Update on Sabrina's Condition After Accident

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Subject: Update on Sabrina's Condition After Accident
Date: June 24th 2015

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Dear VegSource friend:

Update on Sabrina

A lot of subscribers have asked how Sabrina is doing -- as you may know, Sabrina was hit by a truck while riding her bike 5 weeks ago, and spent over 2 weeks in the hospital.

So the update: I'm happy to report that Sabrina is doing better these days!

She returned from the hospital a few weeks ago and has been living on the first floor of our home, getting around in a wheelchair at first, now on a walker.

She broke her left leg and lost a lot of skin and soft tissue around her calf muscle and knee on the same leg. Next week Sabrina is going in for another surgery, this time to graft skin from her thigh onto the areas on her leg where there's no skin. After that surgery she'll be in a big splint for at least 5 days while they try to immobilize her so the grafts take. Once that happens, then the real healing can begin!

Meanwhile, Sabrina has been in physical therapy and hobbling around on her walker, and has even gone out a little bit here and there with me, as in the photo above.

So all in all Sabrina is incredibly lucky. She has challenges ahead but we are hopeful for a full recovery and getting everything back. Her leg may end up looking like the shark from Jaws took a couple bites, but main thing is Sabrina is working as hard as she can to recover and eventually put this whole thing behind her.

Thanks to all who have sent messages and well wishes!

Big hugs,


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Love & Peas,
Jeff, Sabrina and Team VegSource



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