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From: Jasda (
Subject:         Tapestry of Grace --Years 1 ,2 ,3 -MAP AIDS Cds -LOTS of History books!
Date: July 27, 2013 at 4:38 pm PST

Tapestry of Grace is a unit study curriculum that covers most of the
major subject areas for all your students in grades K through 12. It
covers the same general topics for all students simultaneously, but
instruction and activities are divided into four levels of learning.
The divisions are:
*Lower Grammar (Grades K-3)
*Upper Grammar (Grades 3-6)
*Dialectic (Grades 6-9)
*Rhetoric (Grades 9-12)

There is a purposeful overlap here to address the reality that students
at the same ages rarely progress at the same rate. This curriculum lasts
for the full 12 years of your students' learning of history. Once they
have gone through the first 4 years, they go back through again, but
this time at the next level. Once they are through at that level, they
go through again at the next level and so on. You will cycle through 4
times if you begin TOG in kindergarten. You can start TOG at any grade
Subject areas covered include history, writing, literature, fine arts,
geography, church history, including missions, and Bible. TOG uses non-
fiction as well as fiction books. It includes multi-sensory learning
options to address different learning styles and interests, ranging from
reading, writing, comprehension/discussions questions, and simple art
projects, to full costumed reenactments. Detailed lesson plans and
discussion outlines enable parents to teach with confidence.
Year 1: The History of Redemption covers Creation through the fall of
Rome. Comes with Loom. Year 1 is resalable when you're done using it.
Year 2: Between Ancient & Modern studies the medieval world through the
signing of the U.S. Constitution. Comes with Loom. Year 2 is resalable
when you're done using it.-$185.00
Year 3: The Nineteenth Century addresses both American and European
history. Comes with Loom. Year 3 is resalable when you're done using
MAP AIDS Cds for Years 1, 2, 3. Each year cd is $15.00.
--Did they really live in caves? Did they hunt dinosaurs? Why were
woolly mammoths so woolly? These are the kind of questions you'll find
asked and answered in this book. Packed full of fun and facts about
everyday life. --$3.75
SUMERIANS (Pamela Odijk)
--Describes the civilization of the Sumerians, who inhabited the land
which today is Iraq, in the beginning of the fourth millennium B.C.
Learn about the family life, religion, government, art and architecture,
transportation, challenges, conflicts and communication of this ancient
people. Includes color photographs, diagrams, illustrations and a
timeline. -$3.25
STORY OF THE WORLD Vol 1: Ancient Times (Grades 1-5) (Susan Wise
--What terrible secret was buried in Shi Huangdi's tomb? Did nomads like
lizard stew? What happened to Anansi the Spider in the Village of the
Plantains? And how did a six-year-old become the last emperor of Rome?
--Told in a straightforward, engaging style that has become Susan Wise
Bauer's trademark, The Story of the World series covers the sweep of
human history from ancient times until the present. Africa, China,
Europe, the Americas—find out what happened all around the world in
long-ago times. This first revised volume begins with the earliest
nomads and ends with the last Roman emperor. Newly revised and updated,
The Story of the World, Volume 1 includes maps, a new timeline, more
illustrations, and additional parental aids. This read-aloud series is
designed for parents to share with elementary-school children. Enjoy it
together and introduce your child to the marvelous story of the world's
--Illustrated throughout with black-and-white drawings and maps. $4.75
ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS: 3000 Bc-Ad 500 (Time-Life Books)
--Describes the people, culture, antiquities, and influences of ancient
civilizations, starting with early humans and moving chronologically
through Sumer, Egypt, Nubia, India, China, Israel, Greece, Rome, and
others. --$3.00
ANCIENT WORLD (Usborne World History) (Fiona Chandler)
--Each title covers a huge range of information. Clear text and
lively, labeled illustrations and pictures introduce children to the
history of the world. Timelines of World History is an indispensable
guide to what happened when and where in the world, with plenty of
illustrations and covers over 3,500 dates.
-- Ancient World covers 10,000 BC - 500 AD
-- Medieval World covers 500 AD - 1500 AD
-- The Last 500 Years covers 1500 AD - present --$4.75
Rather Not Build (Jacqueline Morley)
--You are a poor peasant boy who works with your father to help
support your family. You are living in the third century BC under the
ruler Qin, the Emperor of China. The Emperor has many unfair laws.
Unfortunately, you break one of those laws and are given the punishment
of hard labor. You're sentenced to long days of brutal work building the
Great Wall of China. This is hard work in the scorching heat of the
summer and the bitter cold in the mountains. If it were up to you. You
Wouldn't Want to Work on the Great Wall of China. --$4.00
--Describes the people, culture, antiquities, and influences of ancient
civilizations, starting with early humans and moving chronologically
through Sumer, Egypt, Nubia, India, China, Israel, Greece, Rome, and
others. --$4.00
AZTEC TIMES (If You Were There) (Antony Mason)
--A comprehensive exploration of the Aztec origins of this early
civilization, daily life, lifestyles, traditions, customs, beliefs, and
the arrival of the Spanish. It features these topics on double-page
spreads, illustrated with colorful, detailed paintings. The book
includes a world time line and a pictorial map. The back covers fold out
into game boards with directions. --$4.75
--Fascinating account of three major civilizations that existed in
the New World before Europeans arrived. How did they live? What did they
achieve? What happened to them? Seeks to interpret history from a
biblical perspective. --$2.75
-- You are an Egyptian peasant who farms for your wealthy landlord.
During the wet season you are ordered to help build the pharaoh's tomb.
As a pyramid builder you will get an insider's look at what it took to
build these massive monuments, such as excavating stone blocks, hauling
stones to the site and setting them, masonry work, painting, and
sculpting. After reading this book there will be no doubt in your mind
that this is definitely a hazardous job you'd rather not have.
Series Features
Perfect resource for reluctant readers with:
• humor and history tied to curriculum
• entertaining sidebars to pique reader's curiosity
• comprehensive glossary to support content
• index to make navigating subject matter easier --$4.00
-- Fact-filled coloring book includes 14 boldly outlined full-page
illustrations of supernatural beings worshipped by the ancient
Egyptians, among them Osiris, the god of fertility and farming; Anubis,
the jackal-headed god; Isis, the goddess of love and motherhood; and
Horus, depicted as a human male with the head of a falcon. Informative
captions. 3 of the 14 pictures are colored. --$2.00
-- Aliki describes and illustrates the techniques and the reasons for
the use of mummification in ancient Egypt. --$3.00
-- Discover the Kings of the Nile through historical information and
archaeology, in this bestselling historical series for kids. Ruling over
complex cities, palaces, and monuments for over 3,000 years, the
Pharaohs' left behind impressive ruins of tombs, writing, and traces of
the glorious civilization they once ruled. --$3.00
-- Ever wonder how biblical history and ancient Egyptian history fit
together? Why was God so angry with Pharaoh, anyway? These were
questions we asked when we began our study of Ancient Egypt. We wanted
to start our study of Western history by beginning at the beginning.
