My brother's cancer: How he's going to prevent a recurrence

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Subject: My brother's cancer: How he's going to prevent a recurrence
Date: February 5th 2012
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Jeff & PennyDear VegSource Reader,

Some really good good blog entries on the site right now.

You can meet my older brother, Jamie, and read about his recent experience -- with prostate cancer. Learning that obesity is a major predictor of cancer recurrence, find out what Jamie has decided to do about it. (Hint, it has to do with going plant-strong and setting a goal to run the San Diego Marathon in June. Care to join him/us?

Jamie NelsonMy health, my future

Jamie Nelson, 01.29.2012

I am a 59-year old single man. I work as a digital marketer in Northern California. I am changing my future. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had surgery. Since then, i've been not very active and gained... Read Post


Or what if you're kinda vegan, but not totally? And it makes ya feel a little guilty? Scroll down for a great essay by Sarah Taylor telling it like it is.

Sarah TaylorAlmost Vegan

Sarah Taylor, 02.02.2012

It feels like I’ve become a vegan therapist lately.  There have been a rash of people who have come to me with concerns that they are not 100% vegan … people who used to be 100% vegan but now slip up with... Read Post


You can read the latest from our resident veg historian, Sir John Davis, who takes a look at who was "vegan" in the middle ages. Most weren't actually vegan, but didn't eat meat, interestingly. The only one who met the definition we use today? Would you believe an anti-religion, anti-hunting, anti-honey poet who lived 1,000 years Baghdad? Fascinating stuff!

John DavisMedieval Mindsets - 'vegans' in the middle ages

John Davis, 02.01.2012

There were people who didn’t eat meat in Medieval Europe, and in Asia, but mostly for very different reasons to what we associate with veganism today. In the western world the time after the fall of the Roman Empire - ‘the dark... Read Post


Michael Greger MDAtkins Diet and Erectile Dysfunction

Michael Greger MD, 02.02.2012

Yesterday's video-of-the-day, Atkins Diet: Trouble Keeping It Up, discusses a case report of a man who went on a low carb diet, lost his ability to have an erection, and nearly lost his life. That was just one person, though. Researchers at...Read Post

Gail DavisBook Review: Vegan Holiday Kitchen by Nava Atlas

Gail Davis, 02.05.2012

I have an addiction—an insatiable appetite and one true weakness. I admit it. I am obsessed with vegan recipe books. Maybe it's because when I first became vegan there were so few really great vegan cookbooks available. I was out there... Read Post

Dustin Rudolph PharmDHow To Feel Vitamin "D"errific!

Dustin Rudolph PharmD, 01.31.2012

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, has become nothing short of a celebrity over the past few years. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find any doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare practitioner who hasn't heard of all the... Read Post

Walter Jacobson, M.D.Anger Management: Channeling Anger Into Effective Communication

Walter Jacobson, M.D., 01.25.2012

Anger is a signal device to inform that there is a perceived threat. In relationships, anger is used to emotionally beat up the other person. Best that anger be channeled into calm, effective communication of one's concerns so that problems can be... Read Post

Janice Stanger, PhDEight Key Questions to Ask Before Going on a Diet

Janice Stanger, PhD, 01.02.2012

And Why the Best Diet Is No Diet At All Going on a diet is a serious decision. The eating plan you choose will impact your health, appearance, quality of life, self-image, and self-confidence. With so many diet choices, it’s easy to... Read Post

Dr. Will TuttleThe Five Universal Taboos

Dr. Will Tuttle, 12.25.2011

Built-in Fairness Meters The more biologists and psychologists delve into understanding innate behavioral drives, the more they find that we humans seem to be hard-wired to be highly sensitive to fairness in social interactions. Interestingly, this universal taboo against unfairness in human... Read Post


Love & Peas and Happy New Year!
Jeff and Sabrina



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