My Wife Was Hit By A Truck

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Subject: My Wife Was Hit By A Truck
Date: May 20th 2015

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Dear VegSource friend:

My Wife Was Hit By A Truck - And Is Going to be Okay

I wanted to update you about a serious accident at Team VegSource -- my wife, Sabrina, was in a very serious bike accident. She's in a lot of pain but alive, and has a fractured fibula as well as a lot of soft tissue damage.

Here's what happened. Around 5pm Monday, Sabrina decided to take a bike ride on her own. It's about a mile from our home to the bike path, and she rode on the sidewalk toward the path.

She waited to cross a street, the light turned green for her, she got on her bike and started to cross. A guy in a pickup truck who wasn't looking drove through the red light and right into her in the crosswalk.

Sabrina ended up under the truck with her left leg pinned under a tire. A group of people lifted the truck up and dragged Sabrina out from under the truck by her hands.

I was at home and got a call from Sabrina on her cellphone. But when I answered, no one was there. She called a couple of times but each time, no one was there. So I texted her to call me on the home phone line. She texted back "Please come to intersection of Variel and Lassen" I texted ok. She texted, "She got hit by a car." I texted back "Who?" The text came back: "The woman whose phone I'm texting on."

We got down as fast as possible. (Reason I couldn't hear the person who called on Sabrina's phone is that the phone was linked to Sabrina's Bluetooth headset which was on the ground at the scene, so I couldn't hear the caller, nor could she hear me.)

The surgeon said he is trying to save some very large areas of skin on Sabrina's left leg which were stripped bare in the accident. The more skin he can save, the less skin grafting Sabrina will need.

So Sabrina is on the mend, and has a bit of a trek ahead of her over the coming days and months.

Things could have been a whole lot worse. Sabrina could easily have been killed. She had her helmet on as well as elbow and forearm protectors. Everything from the waist up was fine.

So that is the report I wanted to share. Along with a reminder to please -- be careful out there!


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Love & Peas,
Jeff, Sabrina and Team VegSource



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