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From: Jasda (
Subject:         *TOG Years 1, 2, 3 *LOTS of historical fiction & History & Science & Logic Curriculum
Date: July 8, 2013 at 11:44 am PST

Tapestry of Grace is a unit study curriculum that covers most of the
major subject areas for all your students in grades K through 12. It
covers the same general topics for all students simultaneously, but
instruction and activities are divided into four levels of learning.
The divisions are:
*Lower Grammar (Grades K-3)
*Upper Grammar (Grades 3-6)
*Dialectic (Grades 6-9)
*Rhetoric (Grades 9-12)
There is a purposeful overlap here to address the reality that students
at the same ages rarely progress at the same rate.
This curriculum lasts for the full 12 years of your students' learning
of history. Once they have gone through the first 4 years, they go back
through again, but this time at the next level. Once they are through at
that level, they go through again at the next level and so on. You will
cycle through 4 times if you begin TOG in kindergarten. You can start
TOG at any grade though.
Subject areas covered include history, writing, literature, fine arts,
geography, church history, including missions, and Bible. TOG uses non-
fiction as well as fiction books. It includes multi-sensory learning
options to address different learning styles and interests, ranging from
reading, writing, comprehension/discussions questions, and simple art
projects, to full costumed reenactments. Detailed lesson plans and
discussion outlines enable parents to teach with confidence.
Year 1: The History of Redemption covers Creation through the fall of
Comes with Loom, and Map Aids Cds and is resalable when you're done
using it. --$225.00

Year 2: Between Ancient & Modern studies the medieval world through the
signing of the U.S. Constitution.
Comes with Loom, and Map Aids Cds and is resalable when you're done
using it. --$225.00

Year 3: The Nineteenth Century addresses both American and European
Comes with Loom, and Map Aids Cds and is resalable when you're done
using it.--$225.00
OUR LIVING CONSTITUTION (Grades 5th-8th) (TOG, Yrs 2, 3, 4, 5wks)
-- This book was written to more easily pass on the rich and timeless
message of the U.S. Constitution and to demonstrate how it serves us
today. Easy-to-use, it makes the legalistic language and complex
structure of the document accessible for all students. Using a unique,
two-column format, the full text of the Constitution is presented beside
an explanation of its meaning in terms students will understand. Divided
into lessons of varying length, it includes thought-provoking questions
and directives for outside work. The book begins with a study of the
Declaration of Independence for historical perspective. --$7.00
(Grades 5th-8th)
-- The book's purpose is to revive thoughtful patriotism in the United
States - patriotism based on the simple idea that Americans are indebted
to the men and women of the revolutionary generation for the freedoms we
enjoy. It introduces students to the story of the American Revolution in
a way that will enrich their appreciation of our free system of

Why America Is Free is based on the premise that the revolutionary
generation enunciated the fundamental principles of liberty and
constructed the foundations upon which American freedom has grown for
more than two centuries. The great accomplishments of later generations
- the abolition of slavery, the recognition of the civil liberties of
women and minorities, and the spreading of American principles of
natural rights and representative government throughout the world - were
based on the achievements of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James
Madison, and the thousands of individual men and women whose sacrifices
made the American Revolution a success.

Why America Is Free teaches that the American Revolution is an ongoing
revolution, and its ultimate fulfillment is the civic responsibility of
all Americans. The future of liberty is in our hands, and ultimately the
hands of our children.