After reading through the Old Testament (which is history, after all) we
study ancient Egypt. The Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt presents ten
lesson plans, using the six books listed below. Included are vocabulary
lists and discussion questions drawn from the reading. Also included are
directions for playing a checkers like game found in Tut s tomb,
directions for building a model shaduf (irrigate like the Egyptians!),
as well as suggestions for how to adapt your study to fit grades 2-7.
Home school tested. Average duration is about 15 weeks. An absolutely
enthralling introduction to this time period. --$7.75
KINGFISHER'S SIGHTSEERS TRAVEL GUIDE: Ancient Egypt: A guide to Egypt in
the Time of the Pharaohs (Julie Farris)
--Take a boat trip down the crocodile-infested Nile, travel by donkey
to the pyramids at Giza, and hire a palanquin to complete the tour in
style. This historical travel guide is packed with fascinating facts and
colorful illustrations offering kids a unique and enjoyable way to look
at Ancient Egypt, its people, places and customs. Looking under headings
such as "Accommodation" reveals that a comfortable night's sleep in
Thebes may be hard to find since beds were made with ropes or leather
straps. "Top attractions" include the recently constructed temples at
Karnak and Luxor, and "Getting around" includes tips on the safest ways
to travel. Kids will be amused to discover why fashionable folk pin
cones of perfumed fat to their heads, how "sniffer baboons" patrol the
markets for thieves, and how to avoid being roped into service in the
harvest season. A fold-out map at the end of the book helps kids locate
all the sites mentioned, and a "tourist quiz" lets young Egyptologists
test themselves on the essential information they need to know before
they go! --$4.00
(Philip Steele)
--Designed to amuse and intrigue the reader, this book combines
cartoons with facts and simple analogies to provide an introduction to
the mysteries of Ancient Egypt. Carefully pitched at children aged five
and over, the facts in the book are presented in a lively style. --
--From the ancient ziggurats of Mespotamia and the steep pyramids of
the Maya to the modern wonders of today, the engrossing text and
beautifully detailed pictures of Pyramids provides a through historical
overview of all types of pyramids. This meticulously illustrated
reference also reveals how these awe-inspiring structures were
constructed, what was kept inside them, and why they were so important
to the different societies that produced them. An illustrated glossary
and index help make this an even more enjoyable and easy-to-use
reference. --$4.75
HIEROGLYPHS (Joyce Milton)
--Ancient Egypt is a subject of never-ending fascination for primary
grade kids. Here they learn all about hieroglyphs, the beautiful
pictogram writing that appears on mummy cases, papyrus scrolls, tomb
walls, etc. What do the different symbols mean? How did we learn to
decipher hieroglyphs? What was school and learning to read and write
like for children of ancient Egypt?
--The information is accessible and fascinating, plus kids have the fun
of creating hieroglyph messages and "works of art" using the
accompanying stencil. --$4.00
ANCIENT EGYPT Lionel Casson (Time-Life Books)
-- A concise yet informative book on one of the great empires of
antiquity. Topics covered include the expansion of Egypt, daily life,
religion, literature, the decline of Egypt, and the legacy of the
Egyptian empire. Language, law, government, and architecture are just a
few of the legacies of Ancient Egypt. The numerous illustrations and
picture essays greatly enhance the narrative. This volume includes a
map, a time line of Egyptian political and cultural history, and a
gallery of the Gods of Egypt. Hardcover.--$3.00
PYRAMIDS (Kid's Discover)
--It’s been 5,000 years since the Pyramids of Egypt were built, and
human civilization has yet to top them in terms of sheer grandeur and
size. These 80 massive structures, all built by hand – with some
requiring 100,000 workers to labor over 20 seasons to build – dwarf the
monuments of modern times in terms of every statistic you care to
compare. Pyramids, for kids, explores the history, construction, and
excavation of these royal tombs, starting with a fascinating look at the
evolution of their design, from rock piles and flat-topped brick tombs
to the perfectly proportioned pyramids we know and love today.
In this issue, kids will learn why the pyramids were built close to the
Nile and how the construction process unfolded, using rafts, ramps,
crude tools, and above all else, sheer manpower. They’ll also read about
the incredible effort and time it took to erect them; for example, to
complete the Great Pyramid at Giza, which required 2.5 million stones,
experts estimate that one 2.5-ton stone block – roughly the weight of
two cars – had to be quarried and polished every two minutes for 23
years. The many traps, mazes, and secret chambers built into the
pyramids to ward off grave robbers are also examined, along with the
golden sarcophagi and gem-encrusted treasures found in the funeral
chambers of many pyramids. For kids who like mummies, a section on the
Egyptians’ highly skilled embalming process is sure to be a gripping
read too. --$1.25 (2)
--The Guide includes suggestions for how to set your study of ancient
civilizations in a biblical context, as well as background information,
vocabulary, and discussion questions. Also contains suggestions for
supplementary assignments in children's versions of the Iliad and
Odyssey, as well as selections from Plato. --$7.75
Age of Greece (Julie Farris)
--Packed with fascinating facts, intriguing travel tips, and colorful
illustrations, this book offers kids a unique and enjoyable look at
Ancient Greece, its people, places, and customs. Looking under headings
such as "Food and Drink" will reveal that in other parts of Greece, the
local delicacies might include deer, partridge, songbirds, and peacock
eggs! In the "Top Attractions" section, the recommended tour of the
Acropolis is accompanied by a travel tip reminding the visitor that it
is customary to make a small sacrifice at the altar outside the door
before entering the Parthenon! Ancient Greece is just the ticket for a
tour of one of the world's classic civilizations. A fold-out map at the
end of the book helps kids locate all the sites mentioned, and a
"tourist quiz" lets young Egyptologists test themselves on the essential
information they need to know before they go! --$4.00
-- Get ready: As a Macedonian sheep farmer in 4 B.C., you are about to
leave those bleak hills behind and embark on a perilous journey as a
soldier in Alexander the Great's army. It's tough! This delightful
series brings something unusual to the study of history: humor. "You
Wouldn't Want to..." revels in the darker side of life in ancient times.
The reader is on center stage as he or she gets a tour through life as a
slave, warrior, explorer — even a mummy! Hilarious illustrations,
captions, and sidebars leave no doubt that you simply wouldn't want to
be there. --$4.00

Series Features
Perfect resource for reluctant readers with:
• humor and history tied to curriculum
• entertaining sidebars to pique reader's curiosity
• comprehensive glossary to support content
• index to make navigating subject matter easier
ANCIENT GREECE (Louise Schofield)
--When did the ancient Olympic Games begin? What popular game used
the ankle joints of goats or sheep? Why did people cross the River Styx?
What could a dinner guest expect to eat at a banquet in ancient Greece?
