Nuts and weight gain -- Worse than we thought

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Subject: Nuts and weight gain -- Worse than we thought
Date: August 20th 2012


You know how some experts claim
that if you eat nuts, you won't gain

Today we're bring you a bunch
of studies the nut industry paid
for, which purport to show that
nut consumption doesn't cause
weight gain.

Except the studies prove the
opposite -- eating nuts CAUSES
weight gain.

We don't have anything against
nuts, but we DO have a lot against
the mendacity of nut industry-funded

And it's really a shame when some
doctors and dietitians fall for this
nonsense, even some in the veg world.

Ready for a laugh? Read how
the nut industry tries to con
people into buying nuts --
using 100% junk science:

Love & Peas,
Jeff and Sabrina

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