Brown Rice Will Make You Fat? (VIDEO)

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Subject: Brown Rice Will Make You Fat? (VIDEO)
Date: February 24th 2014
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Dear VegSource Reader:

Wheat Belly & Grain Brain Solve Obesity Crisis! (VIDEO)

Two bestselling books make a similar claim -- whole wheat, brown rice, corn and potatoes have made people FAT and SICK!

But meat, cheese, fish and butter -- these will make you thin and well, according to these same authors.

Paging Dr. Atkins!

There's just one huge problem with this thesis: Reality.

Watch this 2 minute video that blows low carb diets out of the water -- once and for all.

Feel Bad if Someone "Unlikes" You on Facebook? (VIDEO)

Rejection. Everyone feels it at some point or another.

Maybe you post a photo on Facebook and no one likes it? Yes, there's rejection in social media.

Did you know that we experience the pain of rejection in the same area of our brain as we do when we experience physical pain?

In fact, rejection is the only emotion which affects that area of the brain. Why?

Watch top psychologist Guy Winch PhD from our Expo in this short excerpt talking about a fascinating subject."

Watch video: 10 minutes

Man vs. Beast: Who's Good/Evil? (VIDEO)

Are animals inherently good or bad?

"A wolf in sheep's clothing." Are wolves evil?

Watch this short excerpt from a talk by Jeffrey Masson PhD, entitled "Beasts: What Animals Can Teach Us About the Origins of Good & Evil."

Video: 13 minutes

Curing Leaky Gut Syndrome (VIDEO)

Just how important are your intestines when it comes to health? Research is showing increasingly that your gut dictates a great deal about your health.

"Leaky Gut Syndrome" is responsible for a host of serious medical problems like arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.

How do you get it? And more importantly, how do you avoid or heal it?

Watch this 8 minute video from Michael Klaper MD to find out:

Animal Protein "Turns On" Cancer (VIDEO)

T. Colin Campbell PhD -- considered by many the "Einstein of nutrition research" -- has a message:

Cancer genes are wimps.

You may be pre-disposed to getting cancer from your genes, but your nutritional decisions can trump your genes. In other words, you can avoid -- and even stop -- cancers through diet.

Professor Campbell, renowned author of The China Study, gave two fascinating and sweeping talks during the Expo this year. He spoke about his life's work and his vast research on the mechanisms that promote cancer.

A lot of it comes down to this: you can stop your cancer genes from developing cancer by dramatically reducing or removing animal protein from your diet. Or, if you don't have much genetic tendancy toward cancer, you can still get cancer -- just by eating or drinking a lot of animal protein, such as milk products.

Watch this fascinating 10 minute excerpt from Dr. Campbell's talk:

Lupus stopped with a plant-based diet (VIDEO)

Now we bring you the story of a woman with lupus, a very serious, life-threatening illness which had landed her in the hospital with kidney failure.

Daily life was dozens of pills, and giving herself shots in the belly.

You may have have already seen our 8-minute video where members of the Missionary Progressive Baptist Church in Berkeley, California, described what happened when they went plant-based.

On this page you can find that original video, and just below that video is a second video -- watch the short testimonial about what happened to a lupus sufferer -- after only 3 days of a healthy plant-based diet:

Love, peas & aloha,
Jeff & Sabrina



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