Michelle Pfeiffer on going vegan (VIDEO)

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Subject: Michelle Pfeiffer on going vegan (VIDEO)
Date: June 5th 2012


Michelle Pfeiffer appeared on CNN and
talked about how the CNN documentary,
"The Last Heart Attack" inspired her to explore and adopt a vegan diet.

After watching Sanjay Gupta's remarkable hour-long film about the heart-disease
reversal work of Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr MD -- and being impressed that former
President Bill Clinton had gone vegan -- Pfeiffer read Dr. Esselstyn's bestselling book, Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease.

Watch video of Pfeiffer on CNN discussing her thought process -- and how much her health improved in a very short time after adopting Dr. Esselstyn's low-fat, starchbased diet.

Watch now:


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Jeff and Sabrina

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