Besides the actual history, this book includes personal accounts, and
what life was like at that time. --$6.00
--About people who made daring journeys to unknown places. It begins
with the remarkable adventures of travelers in ancient times, then looks
at the fascinating exploits of medieval explorers like Marco Polo. The
book goes on to describe the brave voyages of discovery of the 15th and
16th centuries and how they changed the way people viewed the world. As
well as discussing in detail the lives and careers of the most famous
explorers, it looks at the activities of lesser known figures. Dramatic
accounts of intrepid polar explorers, mountaineers and astronauts bring
the book to thrilling close. --$3.75
--This book is packed with fascinating details about travel in the past.
Forms of transportation such as stage coaches and Egyptian ships are
clearly illustrated, and lively characters show what it was like to
travel in them. Find out why Viking horses wore spiked shoes, what
dangers American travelers had to face and much more. --$2.75
--Did they really live in caves? Did they hunt dinosaurs? Why were
woolly mammoths so woolly? These are the kind of questions you'll find
asked and answered in this book. Packed full of fun and facts about
everyday life. --$3.75
--The story of our nation from coast to coast, from earliest times to
1590. Meet the skilled farmers, hunters, builders, and craft people who
had been living in North America for thousands of years before Columbus
arrived. It describes the everyday lives of early Native Americans,
Columbus's explorations of America, and the first European colonists.
Hard cover. --$3.75
THE PIONEERS GO WEST --George Stewart (Landmark Books)
-- Seventeen-year-old Moses Schallenberger wanted to go to California.
In 1844, he joined a wagon train to do just that. There was only one
problem: Nobody had ever made it to California by wagon before. For a
year, he and 50 others struggled through high mountain passes and across
wide rushing rivers, enduring dangerous encounters with Indians and
buffalo, inclement weather, difficult terrain, near-starvation and
disaster. Ultimately, Moses and his friends succeeded–becoming the first
pioneers to cross the Sierra Nevada's by wagon. --$2.75
-- Journey back to another century and visit the untamed American West -
- the land of the Gold Rush and home to many Native American tribes. See
what life was like in a covered wagon, in a frontier town, or on a
cattle ranch. Confront dangerous outlaws and the hardships of living in
an unsettled land. Plenty of realistic illustrations, as well as period
photographs and paintings, dramatize the gritty truths of the mythic
Wild West. A splendid gift for any child fascinated by the stories and
legends of this period. Includes a biographical section, a glossary, and
an index. --$4.75
-- One of the finest history books for children, this well-loved Hillyer
classic features short, simple and engaging stories of wars, kings,
famous people and events from world history, covering prehistoric man
through the 20th century. --$8.75
-- fifteen true stories about figures and events that shaped our
nation's past from the 1870's to the present. Includes historical
timelines, discussion and writing activities, extended research
activities, and more! --$4.00
--Which three pairs of relatives have been U.S. presidents? What is the
electoral college? What's a caucus? How often has the vice president
become president? The answers to these and many other questions about
the presidential elections are revealed in this quick, friendly read.
Guiding young readers through the complicated process of determining the
leader of the country, the book includes chapters on the rules for
electing the president, the electoral college, the presidential
campaign, and the procedure and order of succession if something happens
to the president. A glossary and selected bibliography provide useful
fodder for future student research. Sprinkled throughout are fascinating
tidbits on past presidents and their wives. In the 1948 election, for
example, the Chicago Tribune was so sure Thomas Dewey had won the close
race against Harry S. Truman, they printed a front-page story with the
headline, Dewey Defeats Truman. Imagine their chagrin when all the votes
were counted and Truman had won! --$3.00
-- That's a big job, and getting bigger. But why not? Presidents have
come in just about every variety. They've been generals like George
Washington and actors like Ronald Reagan; big like William Howard Taft
and small like James Madison; handsome like Franklin Pierce and homely
like Abraham Lincoln. They've been born in log cabins like Andrew
Jackson and mansions like William Harrison.
From the embarrassment of skinny-dipping John Quincy Adams, to the
escapades of Theodore Roosevelt's children, to the heroic recovery of
John Kennedy's crew, Judith St. George shares the backroom facts, the
spit-fire comments, and the comical anecdotes that have been part and
parcel of America's White House.
Hilariously illustrated by Caldecott honor-winning artist David Small in
the cherished tradition of political commentary, this rip-roaring
celebration of the Presidents shows us the foibles, the quirks, and —
most of all — the humanity of those men who have risen to one of the
most powerful positions in the world. --$3.00
-- Crinkles is a magazine for children ages 7 to 11 designed to
stimulate a child's curiosity about people, places, things and events-
both real and imaginary. Each issue features over a dozen articles with
hands-on activities such as paper action figures, flip books, bookmarks,
puppets, word puzzles and fold-up models. Each activity leads to reading
and viewing to solve puzzles and interact with the text. Articles are
researched and written by leaders in the education arena to develop
children's skills in critical thinking, independent research and study
This issue covers story of rubber, basketball, all about Bangkok,
Thailand royalty with cut out royal outfits/figures, kite flying,
history of Buddha, all about tea, historic tea parties, Thai tales, etc.
There are also numerous activities/games throughout. --$1.75
EXPLORING CAPITOL HILL: A Kid's Guide to the U.S. Capitol and Congress
--This guide is filled with activities and puzzles to help children have
fun while learning about the Capitol and Congress. --$0.50
-Fun fact book covering all of the Presidents of the U.S. --$0.50
--Using flash cards makes learning the Presidents more fun. Each card
includes a picture of the President and the opposite side includes
information about him. Also includes 5 national monument cards. --$0.50
-- A very enjoyable, conversational read of the history of the US
encompassing its beginnings, through to the world wars. (1492-1932) Hard
cover. --$1.00
--A history of the U.S. in a dazzling Fun Filled Pageant. Covers
exploration to modern time. Adorable pictures as only Disney can
produce. (Hardcover)- $1.00
--Each double page of this book consists of an illustrated scene from a
different period of history, crammed with people of the time. The fun
comes in finding people, animals and objects in the scene. Smaller
pictures around the edges show the things to be spotted and captions
give more information. - $3.75
Usborne's Stories of Knights
- Three exciting adventure stories for early readers. The Knights
of King Arthur were the bravest, strongest and most loyal knights of
all, which these stories show as they battle dragons, slay giant ogres
and rescue maidens in distress. -$2.75
The Sign of the Chrysanthemum (Katherine Paterson)
-- Muna has never known his father -- a samurai, a noble warrior. But
Muna's mother has told Muna how he will know him one day: by the sign of
the chrysanthemum. When his mother dies, Muna travels to the capital of
twelfth-century Japan, a bewildering city on the verge of revolution. He
finds a haven there, as servant to the great swordsmith, Fukuji. But
Muna cannot forget his dream: He must find his father. Only then will he
have power and a name to be reckoned with. Only then will he become a
man. -$0.75
The Master Puppeteer (Katherine Paterson) [Sonlight Core F]
--Who is the man called Sabura, the mysterious bandit who robs the rich
and helps the poor? And what is his connection with Yosida, the harsh
and ill- tempered master of feudal Japan's most famous puppet theater?
Young Jiro, an apprentice to Yosida, is determined to find out, even at
risk to his own life.
Mean while, Jiro devotes himself to learning puppetry. Kinshi, the
puppet master's son, tutors him. When his sheltered life at the theater
is shattered by mobs of hungry, rioting peasants, Jiro becomes aware of
responsibilities greater that his craft. As he schemes to help his
friend Kinshi and to find his own parent, Jiro stumbles onto a dangerous
and powerful secret.... --$0.50
Shanghaied to China (Dave & Neta Jackson)
- Neil Thompson had promised his grandmother that he would wait for his
grandfather to bring him to see the great oceangoing ships at the docks
in Liverpool, England. But when he convinced himself that it was okay to
go alone, he did not know the danger he would face on that bright
morning in September 853. The docks were no place for a twelve-year-old
boy who was alone. Stopping to admire a small clipper ship, the
Dumfries, Neil is suddenly grabbed and dragged aboard the ship, then
locked in a small, dark room until the ship is on its way to sea. When
he's finally let out, he discovers he's been shanghaied to be a cabin
boy on a tea clipper bound for China and there's no chance for escape!
Fortunately for Neil, on board ship is a young missionary named Hudson
Taylor who is also bound for China. But will Taylor's friendship and
faith be able to overcome all the bad things that fall upon Neil's life?
Will Neil ever make it home? Why should Hudson Taylor help? -$3.25
Risking the Forbidden Game (Maude Cary)
--For Jamal and Hameem, The Game starts out as a fun and daring contest
between the two young boys to see who can collect more items belonging
to the "enemy" - the French soldiers who are keeping Morocco from
gaining its independence. For a Muslim to be seen with anything
belonging to the infidels is among the most punishable of sins, but the
excitement of The Game calls to the adventurous boys, who even risk
swiping belongings right off of the French soldiers.
The Game becomes more risky when Jamal begins collecting pictures from
the Christian missionary Maude Cary, whom he meets in the marketplace.
Surely a whole set of the pictures must be worth enough points to win
The Game! Then Jamal realizes that each picture tells a story about
Jesus, and he's torn between believing the missionary's stories and
believing the Muslim way. When a French traitor comes to Jamal for help,
will he lead Jamal to the Truth? --$3.00
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Mark Twain-Adapted by Tracy Christopher)
--With the Mississippi River right at his back door and friends who are
willing to try anything, Tom Sawyer can't seem to resist a good
adventure. From finding a treasure of gold coins, to whitewashing a
fence, to escaping the evil Injun Joe, Tom is always off on a thrilling
escapade. Prepare for laughter and action with high-spirited Tom Sawyer.
The Story of My Life (Helen Keller)
-- Great story of human courage and dedication recounted in
autobiography of a remarkable woman: the magical moment when Miss Keller
first recognizes the connection between words and objects, her joy at
learning how to speak, friendships with notable figures, her education
at Radcliffe and an extraordinary relationship with her inspired
teacher, Anne Sullivan. --$3.00
Tom Sawyer Abroad (Mark Twain)
--This delightful Tom Sawyer story picks up in the aftermath of Tom and
Huck's triumphal return from the pages of Huckleberry Finn: Tom, always
looking for trouble, finds it when he sets out to become Hannibal's
First Traveler. Tom, Huck, and Jim find themselves kidnapped by a mad
inventor, sailing cross the Atlantic and into Arabian adventure on a
hot-air balloon -- and that's only the beginning! Highly recommended;
like all of Twain, a pleasure to read. --$2.00
The Abraham Lincoln Joke Book
- Abraham Lincoln loved to tell jokes and funny stories. He like to
listen to them, even when the jokes were on him. Lincoln even had a
favorite joke book. All the jokes and stores included here are ones that
Lincoln told or were told about him. -$2.00
Gladys Aylward: Adventure of a Lifetime (Janet & Geoff Benge)
--Without formal education or a missionary organization to back her,
Gladys raised her own finances for the overland trip that would bring
her to the country and people that God had etched so deeply on her
heart... China!