--Ancient Greece is a dynamic reference book for children. Detailed,
atmospheric illustrations, revealing photographs and lively descriptions
engage and encourage readers to discover for themselves a part of the
world's exciting history. Every page is designed to capture the
imagination and stimulate curiosity. A dramatic four-page foldout scene
and vivid drawings take young readers into the heart of the topic.
--Uses a travel guide format to provide information about life in
Greece during the fifth century B.C., including such activities as
consulting an oracle, going to the Olympics, and attending a banquet.
TROJAN HORSE (David Clement-Davies) (DK Readers: Level 4:
Proficient Readers)
--The Greeks and Trojans battle for the beautiful Helen of Troy. Who
will win? A huge wooden horse holds the answer. These 48-page books
about fascinating subjects like pirates, mummies, and volcanoes are for
proficient readers who can understand a rich vocabulary and challenging
sentence structure. In addition to the stunning photographs, informative
sidebars, and glossary, readers will find archival photographs and
paintings. Averaging 4,500 to 5,000 words in length, Level 4 books are
40 percent pictures and 40 percent text. The Dorling Kindersley Readers
combine an enticing visual layout with high-interest, easy-to-read
stories to captivate and delight young bookworms who are just getting
started. Written by leading children's authors and compiled in
consultation with literacy experts, these engaging books build reader
confidence along with a lifelong appreciation for nonfiction, classic
stories, and biographies. There is a DK Reader to interest every child
at every level, from preschool to grade 4. --$2.75
GROWING UP IN ANCIENT GREECE (Growing Up In series) (Chelepi )
--Describes daily life in ancient Greece, discussing life in the city,
life in the country, school, ceremonies and festivals, food, and other
aspects. --$4.75
THE TROJAN WAR (Bernard Evslin)
-- “These events I relate are the living seeds, and they will bear
bloody fruit, I promise.” So says Ulysses, King of Ithaca, as he
recounts the origins of the Trojan War. Renowned Greek mythologist
Bernard Evslin masterfully depicts the ten-year war: its beginnings
rooted in discord among the gods; the seduction of the famed beauty
Helen of Troy; and the spectacular development of the Trojan Horse,
Ulysses’ cunning ploy to win the war. Evslin brings to life the dramatic
twists and turns of this classic tale of human folly, mortal heroism,
and the brutality and brilliance that have come down through the ages.
--Quintillian would be proud to see your students learning the
structure and style of good writing through imitation while they study
Greek mythology. This Greek Heroes text is the fourth book in a growing
series of Imitation in Writing materials designed to teach aspiring
writers the art and discipline of crafting delightful prose and poetry.
The text includes a short background of imitation as a means of teaching
writing, instructions, grading guidelines, twenty-five myths about Greek
Heroes formatted for imitation, and a glossary of Greek gods and terms.
Fourth grade and up. --$8.75
CLASSICAL GREECE C.M. Bowra (Time-Life Books)
-- This volume presents the political and military history of Ancient
Greece with an emphasis on Athens and Sparta. Social history and early
Greek drama and philosophy are also covered. The reference section is
especially useful as it describes the heroes of Greek mythology as well
as great and famous Greek statesmen, philosophers, poets, artists, and
scientists. Ideal for teachers or readers wanting a basic introduction
to the birthplace of democracy, drama, philosophy, and the Olympic
games. Hardcover.
--The year is AD 98. You are a soldier named Marcus who just joined
the Roman Army at the age of 18. You take an oath and receive your
training in Rome. There you learn to fight. You train by running,
wrestling, riding horses, and swimming.
Hilarious illustrations, captions, and sidebars take away the glamour
and romance of being a soldier in the Roman Army in the year AD 98. --
LIFE IN ANCIENT ROME (Dover Coloring Book) (William Kaufman)
--All the magnificence of ancient Rome, brought to life in 41 finely
detailed illustrations depicting the defeat of Germanic invaders (c. 108
BC), the crushing of a slave revolt (71 BC), the assassination of Julius
Caesar (44 BC) and more. Captions describe Roman cultural life, major
landmarks, leaders and daily activities. One picture colored out of 48
pictures. --$3.00
IMPERIAL ROME Moses Hadas (Time-Life Books)
--A concise yet informative book on one of the great empires of
antiquity. Topics covered include the expansion of Rome, daily life,
religion, literature, the decline of Rome, and the legacy of the Roman
empire. Language, law, government, and architecture are just a few of
the legacies of Ancient Rome. As with other books in this series, the
numerous illustrations and picture essays greatly enhance the narrative.
This volume includes several maps, a time line of Roman emperors, a time
line of Roman political and cultural history, and a biographical
reference section profiling great Roman writers and statesmen. Hard
cover. --$3.00
ALL ABOUT HANUKKAH (Judye Groner and Madeline Wikler)
--The highly-praised retelling of the Hanukkah story with vivid full-
color illustrations. Candle blessings, games, recipes, songs. --$3.50
Gospel Light
--From very simple visuals to detailed drawings, the graphics in the
Reproducible Maps, Charts Timelines & Illustrations will enhance
understanding of the Bible for Teachers and student alike. It enhances
learning with maps, charts, graphs outlines, key verses and time lines
that clarify and deepen Bible understanding. The pages are perforated
for easy in reproducing overhead transparencies, visual learning aids
and student handouts in a Bible study or Sunday school class. A study
outline for each Bible book includes a theme, key verses, key thoughts
and a time line. --$6.50
--"The Vicious Vikings" is packed with facts about the invaders from
the North and their enemies, including such legendary warriors as Fat-
thighs, Oaf, and Stinking.
-- Writers re-create the classic legends of Western Civilization’s great
kings and heroes. The stories of Beowulf, Charlemagne, Roland,
Siegfried, St. George, King Arthur, and Sir Gawain are among the 28
exciting selections in this volume. Each text includes a short
background of imitation as a means of teaching writing, instructions on
how to implement the program, grading guidelines, and worksheets for
each literature selection that is to be imitated. --$8.75
--Packed full of information about the most important monarchs in
British history, from the Dark Ages to the present day. Find out about
the good, the bad and the mad, through the years of conquest, civil war,
empire and Commonwealth. --$4.00
(Philip Steele)
-- This book focuses on castles and their history, and each spread
investigates a specific theme or topic, with answers to questions, plus
additional snippets of information. This oversized volume attempts to
captivate readers with colorful pictures, humorous cartoons, and
tantalizing questions about the medieval world. Child-oriented inquiries
include, "What were the Middle Ages in the middle of?," "Did people take
baths?," "Who was the first to chew gum?" --$4.00
DESIGN YOUR OWN COAT OF ARMS: An Introduction to Heraldry
(Dover Children's Activity Books)
(Rosemary A. Chorzempa)
-- Design your own personal coat of arms. Detailed, easy-to-follow
instructions make it easy even for beginners to fashion emblems that
reflect family origins, traits, and accomplishments. Decorate plates,
mugs, and stationery or create wallhangings, sew-on patches, T-shirt
decals, pin-on badges, and much more. $3.75
- Three exciting adventure stories for early readers. The Knights
of King Arthur were the bravest, strongest and most loyal knights of
all, which these stories show as they battle dragons, slay giant ogres
and rescue maidens in distress. -$3.75
DAYS OF THE KNIGHTS: A Tale of Castles and Battles
(Level 4: Proficient Readers) (Christopher
-- Slashing swords, shining armor, knights locked in deadly battle --
the mighty castle is under siege! For proficient readers who can
understand a rich vocabulary and challenging sentence structure. In
addition to the stunning photographs, informative sidebars, and
glossary, readers will find archival photographs and paintings.
