New EXPO DVD Available for Pre-Order!

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Subject: New EXPO DVD Available for Pre-Order!
Date: November 20th 2014

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Dear VegSourcer:

Pre-Order the 2014 EXPO DVD Program and get FREE Shipping!

I have been finishing up the editing and mastering of the DVD containing talks from this year's Healthy Lifestyle Expo.

I am not always able to hear all the talks during the Expo weekend because there are usually a hundred and one details to deal with at the time. But after the Expo is over, I have the privilege of being able to watch all the talks from the entire weekend on my computer, as I make edits and tweaks to create this year's DVD set.

And I have to say, I don't recall a past year when I have enjoyed this task so much!

The talks this year, from a mix of superstar legends and up-and-coming rising stars, are simply amazing.

There is so much great NEW information being shared, watching these talks has been an incredibly inspiring experience for me personally.

I have found myself taking notes as I go . . . of things I want to remember, advice I want to take, quotes I want to use, and suggested strategies I want to try for myself in order to really take my health and fitness to the next level.

And this is coming from someone who has been doing this for 18 years already, and who has seen a LOT of terrific talks over many years. This year's Expo was really simply...amazing!

The GET HEALTHY NOW BLACK DVD Set, which is this year's 2014 Expo on DVD, will be shipping in December.

Pre-order a copy today so that you can receive it just as soon as it's available.

And save $9.95 by getting FREE SHIPPING! This speical discount is only available if you order before December 1.

This video program will make a really solid, valuable holiday gift for family, friends -- or yourself!

If you've already pre-ordered the new DVD, stay tuned for some really useful information coming your way soon!

For more information and to place your own pre-order, go here:


The Diet To End Acne

Today we bring you a story of learning and transformation.

Acne can happen -- even when eating a healthy lowfat plant-based diet.

What to do in order to get rid of the acne?

Step up your game.

Watch this 6 minute video of Nina and Randa describing going from a low-fat vegan diet to the McDougall Clear Skin Diet -- which worked like crazy for them!

Love & Peas,
Jeff, Sabrina and Team VegSource



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