What follows is an amazing adventure of faith and determination. Gladys
Aylward, a housemaid from England, dared to trust God in the face of
dire and seemingly hopeless circumstances. Her life is one of the truly
great missionary stories of our era. --$4.00
Little Britches: Father & I Were Ranchers ( Ralph Moody)
--Ralph Moody was eight years old in 1906 when his family moved from New
Hampshire to a Colorado ranch. Through his eyes we experience the
pleasures and perils of ranching there early in the twentieth century.
Auctions and roundups, family picnics, irrigation wars, tornadoes and
wind storms give authentic color to Little Britches. So do adventures,
wonderfully told, that equip Ralph to take his father's place when it
becomes necessary. --$5.75
Man of the Family (Ralph Moody)
--Fortified with Yankee ingenuity and western can-do energy, the Moody
family, transplanted from New England, builds a new life on a Colorado
ranch early in the twentieth century. Father has died and Little
Britches shoulders the responsibilities of a man at age eleven. --$5.75
The Home Ranch (Ralph Moody)
--Little Britches becomes the "man" in his family after his father's
early death, taking on the concomitant responsibilities as well as
opportunities. During the summer of his twelfth year he works on a
cattle ranch in the shadow of Pike's Peak, earning a dollar a day.
Little Britches is tested against seasoned cowboys on the range and in
the corral. He drives cattle through a dust storm, eats his weight in
flapjacks, and falls in love with a blue outlaw horse. --$5.75
Mary Emma & Company (Ralph Moody)
--The protagonist, Mary Emma Moody, widowed mother of six, has taken her
family east in 1912 to begin a new life. Her son, Ralph, then thirteen,
recalls how the Moodys survive that first bleak winter in a
Massachusetts town. Money and prospects are lacking, but not so faith
and resourcefulness. "Mother" in Little Britches and Man of the Family,
Mary Emma emerges fully as a character in this book, and Ralph, no
longer called "Little Britches," comes into his own. The family’s run-
ins with authority and with broken furnaces in winter are evocative of a
full and warm family life. --$5.75
Prelude to War (Norma Lutz)
--Edie and Carl Schmidt didn't think things could get worse at school.
But that was before the German nave began blowing American ships out of
the water. That was before the rumors started, whispers that said German
was going to invade the U.S. through Mexico. That was before their good
friend Truman Vaught left to drive an ambulance on the battlefront in
Now their best friends think Carl and Edie may be traitors just because
their father is German. What can Carl and Edie do to prove their
loyalty? --$2.50
The Wright Brothers (Quentin Reynolds) (Landmark Books)
--Young Orville and Wilbur Wright loved building things. From the
fastest sled in town to the highest-flying kite, the Wright brothers’
creations were always a step ahead of everyone else’s. They grew up
learning all about mechanics from fixing bicycles and studied math and
physics. On December 17, 1903, Orville took off in the world’s first
flying machine! The Wright airplane is one of the most amazing and life
changing. --$2.50
If You Lived at the Time of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Ellen Levine)
--If you lived at the time of Martin Luther King
--When did the civil rights movement begin?
--Were children involved in civil rights protests?
--What was the March on Washington?