Averaging 4,500 to 5,000 words in length. --$3.00
KNIGHTS (Penguin Young Readers, L3) (Catherine
-- A young knight-in-training has so much to do-learn about arms and
armor, assist a squire, attend a medieval banquet, tilt at the quintain-
and prepare to be "dubbed!" This is a surefire, nonfiction subject for
newly independent readers. --$3.00
-- Discover the achievements of the Renaissance, and peel back four
see-through pages to look inside. Full-color illustrations on acetate
can be peeled back to reveal cutaways of the Renaissance interiors such
as of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, a printer's workshop, a Florentine
town house, and Columbus's Santa Maria. --$4.75
--The story of our nation from coast to coast, from earliest times to
1590. Meet the skilled farmers, hunters, builders, and craft people who
had been living in North America for thousands of years before Columbus
arrived. It describes the everyday lives of early Native Americans,
Columbus's explorations of America, and the first European colonists.
Hard cover. --$4.50
PIRATES (Kingfisher) (Phillip Steele)
-- Ahoy, Mateys! Set sail with Pirates for the true story of these
swashbuckling adventurers. Action-packed illustrations and detailed
descriptions provide young would-be adventurers with a first-hand look
at what it was like to be a pirate. Beginning with a brief history of
pirates and privateers, this book provides comprehensive coverage of
everything from daily life on the ship -- food, living quarters, and
ship maintenance -- to the heart-stopping battles fought for great
treasures. The book also includes technical sailing information, a
discussion of pirates in fiction, brief biographies of the most
notorious pirates, a glossary of nautical terms, and an index. --$4.75
THE WITCHCRAFT OF SALEM VILLAGE (Landmark Books) -Shirley Jackson
- Stories of magic, superstition, and witchcraft were strictly forbidden
in the little town of Salem Village. But a group of young girls ignored
those rules, spellbound by the tales told by a woman named Tituba. When
questioned about their activities, the terrified girls set off a
whirlwind of controversy as they accused townsperson after townsperson
of being witches. Author Shirley Jackson examines in careful detail this
horrifying true story of accusations, trials, and executions that shook
a community to its foundations.
-- $3.00
GEORGE WASHINGTON (Sower Series) -Norma Cournow Camp
- See history come alive...learn of many hidden facts involving famous
men and women from the pages of their diaries, letters to friends, books
they wrote, etc. Washington was not a preacher or great Bible scholar,
and he did not speak or act in this manner. He was much like the average
member of your church, for he sat regularly in the pews of many
churches. Daily Washington lived by the biblical teachings he gleaned
from his Bible reading. And he was a sower of the seeds of faith to
others. --$3.00
-- A young Frenchman of nineteen traveling across the sea to help a
struggling nation fight for its independence? Why not? To Lafayette,
anything was possible. A man who threw off the boundaries imposed upon
him to stand up for what he believed was right, the Marquis de Lafayette
grew from an idealistic young man searching for honor and glory, into an
idealist statesman with rock-solid principles of liberty. Here, Jean
Fritz brings to life the exciting story of the brave and appealing man
known as the Hero of the New World. --$3.75
-- In the days before microphones and TV interviews, getting people to
listen to you was not an easy task. But James Madison used his quiet
eloquence, intelligence and passion for unified colonies to help shape
the Constitution, steer America through the turmoil of two wars, and
ensure that our government, and nation, remained intact.
The book is rich in the sort of detail that illuminates the man, but is
not limited to personal information; a great deal of government history
is woven into the biography.
Fritz has given a vivid picture of the man and an equally vivid picture
of the problems that faced the leaders of the new nation in the
formative years. --$3.75
ABRAHAM LINCOLN (Sower Series) -David Collins
-The life of Abraham Lincoln is well recorded for history. But sadly
enough, the spiritual side of Abraham Lincoln has been seldom reported.
Because he held no formal church membership, he has even been labeled
"anti-Christian." There is, however, little doubt that Abraham Lincoln
was a most devoted Christian. His entire life reflects a deep personal
faith in God. This book will attempt to explore the spiritual side of
Abraham Lincoln, relying on his own words and the observations of his
family, friends, and historians. You'll be amazed at what has been left
out of our history books. --$3.00
STONEWALL JACKSON (Sower Series) -Charles Ludwig
-Stonewall Jackson was loved in the South and admired in the North. He
was called a great general, a noble Christian, and a pure man by a
Northern newspaper at the time of his death. He was fearless in battle
and well respected. Read of his childhood, his hard work at West Point
and his faith that shaped him into the man he became. -$3.00
GETTYSBURG Mackinlay Kantor (Landmark Series)
-- When troops entered Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the South seemed to be
winning the Civil War. But Gettysburg was a turning point. After three
bloody days of fighting, the Union finally won the battle. Inspired by
the valor of the many thousands of soldiers who died there, President
Lincoln visited Gettysburg to give a brief but moving tribute. His
Gettysburg Address is one of the most famous speeches in American
history. Hardcover. --$3.75
CIVIL WAR John Stanchak (Eyewitness Books)
--This text explores the adventure and lure of America's greatest
conflict - the American Civil War. It introduces figures such as
Southern spy Belle Boyd, forgotten slave hero Robert Smalls, and
towering leaders Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant. It examines Bull
Run, Gettysburg and other battles that changed the history of a nation.
The guide also looks at the personal side of this conflict - from the
homespun uniforms worn by Confederate volunteers, to rousing military
marches and propaganda posters, to the touching photographs of fighting
men and the people they left behind. --$4.75
AMERICAN ADVENTURES: Coming of Age (1877-1939) (Ira Peck)
--Text covering American history from 1877-1939. Each chapter has
vocabulary and comprehension/thinking questions. Find a copy of the
Declaration of Independence and the Constitution at the back of the book
as well as maps throughout the book. --$4.75
-- Crinkles is a magazine for children ages 7 to 11 designed to
stimulate a child's curiosity about people, places, things and events-
both real and imaginary. Each issue features over a dozen articles with
hands-on activities such as paper action figures, flip books, bookmarks,
puppets, word puzzles and fold-up models. Each activity leads to reading
and viewing to solve puzzles and interact with the text. Articles are
researched and written by leaders in the education arena to develop
children's skills in critical thinking, independent research and study
This issue covers story of rubber, basketball, all about Bangkok,
Thailand royalty with cut out royal outfits/figures, kite flying,
history of Buddha, all about tea, historic tea parties, Thai tales, etc.
