Carnivore Sues Vegan For Criticizing Her "Starvation" Diet (VIDEO)

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Subject: Carnivore Sues Vegan For Criticizing Her "Starvation" Diet (VIDEO)
Date: March 26th 2015

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Dear VegSourcer:

Bikini Girl vs. Banana Girl (VIDEO)

Battle of the Bikini Girls -- Kayla Itsines vs. Freelee the Banana Girl and Durianrider.

If you haven't heard, Kayla Itsines, who sells an expensive diet and workout Bikini Program, has sued Freelee the Banana Girl and Durianrider, who both promote a "Raw Till 4" diet (raw foods all day and a starched-based, McDougall-style dinner).

In this video I share my opinions and commentary about the litigation.

Watch now (15 mins.):


Are You Suffering from Food Poisoning? (VIDEO)

Dr. McDougall breaks it all down nice and simple, so an 8-year-old can understand. :)

Check out his explanation of what are the root causes of health problems such as obesity, heart disease, cancers, and diabetes. Then share it with your friends.

Watch now (12 mins.):


What's Your Exercise Routine? (VIDEO)

Okay, I'm not some highly decorated former professional triathlete or ultramarathoner. I'm not a former college all star swimmer who can do 5 Ironmans in 5 days. (There are a few of those out there in the plant-based world, and you've probably read their wonderful books. :)

In my case, I'm probably a lot more like you than the superstar atheltic authors who adopted a plantbased diet...I'm pushing 60 and looking to keep fitness and function at a good level as long as possible.

So today I'm bringing a video about my own workout routine, what I do regularly to try to keep it real. I'm curious what you may be doing for a routine to stave of gravity. Would love to read your comment after viewing the video.

Here's what I do (6 minutes):


Erectile Dysfunction -- It's the Food (VIDEO)

Some people have to take a little blue pill to be functional.

Instead, take a little green veggie and cure the problem.

Jane Esselstyn RN describes the cause of ED -- and the 100% cure is a plant-based diet.

Watch video (6 minutes):


Type 2 Diabetes Caused by Fat, Cured by Plants (VIDEO)

What's happening with Type I and Type II Diabetes?

In this highly entertaining presentation, Jane Esselstyn RN explains and demonstrates the mechanisms involved in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Her illustration is hilarious and very memorable.

Then Jane explains how a lowfat vegan diet can cure Type II diabetes, and even improve Type I. This is a really great presentation, and an excerpt from the Expo 2014 DVD program.

Watch video excerpt now (5 mins):


80/10/10 Debunked (VIDEO)

Want to learn the truth about the 80/10/10 diet?

It's not what you think.

Watch video excerpt now (10 mins):


Introducing: Prevent/Reverse Heart Disease COOKING DVD (VIDEO)

Ann and Jane Esselstyn, authors of the bestselling Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook, recently teamed to demonstrate some of their favorite (soon to be yours, too) recipes from their new book!

You can watch a short video excerpt from the Cooking Video, and then order your copy of this fun and informative new DVD!

Watch video excerpt now (approx. 3 minutes):


Sugar Can Cure Type 2 Diabetes (VIDEO)

Fat -- not carbs -- is the cause of Type 2 diabetes, the cure is a low-fat starch-based diet.

In this short clip, Dr. McDougall discusses the considerable research showing that a high carb diet -- even a diet of table sugar, white rice and fruit juice -- can cure Type 2 diabetes.

And yet -- incredibly -- a lot of people misguidedly believe sugar is the culprit in this disease.

Watch full video (4 minutes):


Top Experts: On B-12 for Vegans (VIDEO)

Can all the experts on our panel agree that B-12 is an absolutely essential supplement for vegans?

Not necessarily. :)

Watch full video (4 minutes):


Dr. Goldhamer: Overweight People Are Addicts? (VIDEO)

We have been bringing you Dr. Goldhamer's presentation about the brain, the impact of calorie density on obesity, and how chemicals in foods are manipulated to get you addicted.

If you know someone who is trying to lose weight and can't, perhaps it's because they're an addict? Listen to Dr. Goldhamer's recommendations.

Watch video (4 minutes):


2014 EXPO DVD Program Now Shipping!

The new DVD program from this Expo -- Get Healthy Now Black -- is now shipping!

Learn more and order your copy today:

Love & Peas,
Jeff, Sabrina and Team VegSource



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