This book tells you what it was like during the exciting era when Martin
Luther King led the fight against segregation. $3.75
Martin Luther King, Jr.
--Magazine about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement.
Fighting the Vietnam War (Brian Fitzgerald)
--This book tells you all about the Vietnam War (1965-1975). This was
the bloody struggle between South Vietnam and its allies, including the
United States, and the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong. Using vivid
personal accounts, it describes the terrors of jungle warfare and aerial
bombardments. It also charts the progress of the war that saw North
Vietnam victorious and the United States humbled by defeat. Find out:
When did U.S. troops first arrive is South Vietnam? What did tunnel rats
do? What was the Tet Offensive? --$5.00
Call of the Wild (Jack London)
-- During the Gold Rush, Buck is snatched away from his peaceful home
and brought to the harsh and bitter Yukon to become a sled dog. Will he
adapt, and learn to trust men? Or will his newly awakened primitive
instincts lead him to search for the freedom he has never known? -$2.25
White Fang (Jack London)
-- Half wolf, half dog, White Fang fully understands the cruelty of both
nature and humans. After nearly starving to death during the frigid
Arctic winter, he’s taken in first by a man who “trains” him through
constant whippings, and then by another who forces him to participate in
vicious dogfights. Follow White Fang as he overcomes these obstacles and
finally meets someone who offers him kindness and love. --$2.25
Brady (By Jean Fritz)
- Brady has never been trusted with secrets, until now. When he
discovers an Underground Railroad station near his family's farm, he is
forced to make his own decision about the slavery controversy. Whatever
his decision may be, he knows that this is one secret that must be kept.
By Secret Railway (Enid La Monte Meadowcroft)
-The thrilling story of two brave boys and the secret railway to freedom
that played such a stirring part in America's history. -$1.75
Harriet Tubman
--Biography of the life of Harriet Tubman -$1.75
Da Vinci (Grades 2nd-5th)
--A biography that introduces children to this great artist. Numerous
painting from him are in this book such as "Mona Lisa," "The Last
Supper," "Madonna and Child, "Baptism of Christ," and more. --$3.75
A Lion to Guard Us (Clyde Robert Bulla) [Sonlight Core D]
-- Award-winning author tells a true story about three children left
alone in London in 1609 who make their way to the Virginia colony. --
The Journeyman (Elizabeth Yates) [Sonlight Core D]
- The boy isn't much to look at: thin, pale, and undersized for his age.
Neighbors shake their heads over Jared Austin's odd ways. His father
doesn't think he's good for anything much. Even his friend Jennet
wonders what will become of him. But Jared isn't concerned; he has his
own ideas about what is really important. One day a journeyman painter
visits their quiet New Hampshire farm, and his unexpected offer sets
Jared aglow with excitement. He starts off on an adventure that takes
him miles from home and into experiences that bring him to manhood and
deepen his faith. But before he leaves, Jared promised Jennet that
someday he will come back for her. Recommended for ages 9 to 12. -$4.00
Swift Rivers (Cornelia Meigs) [Sonlight Core D]
- Barred from his family home- stead by his mean-spirited uncle,
eighteen-year-old Chris weathers a Minnesota winter in a small cabin
with his grandfather. Poverty and the tempting stories of a wandering
Easterner convince Chris to harvest the trees on his grandfather’s land
and float the logs down the spring floodwaters of the Mississippi to the
lumber mills in Saint Louis. Filled with stories of raft hands and river
pilots, this fast-paced novel has all the momentum of the great
Mississippi. -$4.00
Calico Bush (Rachel Field) [Sonlight Core D]
- Left an orphan shortly after her family arrives in the New World,
young Marguerite is "Bound-out" for six years to serve the Sargent
family in exchange for food, shelter and clothing. Will she have the
courage to overcome the trials facing her during the hungry winter of
1743? Newberry Award -$2.00
When the Soldiers Were Gone (Vera W. Propp)
-- Henk was hidden on the farm when he was young and the Nazi soldiers
came. But the war is over now, and Henk finds out that the people he
lives with, the people he loves, are not his real family. He doesn't
remember his real parents, and now a new life in the city lies ahead of
him. Will things ever be the same? --$2.50
Under the Blood Red Sun (Graham Salisbury)
-- Tomi was born in Hawaii. His grandfather and parents were born in
Japan, and came to America to escape poverty.