There are also numerous activities/games throughout. --$1.75
EXPLORING CAPITOL HILL: A Kid's Guide to the U.S. Capitol and Congress
--This guide is filled with activities and puzzles to help children have
fun while learning about the Capitol and Congress. --$0.50
-Fun fact book covering all of the Presidents of the U.S. --$0.50
--Using flash cards makes learning the Presidents more fun. Each card
includes a picture of the President and the opposite side includes
information about him. Also includes 5 national monument cards. --$0.50
-- A very enjoyable, conversational read of the history of the US
encompassing its beginnings, through to the world wars. (1492-1932) Hard
cover. --$1.00
--A history of the U.S. in a dazzling Fun Filled Pageant. Covers
exploration to modern time. Adorable pictures as only Disney can
produce. (Hardcover)- $1.00
--Each double page of this book consists of an illustrated scene from a
different period of history, crammed with people of the time. The fun
comes in finding people, animals and objects in the scene. Smaller
pictures around the edges show the things to be spotted and captions
give more information. - $3.75
TIME WARP TRIO: Neanderthal (Jon Scieszka)
- The Time Warp Trio is back — and they're going back in time to the
Stone Age. There is plenty to keep Sam, Joe and Fred on their toes,
including a tribe of hostile cavewomen, a hungry-looking saber-toothed
tiger and a woolly mammoth who wants to turn them into toe-jam. Worst of
all, how can The Book get them back home again when writing hasn't been
invented yet? (Hard cover) - $2.00
TIME WARP TRIO: Tut Tut (Jon Scieszka)
- When Joe's sister accidentally opens "The Book", Joe, Sam, and Fred
suddenly find themselves in ancient Egypt, dodging crocodiles,
outwitting an evil high priest, and searching for an escape route from a
mummy-making chamber! (King Tut-Hard cover) -$2.00
--Established Dear America author Kristiana Gregory kicks off the Royal
Diaries with the captivating story of young Cleopatra's tumultuous life.
Daughter of King Ptolemy Autletes, Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra lives a
life filled with opulence and mystery.
GOLDEN GOBLET (ELoise McGraw) [Sonlight Core G, W, Read-
-- An orphan in ancient Egypt desires nothing more than to follow in his
father's footsteps as a goldsmith but is forced into a life that he
despises. A story of suspense and action in which Egyptian life from
impoverished hovel to magnificent palace is dramatically portrayed. -
HITTITE WARRIOR (Joanne Williamson) [Sonlight Core G, W]
-- Uriah, a Hittite warrior, lived in the time of Deborah, 200 years
before David and Saul. This is his story. It makes those ancient times,
cities, and peoples -- the Hittites, Canaanites, Hebrews, and Achaeans
(Greeks) -- all come to life once more. Well-written, intriguing. --
CAT OF BUBASTES Cds (G.A. Henty Read by the incomparable Jim
-- The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt by G. A. Henty is full
of adventure and is written in a style that kids will read comfortably.
The 15 year old hero, the prince of a small nation invaded by the
Egyptians, is of strong moral character and boys, especially, will love
the story of his captivity! Packed full of details, it covers everything
from Egyptian architecture, family life, methods of warfare, government,
and geography to religion. It even includes a cameo appearance by Moses,
himself. Each chapter is full of details and interesting facts about
Egypt, all woven into an exciting and suspenseful story.
--Amid chariot battles and court intrigues, Nile crocodiles and desert
bandits, a young man finds friendship, love and his own destiny in
ancient Egypt. Takes place in 1250 BC, six CD's that total more than six
hours of listening time. --$12.25
THE EGYPT GAME (Zilpha Keatley Snyder) Newberry Winner
--The first time Melanie Ross meets April Hall, she’s not sure they have
anything in common. But she soon discovers that they both love anything
to do with ancient Egypt. When they stumble upon a deserted storage
yard, Melanie and April decide it’s the perfect spot for the Egypt Game.
Before long there are six Egyptians, and they all meet to wear costumes,
hold ceremonies, and work on their secret code. Everyone thinks it’s
just a game until strange things start happening. Has the Egypt Game
gone too far?
-- The myths of six Greek heroes are told in a simple,
straightforward style. Included are Hercules, Perseus, Theseus,
Orpheus, Meleager, and Jason. --$2.75
ARCHIMEDES AND THE DOOR OF SCIENCE (Jeanne Bendick) [Sonlight Core G,
-- Jeanne Bendick, through text and pictures, admirably succeeds in
bringing to life the ancient Greek mathematician who enriched
mathematics and all branches of science. Against the backdrop of
Archimedes' life and culture, the author discusses the man's work, his
discoveries and the knowledge later based upon it. The simple, often
humorous, illustrations and diagrams greatly enhance the text. $5.75
--Homer's epics become tales of adventure and marvel for the youngest
readers in these remarkable retellings. Illustrated in Williams' well-
loved comic-strip style, thess renditions feature snappy texts and
riotously detailed panel artwork that is both faithful to the originals
and delightfully modern in humor and appeal. --$3.75
THE GREEK GODS (Bernard & Dorothy Evslin, Ned
-- The Greek gods had more powers than mortals could even imagine.
They could change day to night, turn people into animals, and punish
mean with eternal torture. Their whims and desire changed the course of
human destiny. No legends are more fabulous than those of the Greek
gods. The classic collection tells their stories. --$2.75
JULIUS CAESAR William Shakespeare Adapted by Diana Stewart
--Great tragedy based on Plutarch's account of the lives of Brutus,
Julius Caesar, and Mark Antony. Evil plotting, ringing oratory, high
tragedy with Shakespeare's incomparable insight, dramatic power.
Reprinted complete and unabridged from an authoritative English edition.
