Veganism On YouTube - A Mess

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Subject: Veganism On YouTube - A Mess
Date: July 23rd 2016

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Veganism Is Dead - You Killed It (VIDEO)

In today's video I take a look at the state of veganism on social media.

Do you have an opinion on how veganism is doing online? To me, not so great. A lot of drama and angry attack videos.

If you agree there may be room for improvement, join the discussion.

Watch video now (16 mins.):

You're Not Vegan! (Full Documentary)

Donald Watson invented veganism in 1944.

Six years later he was driven out of the Society he founded -- for not being vegan enough.

Today we bring you a fascinating documentary about the scandalous early history of veganism, and how its creator was driven out of the Vegan Society he founded -- and the lessons today's vegans can draw from this.

Has anyone ever told you, "You're not vegan!" when you believe you are? If so, you're in good company.

Watch video now (57 mins.):

Vegan in Kauai - VLOG (VIDEO)

Spent a month in paradise, and brought you back -- this video.

This is an island of tranquility and healing.

I also found out I can ride my bike really really fast when a 150 pound dog is trying to sink his teeth into me. :)

Watch now (11 mins.):


Do Nutrients Matter? The All-Potato Diet (VIDEO)

Are you trying hard to eat as many nutrient-rich foods as possible?

Maybe you want to reconsider that.

Today we bring you a presentation including Drs. McDougall and Lisle discussing the possibility of nutrient deficiencies on a healthy starch-based vegan diet.

This is eye-opening.

Watch now (21 mins.):


Durianrider's Lean Body Bike Bible - Book Review (VIDEO)

Not long ago I posted a video about how I lost 30 pounds using Dr. McDougall's Maximum Weight Loss Program. (That video is linked at the bottom of this newsletter.)

How it worked - I lost about 20 pounds at first, just through diet. Then I strated bicycling, and very quickly I lost another 10 pounds. Now I bike several days a week.

One of my inspirations for taking up cycling was an Australian bloke named Durianrider. He came out with a book about cycling, and today I review that book -- it has a lot of useful information no matter whether you're beginner or advanced bicyclist.

Watch full video (9 minutes):


Dr. McDougall KICKED OUT of Obesity Medical Conference

Dr. McDougall was invited to speak at the Obesity Medicine Conference next week in San Francisco. Of course he is one of the leading weight loss experts in the world.

But this week, Conference organizers rescinded their invite and Dr. McDougall was FIRED.

Dr. McDougall had agreed to a number of demands placed by the organizers. But in the end, the conference is about the medical-industrial system making money off of fat people; Dr. McDougall is about conquering obesity. But there isn't much profit in conquering obesity and getting people well -- in fact, it's bad for business, as the Obesity Medical Conference people concluded.

Watch full video (7 minutes):


Love & Peas,
Jeff, Sabrina and Team VegSource



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