Chicago Mayor Goes Plant-Strong! VIDEO

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Subject: Chicago Mayor Goes Plant-Strong! VIDEO
Date: January 12th 2013
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Dear VegSource Reader,

Look who's going plant-strong these days!

Not just firemen and your average Joe, but high profile people like Bill Clinton, Sanjay Gupta MD and Michelle Pfeiffer.

This week Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel publicly got behind plant-based eating, saying the ENGINE 2 DIET has improved his running times. Rahm also believes that Chicago's healthcare costs could be dramatically reduced -- if more people simply decide to go plant-strong.

Watch RIp Esselstyn of Engine 2 and Mayor Emanuel talk healthy eating:

(3 minute video)

Alzheimer's is Preventable -- Video from Neal Barnard MD

Everyone knows by now that fruits and vegetables promote health, and animal products promote disease. Just this month another in the thousands of studies -- this one showing that over the 20 year study period, of men who had prostate cancer, those who ate a lot of fruits and veggies were 40% less likely to have the aggressive, fatal form of prostate cancer than those who ate more animal products.

That's cancer. Now what about your brain?

Today we bring you a fascinating excerpt from a recent presentation by venerated researcher and PCRM president -- Neal Barnard MD.

Listen as Dr. Barnard tells what research clearly shows about the decline of the brain -- and most importantly, how you can dramatically reduce your chances of becoming an Alzheimer's statistic.

Do not miss this! Share it with everyone you know.

Watch video now (10 minutes):


Do you have your copy of Jeff Novick's new DVD program -- Fast Food "SHOPPING SCHOOL?"

Here's what one longtime McDougaller just had to say about it:

My wife and I just finished Jeff Novick's latest DVD in the Fast Food series -- "Shopping School." The title does not do this justice. Imagine getting to spend nearly three hours with Jeff Novick in the supermarket, learning how he shops, and how he thinks. He becomes your personal guide, trainer, and mentor. He anticipates and answers questions, and provides helpful tips and heartfelt advice. I learned a lot from this DVD, and I'm not exactly a newbie. One of my new year's resolutions is to lower my salt intake. This DVD arrived just in time to kick-start that effort! I didn't realize how "little mistakes" were adding up until now. I've already made three specific diet improvements based upon his advice. Several more changes are in the works, including one which may save me the cost of the product back many times over! If you want to take your McDougall Diet to the next level, I highly recommend this DVD!
~ Tom D.

Learn more about Jeff Novick's invaluable new SHOPPING SCHOOL DVD -- watch video excerpts, and pick up a copy here:

Low Carb Guru is LIVID at us for calling him fat!

Last month we made a video for the Obese Low-Carb Guru of the Month. We noticed that many of the leading low-carb diet book authors -- are obese!

We featured a low-carber named Jimmy Moore in our most recent video. He lost weight for a while, wrote a book about low-carb . . . then gained the weight back.

Well Jimmy didn't like our video! He's hopping mad at us and said we got it all wrong!

So we made a new video to summarize the facts. It includes some shots of a few very well known vegan experts to make our point!

Watch Video Now (2 minutes):

Wow! Here it is!

It's the perfect gift for friends, family -- or yourself.

Each year we videotape the talks of the speakers at our Healthy Lifestyle Expo. Each year we come out with a DVD set called GET HEALTHY NOW. That set contains the 12 or so talks from that year's Expo.

Well now you can get ALL SEVEN different GET HEALTHY NOW DVD programs we sell -- 7 years of fascinating and life-saving talks from top health experts in the world -- for a very low price.

Each DVD set is different and contains unique, vital information. Each set contains 3 DVDs and a total of around 12 to 14 hours of video presentations.

This is the nitty-gritty information you need to beat cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, extend your life, lose weight or avoid a heart attack!

You can get ALL 7 DVD sets -- nearly 90 different talks from top experts -- for only $300. That's almost 60% off, save $330!

With this DVD library, you can dip in at any time and choose from a menu of amazing talks from a variety of experts and perspectives!

All 7 DVD programs have the same name -- GET HEALTHY NOW -- but a different color is used to identify each one: Bronze, Yellow, Red, Purple, Green, Orange and Blue.

And yes -- you will gt the most recent edition, the 2012 program we just put on, which features new talks from Jeff Novick MS RD, Neal Barnard MD, Michael Klaper MD, John McDougall MD, Caldwell Esselstyn MD, GMO expert Jeffrey Smith, Brenda Davis RD, John and Ocean Robbins, Rev. Heng Sure PhD, and ultra-marathoner Rich Roll.

For more info and to order, click here:

Peas & Love,
Jeff and Sabrina

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