Explanatory footnotes. $2.50
JULIUS CAESAR (William Shakespeare)
--This is the modern English version of the play side-by-side with
the full original text. --$3.75
-- Though born in Jerusalem, 13-year-old Bani has been raised in Susa,
the city of the Persian king Artaxerxes. But now his uncle Nehemiah
wants to return to ruined and troubled Jerusalem---and Bani is given a
part to play that will change his life forever! --$5.75
-- A baffling invitation to an archaeological dig in Mexico defies
all logic, but it is too good to pass up. Along with Joel and Old Lady
Bugsby, Ricky and his friends head south and encounter a chilling mix of
ancient legends and present-day mysteries. Their search for the truth
leads to people they wouldn’t have suspected…and places they’d prefer to
avoid. --$2.00
-- Muna has never known his father -- a samurai, a noble warrior. But
Muna's mother has told Muna how he will know him one day: by the sign of
the chrysanthemum. When his mother dies, Muna travels to the capital of
twelfth-century Japan, a bewildering city on the verge of revolution. He
finds a haven there, as servant to the great swordsmith, Fukuji. But
Muna cannot forget his dream: He must find his father. Only then will he
have power and a name to be reckoned with. Only then will he become a
man. -$0.75
SHANGHAIED TO CHINA (Dave & Neta Jackson)
- Neil Thompson had promised his grandmother that he would wait for his
grandfather to bring him to see the great oceangoing ships at the docks
in Liverpool, England. But when he convinced himself that it was okay to
go alone, he did not know the danger he would face on that bright
morning in September 853. The docks were no place for a twelve-year-old
boy who was alone. Stopping to admire a small clipper ship, the
Dumfries, Neil is suddenly grabbed and dragged aboard the ship, then
locked in a small, dark room until the ship is on its way to sea. When
he's finally let out, he discovers he's been shanghaied to be a cabin
boy on a tea clipper bound for China and there's no chance for escape!
Fortunately for Neil, on board ship is a young missionary named Hudson
Taylor who is also bound for China. But will Taylor's friendship and
faith be able to overcome all the bad things that fall upon Neil's life?
Will Neil ever make it home? Why should Hudson Taylor help? -$3.00
VIKING ADVENTURE Clyde Robert Bulla (Sonlight Core B, B+C, C)
--Sigurd, a Viking boy, cannot see the value of learning to read and
write. All he can think of is adventure. But then he has an adventure
that he cannot help but tell. And to do that, he decides, he must learn
to write. A fine story for young readers. Hardcover. --$5.75
--The story of Christopher Columbus. Ex-library book. Hardback --
PERIL AND PEACE (Mindy and Brandon Withrow)
-- Let history come to life - just the way it should be. Read the
stories of Paul, Polycarp, Justin, Origen, Cyprian, Constantine,
Athanasius, Ambrose, Augustine, John Chrysostom, Jerome, Patrick, and
Benedict. People from the early and ancient church and discover the
roots of Christianity. From the apostle Paul to Benedict you can
discover how those in the early church still influence church today. In
their lives you will see the young and developing church struggling and
growing in a hostile and difficult world. Watch in amazement as a varied
selection of people from different countries, cultures and times merge
together to form the Christian church. Learn from their mistakes and
errors but more importantly learn from their amazing strengths and
gifts. Marvel at the incredible things accomplished by God in such a
short space of time. Written in a modern and relaxed style this is a
book that will introduce you to history without the tears and with all
the wonder. Extra features throughout this book look deeper into issues
such as persecution; worship; creeds and councils and the formation of
the Bible as well as a timeline. --$4.75
COURAGE AND CONVICTION (Mindy and Brandon Withrow)
-- Let history come to life – just the way it should do. Read the
stories of the reformers in the 16th and 17th centuries who changed the
face of the Christian church forever. Meet the German monk, the French
scholar and the Scottish tutor who protested corruption in the church.
Get to know the queens and explorers who risked everything for the
freedom to worship according to their consciences.
It was a time of war and upheaval, but also a time of promise and hope.
From Erasmus and Luther to Katherine Parr and William Bradford, God used
different personalities in different places to bring sweeping changes to
church government and the way we worship. Learn from their mistakes and
be encouraged by their amazing strengths and gifts. Extra features
throughout this book look deeper into issues such as the Scientific
Revolution, wars of religion, the Puritans and the settling of the
Americas. --$4.75
-- When young John of Wycliffe arrives at Oxford University, he finds it
a fascinating and perilous place. With his friend, Sebastian Ayleton,
John experiences the terrible plague called the "Pestilence" (the Black
Death), and he becomes involved in clashes between university factions
as well as riots among the townspeople. Whenever he can find time away
from his studies, John's favorite place is the inn of the Kicking Pony.
There he and his companions discuss the political and religious issues
of the day, and it is with his friends that he first shares his growing
vision of an English Bible for all Englishmen to read. In the darkness
of medieval England, John's pursuit of truth gleams like a solitary
star: the morning star that promises the sunrise to come. He paved the
way for the theologians of the next century and opened hearts in
preparation for the great Reformation itself. --$3.75
BIBLE SMUGGLER (Louise Vernon)
--Read the 16th century story of William Tyndale, who wants to translate
the Bible into English. He feels that the common people of England
should be able to read the Scriptures for themselves. The church and
government violently disagree.
Collin Hartley, a boy and Tydale's helper, works with him on this
dangerous project. Tydale has to flee to Europe for his life, and Collin
goes along. Their enemies follow and try to capture them, but Tyndale
manages to complete his translation work. Then, he mush smuggle the
English-language Bibles into England. Along with Collin Hartley, you
will participate in all the important events of this daring story. --
THE WHITE STAG (Kate Seredy)
-- Retells the legendary story of the Huns' and Magyars' long
migration from Asia to Europe where they hope to find a permanent home.