World War II seems far away from Tomi and his friends, who are too busy
playing ball on their eighth-grade team, the Rats.

But then Pearl Harbor is attacked by the Japanese, and the United States
declares war on Japan. Japanese men are rounded up, and Tomi’s father
and grandfather are arrested. It’s a terrifying time to be Japanese in
America. But one thing doesn’t change: the loyalty of Tomi’s buddies,
the Rats. --$3.00
Rascal (Sterling North) [Sonlight Read aloud]
- The charming story of a boy and his mischievous pet raccoon and the
event-filled year they experience together in the Wisconsin backwoods of
the early 1900s. Sure to endear raccoons to you forever! --$2.00
Sounder (William H. Armstrong) [Sonlight Read Aloud]
-- Sounder is no beauty. But as a coon dog, this loyal mongrel with his
cavernous bark is unmatched. When the African American sharecropper who
has raised Sounder from a pup is hauled off to jail for stealing a hog,
his family must suffer their humiliation and crushing loss with no
recourse. To make matters worse, in the fracas, Sounder is shot and
disappears. The eventual return of a tattered and emaciated Sounder
doesn't change the fact that the sharecropper's oldest son is forced to
take on man's work to help support the family. His transition to
adulthood is paved by the rocks and taunts hurled at him by convicts and
guards as he searches for his father. But along this rough road he
ultimately finds salvation as well. --$2.00
Shiloh (Phyllis Reynolds Naylor)
- When Marty Preston comes across a young beagle in the hills behind his
home, it's love at first sight -- and also big trouble. It turns out the
dog, which Marty names Shiloh, belongs to Judd Travers, who drinks too
much and has a gun -- and abuses his dogs. So when Shiloh runs away from
Judd to Marty, Marty just has to hide him and protect him from Judd. But
Marty's secret becomes too big for him to keep to himself, and it
exposes his entire family to Judd's anger. How far will Marty have to go
to make Shiloh his? -$2.00
Anne of Green Gables (L.M. Montgomery) (TOG, Yr 4, Ut 1, Dialectic)
-- As soon as Anne Shirley arrived at the snug, white farmhouse called
Green Gables, she knew she wanted to stay forever... but would the
Cuthberts send her back to the orphanage? Anne knows she's not what
they expected -- a skinny girl with decidedly red hair and a temper to
match. If only she could convince them to let her stay, she'd try very
hard not to keep rushing headlong into scrapes or blurt out the very
first thing she had to say. Anne was not like anybody else, everyone at
Green Gables agreed; she was special -- a girl with an enormous
imagination. This orphan girl dreamed of the day when she could call
herself Anne of Green Gables. --$2.75
Dragonwings (Laurence Yep)
- Moon shadow is eight years old when he sails from China to join his
father, Windrider, in America. Windrider lives in San Francisco and
makes his living doing laundry. Father and son have never met. But Moon
Shadow grows to love and respect his father and to believe in his
wonderful dream. And Windrider, with Moon Shadow's help is willing to
endure the mockery of the other Chinese, the poverty, the separation
from his wife and country; even the great earthquake in San Francisco,
to make his dream come true. --$2.25
The Story of George Washington Carver (Eva Moore)
- Born into slavery, George Washington Carver became one of the most
prestigious scientists of his time. This biography follows Dr. Carver's
life from childhood to his days as a teacher and discoverer.
Young readers meet one of America's most famous black scientists, whose
concern for his people led to discoveries that changed the history of
the Southeast. -$2.50
Wilbur & Orville Wright: The Flight to Adventure (Louis Sabin)
- Focuses on the childhood of the Wright Brothers and the inventiveness
they displayed from their earliest days. --$2.00
Around the World in Eighty Days (Jules Verne)
-The eccentric English gentleman Phileas Fogg accepts a challenge to
circle the globe in no more than 80 days — an incredible feat for the
Victorian age. Exotic locales, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and
comic relief (chiefly supplied by Fogg's loyal valet, Passepartout)
provide a fantastic blend of adventure, entertainment, and suspense.
--$2.00 (2)
Time Warp Trio: Tut Tut (Jon Scieszka)
- When Joe's sister accidentally opens "The Book", Joe, Sam, and Fred
suddenly find themselves in ancient Egypt, dodging crocodiles,
outwitting an evil high priest, and searching for an escape route from a
mummy-making chamber! (King Tut-Hard cover) -$2.00
Time Warp Trio: Neanderthal (Jon Scieszka)
- The Time Warp Trio is back — and they're going back in time to the
Stone Age. There is plenty to keep Sam, Joe and Fred on their toes,
including a tribe of hostile cavewomen, a hungry-looking saber-toothed
tiger and a woolly mammoth who wants to turn them into toe-jam. Worst of
all, how can The Book get them back home again when writing hasn't been
invented yet? (Hard cover) - $2.00
THE FALLACE DETECTIVE (Nathaniel and Hans Bluedorn)
-What is a fallacy? A fallacy is an error in logic a place where someone
has made a mistake in his thinking. A cloud is 90% water. A watermelon
is 90% water. Therefore, since a plane can fly through a cloud, a plane
can fly through a watermelon. This book meets the needs of parents who
want a do-able text for introducing logic and critical thinking to their
children. 36 lessons/answers as well as a Fallacy Detective game. -$7.00

