EXPO 2009 DVD Announcement

From: "VegSource 2015" <expo09@vegsource.com>
Subject: EXPO 2009 DVD Announcement
Date: February 21st 2010

Hello Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2009 Attendee:

We thought you would like to know that the DVDs from the Expo are at the duplicator, and will be ready for shipment soon.

If you already pre-ordered a 2009 Expo DVD, it will be shipped to you in early March.

To watch a 23-minute excerpt from the DVDs, click here:


If you haven't ordered yet, or would like to order more copies, you can do so in the VegSource store through this link:


We will be announcing the 2010 dates and details soon!

Peas & love,
Jeff and Sabrina

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