I, COLUMBUS: My Journal
Edited by Peter and Connie Roop
--Here is Christopher Columbus's personal journal, written in his own
words during his journey to the New World. Now you can travel with the
famous explorer, experiencing all the thrills and excitement of one of
history's most exciting voyages. --$2.00
WHIPPING BOY (Sid Fleischman) [Cores B+C, C]
-- Jemmy, once a poor boy living on the streets, now lives in a
castle. As the whipping boy, he bears the punishment when Prince Brat
misbehaves, for it is forbidden to spank, thrash, or whack the heir to
the throne. The two boys have nothing in common and even less reason to
like one another. But when they find themselves taken hostage after
running away, they are left with no choice but to trust each other. --
JOAN OF ARC (Nancy Ross) (Landmark)
-- In the early 15th century, France was in turmoil. The country had
been at war for years, and it had no king. Out of the chaos came Joan of
Arc. No one knows how Joan, a poor farm girl, was able to command armies
and win battles, but she did all that and more. Some called Joan a
heroine. Others called her a witch. But with her determination and
unwavering faith, she would go down in history as Saint Joan of Arc. --
TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE (Charles and Mary Lamb)
-- This work gives a perfect introduction to Shakespeare's greatest
plays. Charles and Mary Lamb bring vividly alive all the power of
"Hamlet" and "Othello", the fun of "As You Like It", and the drama of
"Pericles". Conveying all of Shakespeare's wit, wisdom and humanity, and
never losing the feel of his beautiful language, these tales are classic
literature in their own right. --$2.75
IVANHOE (Sir Walter Scott)
-- Wilfred of Ivanhoe returns from the Crusades to face the
disapproval of his father, who disinherits him for his political
allegiances and his love for the Lady Rowena. He gets caught up in the
power-struggle between King Richard and Prince John. Set in 12th-century
England, Ivanhoe is both a gripping historical novel and a study of
human morality. Hard cover. --$2.00
TREASURE ISLAND (Robert L. Stevenson)
-- Masterfully crafted, Treasure Island is a stunning yarn of piracy
on the fiery tropic seas—an unforgettable tale of treachery that
embroils a host of legendary swashbucklers, from honest young Jim
Hawkins, to sinister, two-timing Israel Hands, to evil incarnate, blind
Pew. But above all, Treasure Island is a complex study of good and evil,
as embodied by that hero-villain Long John Silver, the merrily
unscrupulous buccaneer-rogue whose greedy quest for gold cannot help but
win the heart of every soul who ever longed for romance, treasure, and
adventure. --$3.00
TREASURE ISLAND (Adapted by Deidre Laiken)
-- Masterfully crafted, Treasure Island is a stunning yarn of piracy
on the fiery tropic seas—an unforgettable tale of treachery that
embroils a host of legendary swashbucklers, from honest young Jim
Hawkins, to sinister, two-timing Israel Hands, to evil incarnate, blind
Pew. But above all, Treasure Island is a complex study of good and evil,
as embodied by that hero-villain Long John Silver, the merrily
unscrupulous buccaneer-rogue whose greedy quest for gold cannot help but
win the heart of every soul who ever longed for romance, treasure, and
adventure. --$2.50
-- Robinson Crusoe runs away from home to join the navy. After a
series of adventures at sea, he is shipwrecked in a devastating storm,
and finds himself alone on a remote desert island. He remains there many
years, building a life for himself in solitude, until the day he
discovers another man s footprint in the sand. --$3.00
KING ARTHUR (Rosalind Kerven)
--The spellbinding tale of the warrior ruler and his knights. -
TALES FROM KING ARTHUR (Edited by Andrew Lang)
- In this selection of plays by the master folklorist Andrew Lang,
the reader is taken into the romantic world of the gallant Knights of
the Round Table and their courageous and chivalrous deeds, fair maidens,
castles steeped in history, the quest for the Holy Grail, and the tragic
love of King Arthur and Sir Lancelot for Guinevere, and Tristan for
Iseult. --$2.75
-- One of several books, written as beginning readers with a controlled
vocabulary, that focus on different American Indian groups. Illustrated
throughout in full-color by Jack Merryweather - with the illustrations
designed to show the everyday life of this group. Includes notes at the
end with more information about the Pueblo Indians and the fact that the
arid high mesa countryside did much to create their self-reliant yet
strongly group-oriented character. "Juanito, himself shows the early
signs of self-reliance that will help him survive in his land. He is
also shown the need for reliance on help from others. Finally, Juanito
evidences the deep religious feeling of his people." Hardcover. 64 pp.
-- This early reader, with gorgeous illustrations, consists of a series
of 18 Indian tales. Contents include: Brother Skunk and Brother Coyote,
Boy and the Owl People, Turquoise Stone, Changing Woman, Spider Woman,
First Medicine Man, War with the Bumblebees, House of the Sun-Bearer,
and more. 165 pps. Ex-library book. Hardcover. --$3.75
-- What clothes did the Indians wear, what did they eat, what games did
they play, what were their houses like, how did they live, what is their
life like in more modern times, etc. are just some of the questions
answered. Beautifully colored sketches. Hardcover.
--A biography of the Indian who went to London with some of the first
English explorers, was sold into slavery in Spain, and finally returned
to America where he befriended the Pilgrims when they landed. Ex-library
book. Hard cover. $2.75
GOLDEN ARROW Bill and Bernard Martin
--Charming story of Sun Cloud, a boy who wants to make his father proud,
and his adventures in a buffalo raid. --$3.75
--The White Buffalo Woman legend has been handed down through the
centuries. . . it tells the origin and involvement of the cherished
peace pipe in the Indian way of life. --$3.00
WITH PIPE, PADDLE & SONG (Elizabeth Yates)
--Son of a French nobleman and a Chippewa Indian woman, sixteen-year-old
Guilluame, who can paddle, sing, and swim, signs a three-year contract
as a voyageur and joins an expedition to north-west Canada in 1750 to
search for furs and his future. --$5.75
THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS -James Fenimore Cooper Adapted by Eliza
--In 1757, the third year of the French and Indian War, Hawkeye, a
colonial scout, and his friends, Chingachkook, a chief of the Mohicans,
and his son Uncas risk their lives to guide two English sisters through
hostile territory and evade the evil Huron, Magua, who is determined to
destroy them. --$2.75
-- In pre-revolutionary Salem, fourteen-year-old Daniel begins to re-
examine his loyalty to the King as the conflict between Tories and
patriots increasingly divides the townspeople. --$3.50
JOHNNY TREMAIN (Esther Forbes) [Sonlight Cores D, D+E]
-- The Year: 1773. The place: Boston. Johnny Tremain is fourteen and
apprenticed to a silversmith. He is gifted and lords his skills over the
other apprentices, until one day his hand is horribly burned by molten
silver. Johnny’s dreams of silversmithing are over.
A depressed Johnny finds work as a dispatch rider for the Committee of
Public Safety, a job that brings him in touch with Boston patriots—and
the excitement that will lead to the Tea Party and the Battle of
Lexington. --$2.75
--The year is 1781, and the British army under Lord Cornwallis has
entrenched itself at Yorktown. American and French troops have
surrounded the city and are closing in. Cousins Guy and Louis are eager
to join their fathers in service to their country, but the boys are too
young to serve in the Continental army. Then a chance meeting with a
patriot spy named Morgan opens the door to a daring adventure that will
lead the young Americans right itno the British camp. Will they succeed
in their mission and return to the American camp as heroes? Or will they
hang as spies in Yorktown? --$3.00
IMPRISONED IN THE GOLDEN CITY (Trailblazer Series) -Adoniram & Ann
-The two young Burmese girls had dreaded leaving their father, but he
told them the only safe thing was for the two of them to go live with
the American missionaries, Adoniram and Ann Judson. May-Lo and Len-Lay
really aren't sure what the danger is, and they don't know what to
believe about their American foster parents. Could the accusations that
the missionaries were English spies be true? When the Judsons leave the
city of Rangoon to establish a mission work in Ava, the Golden City, the
girls are taken along on the dangerous river trip that will separate
them from their father by 350 miles. Their arrival is followed by
eventual disaster. When the British attack the Burmese, all the white
foreigners are hauled off to the Death Prison. Should the girls tell the
authorities what they know? Or will they all end up in the Death Prison?
-The Navajo tribe's forced march from their homeland to Fort Sumner by
white soldiers and settlers is dramatically and courageously told by
young Bright Morning.
