Healthier Soy Sauce Alternatives? Don't kid yourself (VIDEO)

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Subject: Healthier Soy Sauce Alternatives? Don't kid yourself (VIDEO)
Date: June 7th 2013
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Jeff & PennyDear VegSource Reader,

Let's talk soy sauce and label reading.

We all want to keep the sodium intake low.

Some people recommend alternatives to straight soy sauce because they're "healthier."

Is that true?

Not necessarily, according to famed dietitian, Jeff Novick MS RD.

WATCH VIDEO NOW: (3 minutes)

Vegetarians don't live longer than non-vegetarians -- but people who eat like this do

Another major study shows that vegetarians don't live longer than non-vegetarians, this one from the Adventist group.

But there is some very good news in this, for people who actually eat a very healthy plant-based diet. You can do much better than the EPIC or Adventist vegetarians.


Cola from a health food store isn't as bad as bottled juice from the same store

Recently brought you a 4-minute excerpt from Jeff Novick's newest DVD, SHOPPING SCHOOL. In that excerpt, Jeff showed you labels of some granolas which are great, and some others that you really want to avoid.

Now Jeff uses his knowledge of label reading to show that Cola from a health food store is actually better than the bottled fruit juice on the next aisle.


Well maybe "better" isn't exactly the right term. But as you will see, the Cola isn't as unhealthy as the fruit juice.

Watch video now: 6 minutes

Is all granola unhealthy these days? Not so fast!

In this next segment, Jeff takes a look at granola and non-dairy milks. You may be surprised to find some great products you didn't know about -- and to learn about some others which you thought were okay.

Jeff's SHOPPING SCHOOL is one diploma you want to have -- you shouldn't enter a grocery store without it!

Today we bring you a really really useful excerpt from Jeff's SHOPPING SCHOOL DVD.

Watch now (4 minutes):

Love and peas,
Jeff & Sabrina



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