Dr. Klaper Invites You to Maui in March!

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Subject: Dr. Klaper Invites You to Maui in March!
Date: January 3rd 2014

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Dear VegSource Reader:

One of our favorite plant-promoting doctors is Michael Klaper MD. His book, Pregnancy, Children & The Vegan Diet, was the second book we bought, decades ago, after reading John Robbins' Diet For A New America.

Now Dr. Klaper is taking a lucky group of 35 people to a one-week Spring Renewal Cleanse -- the week of March 30 - April 6 -- on the beautiful island of Maui!

"Dr. K." has been a dear friend for over 25 years, and he's offering a fabulous week of pure food and fresh juices, energizing yoga, classes and personal medical support -- a life changing program you'll love!

For full information on Dr. Klaper's Spring Cleanse, visit his website at:



Curing the congregation with a plant-based diet

Go to an under-served area in East Oakland, get a group of 50 families in a church go adopt a healthy, plant-based diet for 30 days.

What happens to the particpants?

Miracles, according to their own reports.

Watch this 11 minute video that tells how EarthSave's MEALS FOR HEALTH program went into a church in the Bay Area, to see how a plant-based diet can save lives in the congregation.

Watch now, then consider making a donation to EarthSave to spread this program:


Michael Klaper: Failed Vegans Are Addicts?

Know anyone who tried being vegan, but failed?

Michael Klaper MD has a provocative theory, backed by fascinating research, about why some people feel lousy as a vegan, and only feel better when they go back to eating meat.

In a nutshell: being raised on an unhealthy, meat-heavy diet changes one's body, right down to the DNA. And your body adapts to a heavy stream of daiily animal products in some interesting -- and troubling -- ways.

In this video excerpt from Expo 2013, watch Dr. Klaper explain why some people fail as vegans:


Love, peas & aloha,
Jeff & Sabrina




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