Dr. Klaper Invites You to Maui in March!

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Subject: Dr. Klaper Invites You to Maui in March!
Date: December 18th 2013

One of our favorite plant-promoting
doctors is Michael Klaper MD.  His book,
Pregnancy, Children & The Vegan Diet,
was the second book we bought, decades
ago, after reading John Robbin's Diet For
A New America.

Now Dr. Klaper is taking a lucky group
of 35 people to a one-week Spring Renewal
Cleanse -- the week of March 30 - April 6 --
on the beautiful island of Maui!

"Dr. K." has been a dear friend for over
25 years, and he's offering a fabulous
week of pure food and fresh juices,
energizing yoga, classes and personal
medical support -- a life changing program
you'll love!

For full information on Dr. Klaper's
Spring Cleanse, visit his website at:


Peas, Love & Aloha,
Jeff & Sabrina

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