Day Two of my water-only fast

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Subject: Day Two of my water-only fast
Date: December 9th 2011
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Jeff & PennyDear VegSource Reader,

I am on the second day of a water-only fast, and am feeling quite good, lighter, and more alert. I woke up earlier than usual, ready to get going, and started talking with Sabrina about various things we need to get finished -- to which she responded, "Jeff, it's awfully early, I'd like to get some more sleep, can we talk later?"

Oops! (Sabrina might be fasting with me right now -- but she's actually doing the flu fast, which means you lose your appetite, but force yourself to eat at least a bowl of soup so you don't get too weak.)

One of the things Michael Klaper MD talks about in his new DVD presentation -- FASTING: Safe & Effective Use of an Ancient Powerful Healing -- is that fasting can unleash some extra energy at the start.

Think about it, your digestive system suddenly gets a break from what it's usually doing continuously -- making and releasing chemicals and hormones, like digestive acids, insulin and bile, maneuvering food, processing it, etc. You don't realize how much energy your system is spending moving food through your body day in and day out -- until you stop, and suddenly find yourself very alert and awake. This, Dr. Klaper explains, is part of the early phase of fasting.

I was at Dr. McDougall's Health Center recently for a documentary I'm working on, and heard psychologist Doug Lisle PhD extol the benefts of short, water-only fasts, as a way to give your system a break, hit "reset," and come out of it with a greater ability and motivation to enjoy a cleaner diet.

So I'm doing a 5-day water-only fast. Thus far it is not nearly as challenging or difficult as I had thought. I've lost about 4 pounds -- which on the one hand I'm a little surprised about, and on the other not so much. People consuming a lot of salt can experience substantial quick water weight loss on a fast. But I eat a fairly low-salt diet to start with, so I'm a litle surpised by 4 pounds in 24 hours.

On the other hand, because my weight can normally vary a couple of pounds from breakfast to dinner, I'm not that surprised.

I've been up a couple hours, just took my blood pressure -- 109/69, pulse 54. No food since Wednesday night.

Viewing Dr. Klaper's video on fasting provided the motivation and confidence to do this fast on my own. The talk is entertaining and fun, and he gives a very thorough explanation of the many benefits water-only fasting can confer, and what the mechanisms are that deliver those benefits.

No, I am not doing this for weight loss; Dr. Klaper said you don't fast for weight loss (though of course you lose weight quickly). He said it's what you do AFTER the fast that will determine whether you ultimately lose and keep weight off. And in his talk he tells you excatly how to do that as well.

Meanwhile, I took a few classic books on healthy eating off the shelf -- you know, the ones from the usual suspects we feature at our Expo -- dusted them off, and am really enjoying re-reading them.

Sabrina and I have both done extended medically-supervised water-only fasts before, at True North Health Center, where Dr. Klaper works. But watching Dr. Klaper's DVD made me realize short fasts of 3 to 5 days are safe for healthy people to do on their own without medical supervision, provided they have the information that you can get from his lecture.

Anyone out there thinking they need a quick tune-up or reset to raise your game? I recommend doing a short fast before the holiday season, because it means you go into that calorie-laden period feeling good, and with the best possible attitude to keep it real. Or if not before, then after. It's a great way to start the new year.

Pick up a copy of Dr. Klaper's new DVD on fasting from the VegSource store at:

And then dust off a copy of books by Joel Fuhrman MD or John McDougall MD, and read about the science of healthy eating again, while fasting. Get your head and body into a really healthy space. I guarantee you will raise your game and put yourself in a good position to achieve your full potential for healthy eating.

Happy, healthy holidays!

Peas & Love,
Jeff and Sabrina



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