Monsanto doesn't want you to read this email

From: "VegSource Newsletter" <>
Subject: Monsanto doesn't want you to read this email
Date: October 23rd 2013

Our friend, John Robbins, the father
of the modern veg movement in the
US, is exposing the truth about GMOs.

John and his son Ocean have assembled
a group of top GMO experts and starting 
this Friday, Oct 25 -- you can get the 
latest and most important info about GMO's.

Click here to see what the GMO Mini Summit
is all about:

These GMO researchers, activists and experts
answer some of the most important questions
about GMO's, like:  Are they safe?

You'll also learn about:
*Studies revealing the health effects of GMOs
*The possible GMO connection to allergies,
   autism, and leaky gut
* How to help your family eat healthier and
    avoid GMOs
* Ways to get involved to become active in
    the fight for GMO labeling and the future
    of agriculture.

Best of all, this GMO Mini Summit is totally phree!

Click here to read more -- and see you there:

Love & Peas,
Jeff and Sabrina

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