-Fun to use -- not dry like a math textbook.
-Self-teaching -- not intimidating, starts students with skills they can
use right away.
-Each lesson has exercises for students, with an answer key at the back.
-Covers logical fallacies and propaganda techniques.
-Geared for ages twelve and older.
-Includes cartoons to illustrate the logical fallacies discussed,
including Peanuts, Dilbert, Calvin and Hobbes.
(All 13 books for $26.00, or if buy individually, as marked.)

-The Woodlands: A Fact Book about the Animals that Live There
-Also includes two panorama woodland scenes and 40 reusable vinyl
stickers. Brand new -$4.00
-The Giant Book of the Jungle (Large Hardcover Edition)
- From the smallest spider to the largest gorilla, this exciting look at
jungle animals highlights interesting facts and explores the different
types of jungles around the world. - $4.00
-Baby Calf - $1.75
-Eyewitness Junior's: Amazing Bears - $1.75
-Eyes on Nature: Cats - $1.75
-Wild Animal Families - $1.75
-Wild Cats and Other Dangerous Predators - $2.50
-All About Owls - $1.75
-All About Deer - $1.75
-All About Turkeys - $1.75
-Eyes on Nature: Bears - $1.75
-What's Inside?: Story of an Egg that Hatched - $0.25
-I Didn't Know Giant Pandas Eat All Day Long and Other Amazing Facts
about Giant Animals (Hard cover) - $2.75
ENDANGERED SPECIES: A Unit Study (Grades 2-5)
-- This book represents an opportunity to inform students about animal
species that are endangered or have gone extinct, and to integrate all
areas of the curriculum in the process. With projects that involve
literature, science facts, creative writing, research skills, art, and
math, students will find out why animals become endangered or extinct,
why are some of them hunted, how does the environment effect them, and
what is being done -- and can be done in the future -- to save them.

There is a five-page section of reproducible pages for hand-made books
about individual animals, such as the Florida Manatee, the Black
Rhinoceros, the Mountain Gorilla, the Giant Panda and six others. Each
is illustrated, as is the entire book, with detailed, accurate line art
of endangered or extinct species.

Project titles include: Endangered Animals - Pencil Pals, Draw these
Endangered Animals, Who Shall We Save?, In My Home Town, Fact or
Opinion, and many others. There is a form for writing a letter to
conservation groups, game refuges, or parks, a list of organizations
devoted to preserving wildlife, and an extensive bibliography of titles
for you and our students to explore.

Features complete, step-by-step instructions for all projects. All 48
pages perforated for easy removal. It is a wonderful resource for
teaching children about the world they will inherit. --$4.00
-Sticker book that contains 3 coloring scenes where kids can stick
numerous colored animals, 2 black and white scenes for coloring, 2 path
games, and 2 maze games. Great activity! --$1.75
--With interesting text and full-color photos, Mammal explains their
life. It contrasts fur-coated and spiny-covered mammals; and studies
birth and development, habitations, games the animals play, food
requirements, anatomy, tracking, and grooming practices of members of
this animal classification. Each eye-catching double-page spread treats
a different, intriguing aspect of animal life. Engravings and caringly
selected art reproductions interplay with choice photos, luring readers.
Hard cover. --$3.75
(All 4 for $2.00, or if buy individually, as marked.)

-Dinosaur Hunters - $0.75
-Prehistoric Animals - $0.75
-Dinosaurs - $0.75
-Dig into Fossils - $0.25
(All 5 for $10.50, or if buy individually, as marked.)

-Cat in the Hat’s On Beyond bugs! (All about insects-Hard cover) - $4.25
-Usborne First Nature's: Creepy Crawlies - $2.75
-Big Bad Bugs - $1.75
-The Spider Makes a Web - $1.75
-Amazing World of Spiders - $1.75
(All 3 for $4.75, or if buy individually, as marked.)

-All About Rattlesnakes - $1.75
-Eyewitness Junior's: Amazing Snakes - $1.75
-Fascinating World of Bats - $1.75
--What are these strange things? What makes a firefly glow? How do ants
find sugar? Why do some beetles have long feelers? What is an ant nest
like? Why do bees sting? … and so on. A wonderfully informative and
entertaining book on the realm of insects.

