Healthy Lifestyle EXPO -- UPDATE

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Subject: Healthy Lifestyle EXPO -- UPDATE
Date: October 14th 2009

We're just two days away from the kickoff of our EXPO weekend!

A few reminders:

  1. Your weekend badge will be waiting for you at the EXPO Registration, which opens at 4 pm on Friday. Go to the ballroom area and you will see our Registration desk.
  2. If you are just coming for one day, please come 1/2 hour before the starting hour to allow time to pick up your badge.
  3. The hotel can accommodate only 50 people for the special vegan SATURDAY NIGHT DINNER BUFFET.

Marriott has given us reservation tickets to hand out first come, first served, for people who want to eat the Fuhrman-provided menu for the Saturday night dinner. You can ask at Expo Registration Friday, starting at 4 pm, for a Saturday dinner reservation ticket, and we will hand them out until we run out.

The hotel has other dinner events going on Saturday night and said they could only accommodate 50 people for our special Dr. Fuhrman menu. Sorry!

4) RECIPES: We have received requests to know the recipes for the weekend meals. These have been posted online here:

5) Day parking at hotel -- $6 if you self park. Buy a $6 pass at the Valet office after self parking.

See you soon!

Peas & Love,
Jeff & Sabrina

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