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Subject: New Esselstyn COOKING DVD! (VIDEO)
Date: February 25th 2015

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Dear VegSourcer:

Introducing: Prevent/Reverse Heart Disease COOKING DVD (VIDEO)

Ann and Jane Esselstyn, authors of the bestselling Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook, recently teamed to demonstrate some of their favorite (soon to be yours, too) recipes from their new book!

You can watch a short video excerpt from the Cooking Video, and then order your copy of this fun and informative new DVD!

Watch video excerpt now (approx. 3 minutes):


Sugar Can Cure Type 2 Diabetes (VIDEO)

Fat -- not carbs -- is the cause of Type 2 diabetes, the cure is a low-fat starch-based diet.

In this short clip, Dr. McDougall discusses the considerable research showing that a high carb diet -- even a diet of table sugar, white rice and fruit juice -- can cure Type 2 diabetes.

And yet -- incredibly -- a lot of people misguidedly believe sugar is the culprit in this disease.

Watch full video (4 minutes):


Top Experts: On B-12 for Vegans (VIDEO)

Can all the experts on our panel agree that B-12 is an absolutely essential supplement for vegans?

Not necessarily. :)

Watch full video (4 minutes):


Dr. Goldhamer: Overweight People Are Addicts? (VIDEO)

We have been bringing you Dr. Goldhamer's presentation about the brain, the impact of calorie density on obesity, and how chemicals in foods are manipulated to get you addicted.

If you know someone who is trying to lose weight and can't, perhaps it's because they're an addict? Listen to Dr. Goldhamer's recommendations.

Watch video (4 minutes):


What Chemicals in Food Cause Obesity? (VIDEO)

Last week we ran Part One of this video program, today we bring you Part Two.

In Part One, the founder of the True North Health Center, Alan Goldhamer DC, explained how our brains were never intended to operate in our modern environment, and how chemicals in our food trick our brain into making us overweight and obese.

Today we bring you Part Two, where Dr. Goldhamer gets specific about what some of the chemicals are, and what you should do about it if you want to lose weight and maxmimize health.

Watch now: (16 minutes)


Rip Esselstyn Fitness Secrets (VIDEO)

Engine 2 Diet creator, Rip Esselstyn, stayed with Team VegSource (the Nelsons) last week!

Rip has a grueling schedule at the moment, 10 weeks touring around various Whole Foods Market stores across the country, inspiring team members to take his plant-strong challenge, and educating about his line of Engine 2 food products.

So how does Rip keep fit when he's on the road?

Here's his answer, in this 4-minute video.

Watch now:

My Father's Memorial Service (VIDEO)

I have not yet had a chance to respond to and thank the many people on this list who sent condolences and other kind words after I sent out my father's obituary last Friday.

Because so many people wrote nice words about my father, I wanted to share one more thing.

On this past Sunday, we had the memorial service for my dad, and even some people who received the notification from this list attended -- for which I am grateful.

My wife was in the audience, of course, and she decided to begin videotaping it with her iPhone. I was the Emcee for event, and near the beginning talked about my dad and what he meant to me.

If you would like to see my short talk, along with a video I created of my father, you can do so at this link.

To those who wrote me recently about my father's passing, thank you again for your warm and generous words.

Watch video now (21 minutes):


My Father's Obituary

My 93-year-old plant-strong dad died last month. We will miss him a lot. He had a massive heart attack about 5 years ago which should have killed him. Left anterior descending, also known as "the widow maker." But he just happened to be in the ER at the moment it hit, 50 feet away from a cath lab and an expert cardiologist. So he survived.

After that experience, he adopted the McDougall/Esselstyn diet with uncompromising fervor, and completely banished his heart disease.

If you would like to read about this wonderful man who was so dear to all of us at VegSource, please click here:

2014 EXPO DVD Program Now Shipping!

The excerpt linked above comes from the Panel Discussion in our October 2014 Expo.

The new DVD program from this Expo -- Get Healthy Now Black -- is now shipping!

Order your copy today:

Love & Peas,
Jeff, Sabrina and Team VegSource



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