Great illustrations and beautiful, stimulating, sharp photographs that
children can understand (such as showing a subterranean environment).
Also included are Adult-level "to the parent" side notes. A "growing-up
album" section in the rear of the book is for parents to keep a log of
their child's experiences (pets, questions, adventures). If you had just
one resource book on insects for your kids, this should be it. Hard
cover. -$3.75
--Journey deep into the rain forest to meet the world's noisiest monkey,
a reptile that changes color in a flash, and a plant that eats insects.
Totally Amazing Rain Forests is filled with facts and fun. Enjoy page
after page of fascinating information, incredible close-up photographs,
jokes, and craze cartoons. --$3.00
--Look at many of the amazing, the mysterious and the unexplained
aspects of insect life. Why do some insects change color? What do
cockroaches eat? Do honeybees really dance? Test your knowledge of
insect life and discover new facts too. Read about blood-sucking moths,
waterskiing beetles and the secret language of bees. Enter the
fascinating world of a variety of species. --$3.75
--Drop in on a giant, bird-eating spider, and meet a deadly black widow.
Discover how spiders spin silky webs, build secret trapdoors, and spit
sticky glue to trap their prey. Totally Amazing Spiders is filled with
facts and fun. Enjoy page after page of fascinating information,
incredible close-up photographs, jokes, and craze cartoons. --$3.00
(All 6 for $8.00, or if buy individually, as marked.)

-Usborne Young Puzzles': Under the Sea - $2.75
-Do Fish Drink? (Hard cover) - $2.00
-Hide and Seek Science's: Where's That Fish? - $1.75
-Animals of the Sea - $1.00
-The Octopus - $1.00
-Under the Sea Coloring Book - $0.50
-Sticker book that contains 3 coloring scenes where kids can stick
numerous colored sea creatures, 2 black and white scenes for coloring, 2
path games, and 2 maze games. Great activity! --$1.75
--A story of the sea which includes an explanation of waves, tides, and
currents, why the sea is so salty, and why it changes color. Then it
talks about the people and the sea; trade, battles, adventure. Numerous
animals of the sea are colorfully depicted and discussed. Sea legends,
and other stories are discussed. Finally there is a look at the many
kinds of work people do that is related to the ocean. The book is dotted
with beautiful photos and illustrations. A list of books that the 3-12
year old can read to further their interest in the sea is included at
the back, as well as a dictionary of the sea terms used. 301 pages. Hard
cover. --$1.00
--Dive in and discover the extraordinary animals beneath the sea, from
the radiant queen angelfish to the slipper sea slug. The use the glow-in
the dark stickers to created a gleaming underwater realm of your very
own. Brand new. --$3.00
--Everything you ever wanted to know about this awesome, intelligent,
majestic creature: their anatomy, their life, their communication, their
migration, and more is included in this book. Also included are over 60
reusable photographic stickers of humpbacks, belugas, orcas, and many
more that you can stick next to the interesting facts about them. --
-- This is one of a series which provides an activity-based introduction
to geography, with concepts introduced gradually and simply. The
activities aim to be both straightforward and enjoyable, and range from
building a gushing geyser to designing a Treasure Island map and making
a sundial. Panel boxes show real-life analogies, such as showing how
toffee sets hard, to illustrate how lava turns to rock. Focusing on
mountains and volcanoes, this volume looks at the forces inside the
Earth that build mountains, describes different types of rock and the
process of erosion, and includes a feature on the Himalayas. The book
ends with a spread on some of the world's tallest mountains, and among
the activities is the building of an erupting volcano. --$3.75
--An introduction to the puzzling processes that cause earthquakes and
volcanoes. You will learn all about structure of the Earth, how and why
earthquakes occur, the different types of volcanic eruptions and also
take a close look at their wide-ranging and sometimes devastating
effects. --$3.75
-- Explore the Earth's core, climb the world's highest peaks, and
witness the dramatic eruptions of volcanoes. This enthralling
introduction to one of the planet's mightiest physical forces shows how
volcanoes are formed, where they are found and how they have changed the
face of the Earth. Spectacular cut-away illustrations, fact panels, and
a lively, informative text will keep young Earth Scientists on the boil.
A reference section at the back of the book includes an illustrated
glossary and a comprehensive index.
-- Get a visual introduction to deserts. Find out about the people,
animals and plants that live in the driest areas of the world. Explore
the strange sights of the desert's dramatic landscapes and discover how
unusual plants and animals survive for years without rain. Clear, simple
text and realistic illustrations bring all the desert's sights to life.
--Learn about the continents, volcanoes, islands, mountains,
groundwater, earthquakes, tidal waves, erosion, waves, oceans,
atmosphere and lots more. Games and puzzles that are fun to do reinforce
the researched information. Answers included at the back of book. --
--Learn all about the rocks, mineral, and crystals found in the earth
through reading and fun activity found in the book. Games and puzzles
that are fun to do reinforce the researched information. Answers
included at the back of book. --$0.75
-- What’s 2,350 miles long, only 10-20 feet wide at its source, and is
home to 12 million people? Anyone who likes tales and unbelievable facts
will probably know we’re talking about the Mississippi River; kids
sucked in by the mighty current will leave with a flotilla of fun facts
like these. In this issue, the Mississippi River, for kids, is explored
starting with its humble beginnings, from way up in Michigan to its
grand meeting with the Caribbean Sea in Louisiana. Along the way, kids
will learn about the Ojibwa Indians -- the river's earliest inhabitants-
- as well as the explorers and settlers of the area.

