Don't let rejection/failure get you down

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Subject: Don't let rejection/failure get you down
Date: July 25th 2013

Although we have bandages for
cuts, vegetable soup for colds,
and ice packs for bruises, most
of us have no idea how to treat
day-to-day emotional injuries
such as failure, rejection, guilt
and loss.

But these kinds of emotional
injuries often get worse when
left untreated and can significantly
impact our quality of life and
cause damage to our emotional
well being.

What to do?

The answer is to join us at the
Healthy Lifestyle Expo in
October, where you will meet
and hear from psychologist
and bestselling author Guy
Winch, PhD.

Dr. Winch will be giving a talk called
"Emotional First Aid."

He will tell you how to prevent
common psychological "injuries" such as rejection, brooding or
loneliness, from impacting your

A former stand-up comedian,
Dr. Winch will keep you very amused
as he offers concrete, easy-to-use
treatments, all of which are
backed up by hard cutting-edge
science that we can administer
to aid in our recovery.

A columnist for Psychology Today,
Dr. Winch has been working with
individuals, couples and families
in his private practice in Manhattan,
since 1992. He is a member of
the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Winch's brand new book, entitled
just today. Check it out and pick
up a copy at this link:

Sign up for the Expo and meet Dr. Winch and other top speakers:

October 18-20, at the Warner Center
Marriott Hotel in Woodland Hills, CA
(Los Angeles area)

Come meet icons in the plant-powered
lifestyle world T. Colin Campbell, Phd, and Caldwell Esselstyn, MD, in addition to an impressive array of other presenters. Receive unique materials to take home
and integrate into your healthy lifestyle.

This year we are taking the Expo to a
new level and giving away two unique
written programs to take with you to
benefit your health and the health of
your loved ones.



Meals For Health is an innovative 30-day community intervention program which
has been hugely successful in helping
people recover their health.

As an Expo attendee you will receive
the complete Meals For Health program
guide. This guide includes recipes lists, shopping lists, cooking info and special advice that participants receive in the Meals For Health program.

Expo attendees can take up a 30 day
Meals for Health challenge, beginning
the weekend of the conference.
Continuing on-line support will be available for the month following the Expo -- what a great way to kick-start the holiday season!

With this material, you will be able to put yourself on the same 30-day program that was recently used in a church
community in Oakland, California.

In the Oakland church, about 50
participant families suffering from
a variety of chronic diseases got
off 80% of their medications within
30 days, lost dozens of pounds,
normalized biomarkers and transformed
their health.

The Meals For Health program produces
results that are nothing short of miraculous.

During the Expo, Don Forrester MD,
the medical director of Meals For
Health, will discuss how the program
works and why anyone at any age,
condition or income level can get
the same results.

You will also have an opportunity
to meet some of the participants
from Meals For Health Oakland,
and hear what has happened in
their health and with their family,
as a result of going 100% plant-based
with Meals For Health.


You will also get a preview of a
new documentary before it is
released publicly. The documentary
highlights families from the Sacramento Food Bank and the Progressive
Missionary Baptist Church in Oakland,
and features stories about how the
Meals For Health diet has lead to cures, remissions, weight loss and profound
changes in quality of life.



Dr. Esselstyn runs the most successful
heart disease reversal program in
history. He is author of the bestseller Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease.
This book has helped over a million
readers, including celebrities like
Bill Clinton, who credits Dr. Esselstyn for reversing his heart disease and
saving his life.

During the Expo weekend, you will
hear a series of talks which constitute the FULL program that Dr. Esselstyn
and his wife, Ann, teach at the
Cleveland Clinic Wellness Center.
Normally you would have to travel
to Cleveland to get this full program,
and to receive the invaluable written
materials which are part of the
program, and which comprise the
latest in products, foods, and recipes
for protecting your health, losing
weight, and reversing disease.

As part of this year's Expo, you will
receive the FULL program from the
Esselstyns during the weekend.


T. Colin Campbell PhD is a legendary
figure in the plant-based world.
Back in 2005 when his landmark
work, The China Study, came out,
we were among the first to help
promote it. The book is responsible
for a big shift and can be directly
credited for many achievements and
the overall evolution of plant-based
health information.

Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey
has said reading this book opened his
eyes, and that meeting with Dr. Campbell sparked his decision to start immersions and offer Whole Foods employees the
chance to learn how to use food to
reverse and prevent diseases.

Films like Forks Over Knives arose
directly from Dr. Campbell and Dr.
Esselstyn's work, and now Dr.
Campbell has a new message.

At the Expo Dr. Campbell will be
talking about where his 30-year
exploration has led, and what are
the most important considerations
are for all of us to protect and
insure our health.

As the title of his new book, Whole,
suggests, the big picture is far more
important than individual foods or

In fact, Dr. Campbell is going to
show you how the healthiest diet
is easier than you think.


Health-promoting MD Michael Klaper
will provide common-sense analysis and
detailed advice on a number of
frequently misunderstood topics, such
as gallbladder flushes, colonic irrigation, probiotics, olive oil, chocolate, sugar, vitamins, coffee, low-carb diets and
much more.

We will be announcing the rest of the
schedule and speakers very soon but
some reserved seats are still available for the Expo, if you would like to sit
closer to the front.

For info and to order tickets, please go here:

You can get a discounted rate on hotel
rooms at the Warner Center Marriott,
see info here:

For more information about the Expo,
please see:

Peas & Love,

Jeff and Sabrina

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