.”

Hardback, original price was $19.99; the paperback sells for $12.99. Asking for $10.00ppd for this hardback in very good condition. NOW $9.00ppd.
Set of two Shakespeare plays:

Romeo and Juliet (Barron’s Simply Shakespeare); retails for $8.99.

plus A Midsummer Night’s Dream (SparkNotes No Fear Shakespeare); retails for $5.95.

Both paperbacks are in very good condition with no writing. Asking for $7.00ppd for these two paperbacks.
Alcestis by Euripides (translated and adapted by Ted Hughes)

From Library Journal: “This new verse translation and adaptation of Euripides' earliest surviving classic, Alcestis (438 B.C.E.), was British Poet Laureate Hughes's last translation before his death in 1998. Ironically, the character Death plays a prominent part in the drama. In order to let her husband, King Admetos, live, queen Alcestis gives up her young life in a bargain arranged by Apollo with Death. The tragic outcome is thwarted when Heracles visits the palace without knowing of Alcestis's death. After learning of Admetos's bereavement, Heracles, in gratitude, decides to rescue Alcestis from Death in a wrestling match. His success reunites the royal couple. … Hughes's poetic style is full of beauty and pathos. Highly recommended …”- Ming-ming Shen Kuo, Ball State Univ. Lib., Muncie, IN Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Hardback with dust jacket, very good condition. Original price was $20.00 and the paperback version now sells for $13.00; asking for $9.00ppd. NOW $8.00ppd.
His Dark Materials Illuminated: Critical Essays On Philip Pullman's Trilogy by Scott and Lenz

From the publisher: "Edited by Millicent Lenz—renowned for her study of Pullman’s work—this is the first book to place His Dark Materials in critical perspective. The fourteen diverse essays within offer literary and historical analysis as well as approaches from such disciplines as theology, storytelling, and linguistics." New paperback, still in plastic wrap, sells new for $27.95; asking for $14.00ppd. NOW $9.00ppd. NOW $8.00ppd.

Prices include postage within the US only. These come from a non-smoking and no pet home. I would prefer to be paid by a money order (in which case I will ship immediately) but will also accept a personal check (in which case I will ship once your check clears). Sorry, but I do not take paypal (though we can discuss paypal paid gift cards if this is your only option). If you would like insurance, add an additional $1.95.

Feel free to email with questions. If you are serious about purchasing, please give your name and address in confirmation. Email me at kareni29@ (take out the space).

Thank you for looking.

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