Summit Starts Tomorrow -- Sign Up Today!

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Subject: Summit Starts Tomorrow -- Sign Up Today!
Date: April 26th 2013

Hello VegSource friend:

A few times a year an event
comes along that is so unique
and useful, we want to help
spread the word.

Starting tomorrow, Saturday
April 27, there is a weeklong
Food Revolution Summit that
you can attend online -- and it's

The Summit is a series of personal
interviews conducted by one of
the giants in the food movement,
John Robbins.

John's towering bestseller, Diet
For A New America, is the reason
the Nelson family went plant-based
23 years ago. It's the reason exists.

For those who don't know, John
Robbins walked away from his
father's Baskin-Robbins ice cream
empire to walk his own "rocky road," and in the process became one of
the foremost spokespeople for
nutritious food, healthy people
and a sustainable planet.

John is always about two decades
ahead of everyone else.


So when he puts on an event like
this Food Revolution Summit,
exploring some of the most
important aspects of industrialized
food production, and how it is
literally killing people and killing
the planet -- do not miss it.

All you have to do is sign up, no
credit card needed, no cost, nothing
but straight up life-saving information you can get from literally the top
experts in the world.

Sign up now, and enjoy 9 days of
inspiring interviews and breakthrough

Learn the latest on how to protect
your health, your family's well being, and the future of the planet. And did
I mention it's free?

Go here to learn more and sign up:

Big hugs,

Jeff Nelson

P.S. Please share VegSource e-mails and videos with friends and colleagues.

That's how we grow. Thanks.

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Tel. 818-349-5600

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