The Spanish Slavers were an ever-present threat to the Navaho way of
life. One lovely spring day, fourteen-year-old Bright Morning and her
friend Running Bird took their sheep to pasture. The sky was clear blue
against the red buttes of the Canyon de Chelly, and the fields and
orchards of the Navahos promised a rich harvest. Bright Morning was
happy as she gazed across the beautiful valley that was the home of her
tribe. She turned when Black Dog barked, and it was then that she saw
the Spanish slavers riding straight toward her. -$2.75
-- During the winter of 1846-47 over eighty men, women and children of
the Donner Party wagon train were trapped in the snows of California's
High Sierras. Thirty-nine perished on the trail or in the mountain
camps. Some survived by eating the dead. This book gives a thorough and
readable account and corrects many misconceptions of previous writers.
STORY OF MY LIFE (Helen Keller)
-- Great story of human courage and dedication recounted in
autobiography of a remarkable woman: the magical moment when Miss Keller
first recognizes the connection between words and objects, her joy at
learning how to speak, friendships with notable figures, her education
at Radcliffe and an extraordinary relationship with her inspired
teacher, Anne Sullivan. --$3.00
ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER (Mark Twain-Adapted by Tracy Christopher)
--With the Mississippi River right at his back door and friends who are
willing to try anything, Tom Sawyer can't seem to resist a good
adventure. From finding a treasure of gold coins, to whitewashing a
fence, to escaping the evil Injun Joe, Tom is always off on a thrilling
escapade. Prepare for laughter and action with high-spirited Tom Sawyer.
--This delightful Tom Sawyer story picks up in the aftermath of Tom and
Huck's triumphal return from the pages of Huckleberry Finn: Tom, always
looking for trouble, finds it when he sets out to become Hannibal's
First Traveler. Tom, Huck, and Jim find themselves kidnapped by a mad
inventor, sailing cross the Atlantic and into Arabian adventure on a
hot-air balloon -- and that's only the beginning! Highly recommended;
like all of Twain, a pleasure to read. --$2.75
BRADY (By Jean Fritz)
- Brady has never been trusted with secrets, until now. When he
discovers an Underground Railroad station near his family's farm, he is
forced to make his own decision about the slavery controversy. Whatever
his decision may be, he knows that this is one secret that must be kept.
BY SECRET RAILWAY (Enid La Monte Meadowcroft)
-The thrilling story of two brave boys and the secret railway to freedom
that played such a stirring part in America's history. -$2.00
--Biography of the life of Harriet Tubman -$2.00
SHILOH (Phyllis Reynolds Naylor)
- When Marty Preston comes across a young beagle in the hills behind his
home, it's love at first sight -- and also big trouble. It turns out the
dog, which Marty names Shiloh, belongs to Judd Travers, who drinks too
much and has a gun -- and abuses his dogs. So when Shiloh runs away from
Judd to Marty, Marty just has to hide him and protect him from Judd. But
Marty's secret becomes too big for him to keep to himself, and it
exposes his entire family to Judd's anger. How far will Marty have to go
to make Shiloh his? -$2.00
GETTYSBURG (MacKinlay Kantor)
-- When troops entered Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the South seemed to be
winning the Civil War. But Gettysburg was a turning point. After three
bloody days of fighting, the Union finally won the battle. Inspired by
the valor of the many thousands of soldiers who died there, President
Lincoln visited Gettysburg to give a brief but moving tribute. His
Gettysburg Address is one of the most famous speeches in American
history. $3.50
THE WRIGHT BROTHERS (Quentin Reynolds) (Landmark Books)
--Young Orville and Wilbur Wright loved building things. From the
fastest sled in town to the highest-flying kite, the Wright brothers’
creations were always a step ahead of everyone else’s. They grew up
learning all about mechanics from fixing bicycles and studied math and
physics. On December 17, 1903, Orville took off in the world’s first
flying machine! The Wright airplane is one of the most amazing and life
WILBUR & ORVILLE WRIGHT: The Flight to Adventure (Louis Sabin)
- Focuses on the childhood of the Wright Brothers and the inventiveness
they displayed from their earliest days. --$2.75
DRAGONWINGS (Laurence Yep)
- Moon shadow is eight years old when he sails from China to join his
father, Windrider, in America. Windrider lives in San Francisco and
makes his living doing laundry. Father and son have never met. But Moon
Shadow grows to love and respect his father and to believe in his
wonderful dream. And Windrider, with Moon Shadow's help is willing to
endure the mockery of the other Chinese, the poverty, the separation
from his wife and country; even the great earthquake in San Francisco,
to make his dream come true.
GLADYS AYLWARD: Adventure of a Lifetime (Janet & Geoff Benge)
--Without formal education or a missionary organization to back her,
Gladys raised her own finances for the overland trip that would bring
her to the country and people that God had etched so deeply on her
heart... China!

What follows is an amazing adventure of faith and determination. Gladys
Aylward, a housemaid from England, dared to trust God in the face of
dire and seemingly hopeless circumstances. Her life is one of the truly
great missionary stories of our era. --$3.00
UNDER THE BLOOD RED SUN (Graham Salisbury)
-- Tomi was born in Hawaii. His grandfather and parents were born in
Japan, and came to America to escape poverty.
World War II seems far away from Tomi and his friends, who are too busy
playing ball on their eighth-grade team, the Rats.
But then Pearl Harbor is attacked by the Japanese, and the United States
declares war on Japan. Japanese men are rounded up, and Tomi’s father
and grandfather are arrested. It’s a terrifying time to be Japanese in
America. But one thing doesn’t change: the loyalty of Tomi’s buddies,
the Rats. --$3.00
--If you lived at the time of Martin Luther King
--When did the civil rights movement begin?
--Were children involved in civil rights protests?
--What was the March on Washington?

This book tells you what it was like during the exciting era when Martin
Luther King led the fight against segregation. $3.75
MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR (Kid's Discover Magazine)
--Martin Luther King, Jr. preached love and believed nonviolent protest
was the only way to freedom and equality for black Americans, and in
return for his vision of peace. he was arrested, stabbed, and finally
assassinated. Despite his tragic and untimely death, many successes
filled the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., as kids will discover in
this issue. For one thing, his tireless efforts to improve the lives of
millions of Americans garnered him the Nobel Peace Prize at the young
age of 35.

Martin Luther King Jr., for kids, examines how the legacy of slavery,
Jim Crow laws, the KKK, segregation, and ongoing discrimination created
a culture of violence and oppression around black communities. Then
King, a passionate young pastor, suddenly emerged as the leader of the
Alabama bus boycott in 1955 and quickly became the voice and the hope of
the growing civil rights movement. As head of the Southern Christian
Leadership Conference, he inspired the sit-ins, freedom rides, and
marches that ultimately led to the passing of the Civil Rights Bill in
1964. However, his message proved too radical for many people, and
bloodshed nearly always followed in his wake – ultimately claiming his
life in 1967. Despite this, violence did not destroy the dream of Martin
Luther King Jr.; for kids curious to learn more about his legacy, this
issue also describes his contributions to many other campaigns to
improve the lives of black Americans that continue today. --$1.25
--Magazine about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement.
Please email me if interested at Thanks, Jasda

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