ANOTHER New Heart Disease Study - Wow!

Subject: ANOTHER New Heart Disease Study - Wow!
Date: July 7th 2014

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Dear VegSource Reader:

Dr. Esselstyn Demonstrates AGAIN: Plant-Based Is the Cure for Heart Disease

It was less than a week ago that Dr. Esselstyn published a new study. That study show how, in a group of nearly 200 individuals, the plant-based, no-oil, low-fat diet stopped heart disease 99.4% of the time. (You can scroll down to read about that.)

Now Dr. Esselstyn has another new article published in a major journal -- The Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cardiology.

The new article is titled "The Nutritional Reversal of Cardiovascular Disease -- Fact or Fiction? Three Case Reports."

This article looks at three individuals who had very serious heart conditions, who decided to try Dr. Esselstyn's program. As you might expect, all three experienced dramatic improvements in multiple ways.

This is an exciting paper that makes it crystal clear: any cardiologist who isn't telling her patients about Dr. Esselstyn's ground-breaking findings -- should not be practicing.

Every patient has a right to know they can stop their heart disease in its tracks, and even reverse it, just by changing what they eat.

Read Dr. Esselstyn's new study now: (PDF file - requires free Adobe reader)


Salt, Sugar & Oil: What's The Problem? (VIDEO)

You know that salt, sugar and oil are things you want to keep to a minimum in your diet. You know that whether you're a beginner, or a seasoned healthy eater.

But do you know the many reasons why?

Would you eat something if you knew it significantly raised your risk of developing:

1. Tissue aging
2. High blood pressure
3. Type II diabetes
4. Cataracts
5. Blindness
6. Kidney failure
7. Stroke
8. Other degenerative diseases like arthritis and erectile dysfunction

Excessive consumption of salt, sugar and oils have been linked with all of the above health scourges of modern life.

Michael Klaper MD has created a video program that explains in (sometimes horrifying) detail just what a diet with too much salt, sugar and oil does to your health.

After watching Dr. Klaper's new DVD program, you're may find yourself tightening up your own diet, renewing your determination to eat as healthy as possible.

Watch this 5 minute excerpt from Dr. Klaper's program, then order the full DVD:


"Food Poisoning" Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity

Dr. McDougall has created a fun, easy to understand e-book. He explains that food poisoning is more than just about washing the salmonella off your bread board. Food poisoning causes diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases -- you name it.

Avoid the foods that poison you, and focus on the foods that bring health!

The book will cost you nothing! Check it out right now, you will find it thoroughly enjoyable:


Heart Disease Prevention Cookbook!

Yesterday we told you about Dr. Esselstyn's important brand new study confirming that heart disease can indeed be arrested and reversed through a healthy plant-based diet. (Scroll down for that release.)

Today we bring you a brand new "how to" -- a cookbook by Ann and Jane Esselstyn -- Dr. Esselstyn's wife and daughter!

Spreading the word about plant-based eating has become an Esselstyn family affair. Ann Crile Esselstyn and Jane Esselstyn are a mother-daughter team with decades of experience developing delicious, healthful dishes -- including the recipes for the New York Times bestsellers Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, and My Beef with Meat by son, Rip.

Now, Ann and Jane are pleased to announce the release of their cookbook.

The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook is filled with stunning photography and more than 125 plant-based, oil- and nut-free recipes that make it easy to make your heart healthier, one delectable meal at a time.

Preorder today:


Most Important Plant-Based Study of the Decade?

Over 25 years ago, Caldwell Essselstyn Jr. MD brought together a group of 17 people who were dying from heart disease. He had a hypothesis he wanted to test: that a low-fat plant-based diet could arrest and reverse heart disease.

25 years later, we know he absolutely proved his hypothesis with this small group.

The next logical step would be to see if he could reproduce his findings in a larger group.

Today the Journal of Family Practice published landmark new research from Dr. Esselstyn and his team on just this question. And today you can read the full published research yourself. (See link below.)

In a nutshell, Dr. Esselstyn and his co-authors followed 198 consecutive patient volunteers who undertook a plant-based diet with Dr. Esselstyn's guidance. Out of the initial 198, 177 individuals were compliant with the diet (89%). Of this compliant group, only one individual suffered a recurrent event of heart disease. That is an event rate of .6% -- the lowest recurrence rate to date of any study of plant-based diets and heart disease.

21 individuals of the original 198 in the research group did not adhere to Dr. Esselstyn's diet program. They went back to the standard American diet. 13 of these nonadherent participants -- or 62% -- subsequently experienced adverse cardiac events.

It is worth nothing that the individuals who did not eat the plant-based diet were still under typical cardiology care and received standard medical interventions like pills and procedures. Yet 62% of them still succumbed to more adverse heart events.

62% got worse with a standard diet and standard medical care, whereas only .6% of the people who followed Dr. Esselstyn's diet had any further heart problems.

That means Dr. Esselstyn's diet appears to be ONE HUNDRED TIMES more effective than standard care from a typical cardiologist. It's not just 2 or 3 times better, it's 100 times better. It is, quite literally, the difference between dying of heart disease versus curing the disease.

This study should be broadcast from every rooftop. Every cardiologist should give a copy of this study to their patients, in case that patient wishes to avoid heart disease altogether and just cure it.

This study essentially confirms that people can choose whether or not to have heart attacks, strokes, angina or other cardiovascular issues.

Apparently heart disease is a completely optional disease. It's a choice -- and the best news is you can choose to prevent it or reverse it, avoiding it entirely.

Read Dr. Esselstyn's new study now (PDF FILE):


Come meet Dr. Esselstyn in person along with his wife, Ann, daughter, Jane, and son, Rip, at our Expo in October, details here:

EXPO 2014 -- Oct 10-12 - Meet Superstars of the Plant-Based World

All in one place! All in LA!

John McDougall MD
Caldwell Esselsty MD
Michael Klaper MD
Rip Esselstyn
Alan Goldhamer DC
Matt Lederman MD
Jay Gordon MD FAAP
Robert Ostfeld MD
Stephan Esser MD
Liz George MD
Jane & Ann Esselstyn

You may be familiar with the works of speakers like Dr. McDougall and Dr. Esselstyn, but this year we have some speakers you may not have heard from -- who also have very powerful messages.

We'll look at state and the future of the plant-based movement.

It looks solid.

At the Expo, we'll be focusing on -- being the healthiest you possible! What else? We'll also have a number of special presentations focused on varied specific topics, such as how to lose weight and keep it off.

If you haven't purchased your tickets to the Expo yet, this is going to be a really fun, entertaining, educational and inspiring conference.

It's in a gorgeous new location in the Los Angeles area.

And we have done everything humanly possible to keep the price very, very affordable.

These are top thinkers and movers in the health world.

You want to be here for this landmark weekend.

Reserve your spot today.

Full info at:

Love & Peas,
Jeff, Sabrina and Team VegSource



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