Fast Food Cures Heart Disease -- Seriously!

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Subject: Fast Food Cures Heart Disease -- Seriously!
Date: July 11th 2012


Day in and day out we get
glowing comments from
people who have purchased
Jeff Novick's new FAST FOOD

Here's what one person wrote
us today:

Jeff Novick is great! We have
the two Fast Food DVDs with
the twins and they are fantastic
for the demonstrations on making
quick meals. We use the ideas all
the time. We appreciate his teaching
and good humor as well. My wife and
I went healthy vegan after I had a
heart attack in March. We are feeling
great after changing to a plant based
diet. Both of us have lost 36 pounds
so far without dieting!!! Just eating all we want...plant based. People like Jeff Novick & Dr. Esselstyn should get
medals for their work.

The truth is, Jeff Novick and
the results he delivers is a
big reason we do what we
do at VegSource: We want to
see people happy and healthy.

People like Jeff, Dr. McDougall,
Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr.
Barnard -- and so many others --
get results.

Don't own Jeff's new DVD yet?

Pick up a copy today:

Peas & Love,
Jeff and Sabrina

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