New Study: Dr. McDougall's Starched-Based Program Works!

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Subject: New Study: Dr. McDougall's Starched-Based Program Works!
Date: October 27th 2014

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Dear VegSourcer:

Dr. McDougall's 10-Day Program -- Results Published in Medical Journal

Have you heard of Dr. McDougall's 10-Day Residential Program? You check in, get your bloodwork and other vitals tested, then spend 10 days receiving information about the healthiest diet, being fed the healthiest diet, and immersing yourself into what it means to become healthy.

At the end of 10 days, bloodwork and other tests are repeated -- and what's happened is usually nothing short of miraculous. Except it's not a miracle. There's no need to hope for a miracle, just show up and do Dr. McDougall's program; the miracle takes care of itself.

Now a new study confirms how fast people in Dr. McDougall's program can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, reverse diabetes, and gain many other huge health benefits.

You can check out the new study here:

And if you want to see just what goes on during a 10-Day McDougall program, watch this video:


The Diet To End Acne

Today we bring you a story of learning and transformation.

Acne can happen -- even when eating a healthy lowfat plant-based diet.

What to do in order to get rid of the acne?

Step up your game.

Watch this 6 minute video of Nina and Randa describing going from a low-fat vegan diet to the McDougall Clear Skin Diet -- which worked like crazy for them!

Love & Peas,
Jeff, Sabrina and Team VegSource



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