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Subject: VegSource Store: Watch New Videos
Date: April 3rd 2009

This is the VegSource Store Customer mailing list. You are receiving this email because you have purchased something from the store in the past.

We will not be doing frequent mailings on this list.

This list is only to announce new products or events, which our customers may be interested in, such as DVDs from our next Expo, new handwriting analysis products, or new homeschool dealer offers.

On another email list, our VEGSOURCE NEWSLETTER list, we are starting to put out short regular emails about videos we are putting online.

These brief videos spotlight the work of fascinating individuals who will be appearing at our next Expo.

For example, yesterday we put out a video about bestselling author Jeff Masson and his new book, The Face on Your Plate:

And today we put out a video of John McDougall MD telling how it dawned on him that diet was so critical to health:

We will NOT be putting out announcements on this Store Customer list.

But if you would like to receive future emails when we post new videos, you can sign up for the VEGSOURCE NEWSLETTER list.

Enter your email address and every time we post a new video, we�ll send you a notice by e-mail.

There will be no spam, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

To subscribe to the VEGSOURCE NEWSLETTER (if you aren�t already), go here:

We appreciate your business and support.

Peas & Love,
Jeff & Sabrina

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