Our Health Expo -- 1 Month Away

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Subject: Our Health Expo -- 1 Month Away
Date: September 16th 2013


Whether you're brand new to plant-based or a longtime healthy eater, our Healthy Lifestyle Expo has a lot to offer you!

This 3-day program takes place in just
a little over a month -- the weekend of Oct 18-20, in the Los Angeles area.

We started the Expo in 2001, and since
then this concept is exploding with
other excellent 3-day intensive programs also offered in various corners!

Why come to ours?

First -- quality! We have some amazing experts who are bringing you the latest in diet, nutrition and health. These icons of plant-based research and teaching
will dazzle, entertain and quite possibly save or extend your life.

Second -- we make great efforts to keep the price as affordable as possible for our Expo. You can pay three times more for similar programs elsewhere (of course, ours is unique with music, exercise,
entertainment and fun!). But we
want to make this information easily
available. So, you can come to the
Expo -- and bring two friends in
addition -- for the cost of just ONE
ticket to the other events. Yes, we
charge about 1/3rd of what you can
pay elsewhere. Hey, if you're going
to live longer by getting information
at the Expo, we want to help make
sure you have enough extra $$ for
those extra years! :)

Third -- let's face it, if the entire
population of the US attended the
Healthy Lifestyle Expo, then heart,
cancer and diabetes specialists
would be looking for new careers
tomorrow. Don't be a customer
of the medical industrial machine!
Take personal responsibility and
dramatically reduce your risk of
serious disease with the information
you'll get!

And Fourth: you won't just hear
amazing speakers, you'll hang out
with a group of like minded people,
from around the world, both
young AND old, who will inspire
you -- and you them -- during
the exciting weekend!




On Thursday, Oct 17, before the
3-day Expo starts, join us for a
rollicking all-day bus tour around
Los Angeles with other Expo-goers!

Your guide, Chef AJ, will provide
standup comedy as you check
out the J. Paul Getty Museum, the
Farmer's Market, the Grove, and
Universal CityWalk -- enjoying
some very tasty low-fat plant-strong
meals along the way! Join in on
the bus singalong with VegSource
guitarist, Howie! If you're coming
to the Expo, you won't want to miss


We are really looking forward to
seeing everyone who comes to this
year's Expo!

Love & Peas,
Jeff and Sabrina

P.S. Please share VegSource e-mails and videos with friends and colleagues.

That's how we grow. Thanks.

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