They can trace the river through its most famous towns – including
Hannibal, Missouri, where Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Train) was born – and
pick up some exciting information along the way about the era in which
glamorous showboats and hard-working paddleboats ruled the waters of the
ol’ Mississippi River. For kids with more of an animal fixation, they
can learn about the diverse wildlife, much of it endangered, that makes
this river what it is. Other modern-day problems plague this mythical
legendary watercourse, such as pollution, overharvesting of native
plants, and attack by non-native animals species, but no matter what,
the river keeps on rolling. --$1.75
--Read and see example color pictures of 4 habitats: Coral Reefs, Polar
Regions, Ocean, and Wetland. Includes a habitat project. --$0.25
--You've heard about electricity, but what exactly is it? Where does it
come from, and how does it get into your home? In this fascinating book,
you'll discover the wonders of electricity. --$1.75
--People always talk about the weather, but have you ever wondered what
makes it work? Why does it rain? What causes thunderstorms? How is fog
formed? How are rainbows created? This book answers these, and more
questions about the weather. Hardcover --$3.75
--Everyone love a rainbow. Find out why rainbows appear and all about
clouds, winds, hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other weather words. --
--An activity book for young people who care about the air. It explains
why we have pollution problems, where air pollution comes from, who and
what it hurts, as well as offering solutions. Science experiments, a
puzzle, activities are also included. --$0.75
--Gives kids an opportunity to learn more about dangers of drugs,
violence, and peer pressure. The lessons taught give kids information
about drugs and how they can affect their bodies and their lives. --
-- It’s microbe madness! What are these tiny critters that live in, on,
and around us, and outnumber the cells of the human body 100 to 1?
Microbes, for kids, peers into this microscopic world of invisible
creatures that have existed for a long time and far, far outnumber us,
first by taking a look at the main varieties – bacteria, protists,
fungi, and viruses – then by charting the ways microbes both help us and
hurt us. While 95% of microbes are harmless, and do many important jobs,
like breaking down feces, eating radioactive waste, and curing dangerous
diseases. It’s that 5% that worry us, so kids will enjoy learning about
how to prevent the bad guys from spreading.

A cool centerfold on “Microbe Man” delves into the ways that these
microorganisms help our bodies performs their tasks, and another section
covers “extremophiles,” which survive in unbelievable conditions, like
“snot-tites,” which are highly acidic, sulfur-eating microbes. (For kids
who love yucky facts, just say “snot-tites” and they’ll be all ears.)
Kids will also have fun reading about microbe detectives through the
ages, and how microbes have changed history, such as the ones that
caused the Black Death in the Middle Ages. Microbes, for kids who want
an insider’s view of the zillions of wiggling, microscopic creatures
that sustain – and take away – life, is sure to impress. --$1.75

WHERE ARE THEY? -More than 1,000 fun things to search and find. Find
Frankie. Look for Laura. Detect Donald. Search for Susie. -$1.75
-- Crinkles is a magazine for children ages 7 to 11 designed to
stimulate a child's curiosity about people, places, things and events-
both real and imaginary. Each issue features over a dozen articles with
hands-on activities such as paper action figures, flip books, bookmarks,
puppets, word puzzles and fold-up models. Each activity leads to reading
and viewing to solve puzzles and interact with the text. Articles are
researched and written by leaders in the education arena to develop
children's skills in critical thinking, independent research and study
This issue covers story of rubber, basketball, all about Bangkok,
Thailand royalty with cut out royal outfits/figures, kite flying,
history of Buddha, all about tea, historic tea parties, Thai tales, etc.
There are also numerous activities/games throughout. --$1.75
--Book of thirteen picture puzzles for armchair detectives. And when you
think you have solved all the puzzles, you may discover that the answers
contain their own little mysteries. - $1.00
-- Learn every trick in the book with this amazing collection of 62
science possibilities to fool you. These challenges will seem
impossible, but you can do each and every one of them. You can't lose
because the odds are all stacked in your favor. The key to your success
is science, the big puzzle solver. With the help of secrets about the
human body, matter, and energy, you can perform superhero acts you
didn't know were possible. Learn to hang a spoon on the end of your
nose, make a sugar cube float, and keep a ball in the air for hours.
Surprise yourself, fool your friends, and amaze your teachers. With
science as your secret ally, you can make fun out of impossible
situations. You can bet on it! --$0.75
-- Learn every trick in the book with this amazing collection of 82
science possibilities to fool you. These challenges will seem
impossible, but you can do each and every one of them. You can't lose
because the odds are all stacked in your favor. The key to your success
is science, the big puzzle solver. With the help of secrets about the
human body, matter, and energy, you can perform superhero acts you
didn't know were possible. Learn to hang a spoon on the end of your
nose, make a sugar cube float, and keep a ball in the air for hours.
Surprise yourself, fool your friends, and amaze your teachers. With
science as your secret ally, you can make fun out of impossible
situations. You can bet on it! --$0.75
--Questions and answers about submarines. Hardcover. - $0.75
1000 CUBE BASE 10 MANIPULATIVE SET (PreK-High School) --Students learn
math lessons faster when they can see a visual demonstration of the
lesson using base ten math manipulative. Use these plastic base ten
cubes to teach basic place value and base ten concepts. The base cube is
useful in teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,
geometry, measurement, and algebra. This set contains 10 purple blocks,
each scored into 100 units, for a total of 1000 units. --$4.75
--Shows how to use the metric system in fun, understandable language. -
Email me if interested. Thanks, Jasda

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