AJ Lost A LOT More Weight -- Here's How (VIDEO)

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Subject: AJ Lost A LOT More Weight -- Here's How (VIDEO)
Date: April 11th 2014
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Dear VegSource Reader:

AJ Cut Out Nuts, Seeds and Avocados, Focused on Starch & Veggies -- and lost a lot MORE weight! (VIDEO)

Newsletter readers may recall a couple of articles in the past year about the always-inspiring Chef AJ. She cut out sugar and desserts...and didn't lose weight. Then she cut out her daily ounce of nuts, and the pounds melted off.

Since then AJ has lost even more and MORE weight, and today we bring you a new article in which she describes how she went all the way from 165 to 118 pounds, and has been able to keep it off effortlessly and while eating as much as she likes.

In short, she focused on calorie density to lose weight along with starches to feel satisfied. The result is thin, healthy and happy.

AJ also made a video, featured at the end of her article, in which she takes you through exactly what she eats, and reveals the two books that got her thin.




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New, Improved, Updated with a bonus -- Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease DVD!

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Jeff Novick's new Fast Food DVD: Vol. 4 -- BEYOND THE BASICS

It's been a while since Jeff Novick came out with another in his wildly popuar Fast Food DVD series -- but it's been worth the wait!

In Fast Food Vol. 4 -- Beyond The Basics -- dietitian and chef, Jeff Novick MS RD, has hit it out of the park again!

The new volume addresses some of the most frequent questions Jeff gets about his particularly easy -- while extremely healthy -- recipe templates.

Beyond The Basics answers questions like:

  • A lot of Fast Food recipes call for tomatoes. What if I'm allergic, sensitive or otherwise don't like tomatoes? (Jeff's got you covered!)
  • Can I use other whole grains than just brown rice, potatoes or sweet potatoes? (Yeah baby -- Jeff shows a variety of tasty new dishes you can make using buckwheat, millet, barley and quinoa!)
  • Can Fast Food meals really be healthy when some of the ingredients called for are packaged, canned and frozen foods? (You may be surprised -- and pleased -- by Jeff's discussion here.)

Beyond The Basics is finishing up at the DVD duplicator right now, and will be shipping out within a couple of weeks.

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Join Us at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2014 -- October 10-12, 2014

Join us at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2014 in October, here in Los Angeles!

We have been putting on the Expo since 2001, it's probably the oldest and most prestigious conference of its kind. Every year we bring you A-list speakers, as well as a few new discoveries with important information.

We are very gratified that people fly in from every corner of world to be part of the Expo experience.

This year we have a special new venue in Los Angeles. Among other great features, there is hiking, golfing, a spa, and an active community. Not only are we having the best speakers available anywhere, but daily exercise classes in a memorable setting.

Healthy, low-fat, no-oil, whole food vegan buffets will be available breakfast, lunch and dinner -- served outdoors in a beautiful tented garden surrounded by fountains and flowers.

You will be well-fed, well-exercised, and well-educated by the time the weekend is over!

Starting Friday morning, there will be an optional bus tour around LA until the Friday evening activities start. And on Monday (Columbus Day) after the Expo is over, if there is enough interest we will have an excursion to nearby Magic Mountain amusement park.

THE BENEFITS OF ATTENDING THE EXPO: If you're a newbie, you'll learn information from top experts in the health field. If you're a more experienced healthy lifestyler, then this is an opportunity to recharge and refresh your battery.

Information here: http://www.HealthyLifestyleExpo.com

Tickets available here: https://secure2.vegsource.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=75

Love & Peas,
Jeff, Sabrina and Team VegSource



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