US Media Doesn't Want GMO's Labeled (VIDEO)

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Subject: US Media Doesn't Want GMO's Labeled (VIDEO)
Date: December 4th 2012
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Dear VegSource Reader,

Europe has something the US doesn't -- a press that is not 100% bought and paid for.

GMO expert Jeffrey Smith gave a fascinating and frightening presentation at our Healthy Lifestyle Expo this year.

His talk was both enligtening and disturbing.

Watch this video excerpt to learn how and why Europe -- which is far advanced over the US when it comes to food safety -- decided to tightly regulate and require labeling of GMO's.

WATCH VIDEO NOW: (about 5 minutes)

MMA Champion Fighter Says Vegan Diet Made Him Stronger

UFC and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) title champion James "Lightning" Wilks --is a vegan.

Why did he go vegan, and what happened to his athletic ability after he did?

Well I asked him about that when he was at our Healthy Lifestyle Expo in October.

James is not only incredibly strong and in great shape, he is an extremely intelligent guy.

Watch his answer on video -- you're going to want to share this one with friends.

WATCH VIDEO NOW: (about 4 minutes):

Dr. McDougall's Low-Carb Guru of the Month

In case you missed it, here's a video of a phenomena that's all too common in the Paleo/low-carb crowd.

The high-meat diet must be a difficult diet to stick with, because too many of the authors of these bestselling low-carb books have the same problem.

What problem? Remaining thin!

WATCH VIDEO NOW (1 minute):

Peas & Love,
Jeff and Sabrina

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